I took a bit of time watching Fox news earlier in what I call check point increments.  In the first check point increment, I had to turn the TV off. Listening to Rove bashing Trump with lie after lie was causing me tension.  I tuned back in at 5 only to hear the most ridiculous words being bantered back and forth – of course it was nothing more than lies and opinions that sounded like I was listening to a bunch of liberals in a bar.  That was enough.  It was causing me tension. Turned it off.
Tuned back in to check O’Reilly and he was not hosting.  That was a good sign so I listened.  The blonde guest opinionater  (my new made up word) was absolutely full of crap that caused me tension.  Then I kind of zoned out into my own little world of critical thinking.  I realized that most people who watch, or used to watch Fox, are Trump lovers.  I wondered how many were yelling at the TV?  How many were numb to the insults?  How many even knew who the dump liberal blonde was?  She’s so popular  and important that I didn’t have a clue what her name was. Her opinion was based on fear.  Fear of Trump and Trump supporters (For she bashed them too. It seems they all do that now?). I listened to the foul, vulgar words they use to describe Trump and Trump supporters. I watched as their faces twisted up and their body language distort as they spewed their evil lies.  It was very ugly to behold.
Then the thing that was causing me tension became funny.   I laughed at the power we all have.  Trump supporters have total power to drive others crazy just because we won’t listen to their lies.  So Trump supporters YOU HAVE THE POWER!  It’s time to wield it and use it for good.  The weapon we possess is truth.  Liars hate the truth.  Stand firm in the truth and expose the evil propaganda at every turn! Use the magic bullet they hate the most – the simple words “I SUPPORT TRUMP!”
Use any variation – I love Trump, President Trump, Trump 2016, Trump has my vote……you can get creative or merely whisper the name “TRUMP”.   Just remember…you have the power.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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