Trump Jr. – It’s A Turning Point!

Donald Trump Jr. stands behind the Truckers – it’s a turning point! He said, “Folks it should have been us first all along!”

Jr. says to remember when this started, he was all over it, so watch who is supporting this and who isn’t….to see who is with us and who is against us! Now, that was a big, big clue. Guess who hasn’t said a word about this since it started? Yep… Byrne has been busy talking stupid stuff to distract and Flynn has been silent. Just to take note… many others have not said a word either. So, Don Jr. has asked us to stop and reason. Who has been on this topic to report it, and who has not? Who has followed this worldwide event, and who has played distraction games?

President Trump talks to Americans like no one else can, nor is able to do. That is why he is a TRUE LEADER. People are tired of paying for tickets to road shows while the entire NEVER TRUMP PARTY of RINOs infiltrate the stage and sincerely gaslight we the people!

We’ve had enough of the hand wringing. We have watched real businesses in our towns struggle, some made it through the NON-ESSENTIAL phase and others had to close. All suffered losses in the RESET essential, non-essential hunger games. Some made it through the jab without injury while others have permanently become disabled. Some lived and many have died. And now the evils have reached a critical mass – the truckers have said, enough is enough and they have boldly come forward.

Meanwhile, in America, we watched a slow walk “joke of an audit” for over a year and heard a lot of pathetic excuses for why it looked so bad. We have listened to good information from good speakers like the Front Line Doctors and Attorney Leigh Dundas, and we have heard garbage and lies from Deep Rig Byrne, and his fellow companions.

So why is all of this so mixed up? We have either been watching a show of deliberate confusion where everyone in the attacks were in on it to fool us and keep us all distracted, or it was really a division, designed to take down Lin Wood…and Sidney Powell??? A “RINO – Never Trumper” sort of division. Those are harder to spot at first. Especially when they are all shouting the same patriotic message. (At least at first… it changes as they go along.)

At this point, it’s time to walk away and talk about the Truckers and the other nations who have dropped all the Covid mandates and restrictions and as Donald Trump Jr. said, do our part to push for freedom. Jr. said the USA should have been leading the charge to say no to the mandates from the beginning, but our friends in Canada stepped up and we need to support them like his father pointed out.

It’s time to stop repeating the same things over and over and expecting different results. For the last year we have been mesmerized into following the road shows with 100 different ways to do an audit all while the Cyber Ninjas bumbled it, which now appear to be by design.

You can buy a ticket and sit and wait for the next road show or you can gather your friends to get to your council meetings to get your mandates and restrictions lifted in your cities and towns. Imagine having thousands outside your local government office? Do the same on a state level because the corporation in DC has no power over states and municipalities unless YOUR ELECTED SERVANTS ALLOW IT! DC is a paper tiger; the real dangerous animals are running your cities and states. That is where you need to show up with your signs, your trucks and your boldness.

Protests against coronavirus 'stay-at-home' orders spread across the  country - ABC News

NOTHING WILL CHANGE BY WAITING UNTIL THE NEXT ELECTION THAT IS AS RIGGED AS THE LAST ONES WERE! That being said, being told to run for office, was fine, we need good, honest people to serve. But that did and does nothing to stop the loss of freedoms we are facing right now with forced mandates and restrictions beating over our heads and the heads of our children. After months of hearing the same things over and over, it was like watching Zoolander’s poses which all look alike. Amusing at first, but definitely lousy leadership by our stars directing the road shows.

The Burger's Priest sur Twitter : "Derek Zoolander is back! Buy a Magnum or Blue  Steel and get a beautiful free drink. Feb 12th only." / Twitter

You know what that was really like? It was like a syndicate committing grand theft auto in every district and then having to watch them drive all over waving at you in your vehicles, and then being told to fix it you will have to save your money and buy another car, just like you did the first time. Meanwhile the car thieves are still out stealing cars, waving and planning future thefts.


So you can buy a ticket and continue to learn the 101st way they stole your vote and rigged the elections through Dominion servers, and you can continue to watch Byrne act like a maniac on videos threatening and lying about Lin Wood, (it is rather like a soap opera, this week he wants to take down Lin’s plantations because of a NY Times Magazine Article that he says Lin instigated, but after reading it, to me it sure looked like the leaker was Byrne himself… he does this a lot, he told us he did it with an innocent Russian woman, he did it to Sidney, he did it to Lin, and he did it to Trump. Follow his past into his present, he did it to a lot of people with the “dirty trick squad”.) Read that one here:

If listening to Byrne is not your thing, you can let Mr. Clark lead you around by the nose like a rag doll buying all the thriving business building programs he has for podcasts hosts, and or pay for space to put a booth to sell your wares in the church he’s leasing, and who knows he may just give your merchandise a shout out…like he does his own wares. But if you like being told to shut up and blasted for your observations of truth, then enjoy more of Doug Billings. He has grown to do that very well.


But, if you are seeking the truth may I suggest to open your Bible, read and ask the Lord what you are to do at this hour. For these are the days of Elijah and truly the days of Noah…where people were eating and drinking, giving in marriage, buying and selling and knew not until the flood came and took them away what was really taking place. That is what happens when you are caught up in the world and what it is selling you to believe and have… and not seeking the Lord and the signs of the times.

“Come out from her my people”, were the words given to John to write so you would have it, read it, and heed it.

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom! Press, Press, Press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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