Mr.  Cruz, and Mr. Rubio  I received your emails letting me know you need my money because the media is attacking you.   I’m a Trump supporter and under attack by the media too. How about you make a donation to me?
I could use the extra cash to fight back against the attacks on me and Trump. He is under mega media grenade fire and propaganda  incoming 24/7.  He has never asked me for a dime just my vote.  He is a true leader and provider.  His platform is what I have been wanting for decades. He will bring back jobs while you want my last five bucks. So sad.
Mr. Cruz, you stated “Dianne, I’m counting on you– will you please help me show the Washington Post and Ann Telnaes that attacking my daughters is unacceptable?”  That is so weak Ted.  If you need me to help  you from your own political pimping of your under aged daughters, how will you ever be able to truly help me and my family? I mean, really Ted, the worst thing you could have done was to help make the Washington Posts cartoon go viral by blasting it out there to every possible person for one more dollar.
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Mr. Cruz, you said, “I’m emailing you now because I need your help to send a message to the liberal media: **Stick with attacking me. My daughters are not FAIR GAME!** to push back on the Washington Post and the rest of the liberal media, I need to raise $1 million dollars in the next 24 hours.”
It is obvious that you are either not using good judgment here, or the Washington post is correct.
And Mr. Rubio, you said, “They will stop at nothing to tarnish my name and slander our campaign.
Get used to it. It’s called politics. That’s what the media does and what your campaign is doing to the others, especially Trump.  Trump supporters don’t forget things. I  am part of that Trump freak show you pompously called Donald and his supporters on the news.
Do you really think Trump supporters would ever give money directly to those who are attacking them and Trump?
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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