Trump In The Land of Oz….?

There is a lot of questions being raised about why Trump is endorsing Dr. Oz? Many have a lot of ideas… and the range is all over the place. I went digging to see what the answer could be. Here is some of what is floating out there, this endorsement has seemed to create quite a stir.

David Knight takes a look at Dr. Oz and finds that Oz has a Davos history, in addition to pushing gun control, abortion and is a citizen of a foreign country with financial and political ties who won’t renounce foreign citizenship UNLESS he wins Senate seat. His opponent Kathy Barnette, a frontrunner for the GOP nomination, is pro-life and tells her testimony of being born by a mother who was raped at 11 years old and father was 21 (her story is told in the video below).

Dr. Oz is a dual citizen of Turkey and voted in the 2018 Turkish election but stated he had no involvement in any way in Turkey? And failed to vote here? He has kept and maintained his citizenship in Turkey and even served in the Turkish military. Interesting. So why did Trump endorse Oz?

Barnette to Newsmax: Trump “Gets to Be Wrong” on Oz

“We appreciate what President Trump did for us [conservatives] but we can walk and chew gum at the same time,” Barnette said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “President Trump is not Jesus, so he gets to be wrong.”

Fox News - On "Fox & Friends," Kathy Barnette talked about... | Facebook

Barnette said that after Trump endorsed Oz about four weeks ago, she “got all the benefits almost immediately.” Read: PA Candidate Barnette to Newsmax: ‘Trump Is Not Jesus’ on Oz Endorsement |

So, is this a bit of reverse psychology or did Trump get it wrong? Trump has been a guest in the past on Dr. Oz… but would that get in the way of a decision to endorse the man for a senate seat? Or would knowing the man Oz be a push for something else? This endorsement certainly got all eyes looking at the race in Pennsylvania.

Now, I am a Trump supporter, but I also don’t follow blindly. If I were in Pennsylvania my vote and push would be to support Kathy Barnette. Just being honest here. As we all must be. Frankly, I wouldn’t even have to do a deep dive for it was not necessary for me. But, because this show is so crazy… and some of the recent endorsements made by Trump have been not as popular as they could have been had he looked a little further at candidates… and add to that his surprise introduction to the Johnson and Johnson family … well that got me to looking.

At the same time Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine use was limited by the US Food and Drug Administration just this week, I thought maybe the whole point was simply to put them into the spotlight.. that is what Trump does. At least that is what Trump has done many times. Until I heard this I didn’t know one of the owners of J&J was married to a woman with roots to Ukraine. 

So Trump brings the J&J family up…. introduces them…let’s the world see them. Points out Woody Johnson … this guys got cash, lots of cash. Then points out the wife is Susan Johnson from Ukraine who has a hard time from it…..? Introduces the rest and none speak…they go back and sit down. Now the question is…what was that all about?

 Kajsa Ollongren of the Democrats 66 (D66) party who has been in office since 10 January 2022 and is the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands. Why is she tweeting this video?

But more importantly, as I looked closer into the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, I see it is the vax with one shot. It is also the company that reacted quick when side affects were found and recalled their product at different intervals. This time it was recalled for a blood clotting condition. Trump made sure the people saw this. Is that why he said he told them not to come tonight because it “was pouring”?

In an article on the recall, I found that it was better than all the other vaccines on the market with the least side effects, and an option for those who had bad side effects from the other vaccines. But as for me, none of the jabs are safe and natural proactive immune building measures are the first line of defense and the last line of defense. Read: Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine Use Limited By US Food And Drug Administration Advisory (

image 34

Johnson & Johnson settles $26 BILLION LAWSUIT over role in OPIOID CRISIS.

by Misty Severi, Breaking News Reporter  | February 25, 2022 01:23 PM

Johnson & Johnson agreed to a $26 billion joint settlement Friday to thousands of claims by state and local governments over the alleged roles it and three other companies played in the opioid pandemic. READ: Johnson & Johnson settles $26 billion lawsuit over role in opioid crisis | Washington Examiner

image 35

But it appears there is a message Trump is relaying here. Either that or we are wasting our time backing him as he is proving to be a man of poor decisions. So, since I don’t believe at all he is a man of poor decisions nor on the other side (what would be the point in keeping heads calm if the plan is to create chaos?) I am discerning there is something we are to find, do and be.


Johnson & Johnson Statement on War in Ukraine

Now, due to the increasing scale of the humanitarian crisis, we are taking these additional actions:

  • Doubling our donation to support the humanitarian assistance work from $5 million to $10 million.
  • Reaffirming our commitment to supply our medicines and medical devices in the region.
  • We have decided to suspend supply of our personal care products in Russia.

We remain steadfast in our support – inclusive of job security, transport, lodging and financial assistance – for our employees and their families in Ukraine. Above all, we continue to hope for rapid resolution, and we will continue to monitor the need for additional humanitarian relief. READ: Johnson & Johnson Statement on War in Ukraine | Johnson & Johnson (


Find the truth. Do our best to expose all lies. Be followers of the Lord thy God and not a man. Get focused on moving together to expose, and each one find the hero within themselves which is the Lord our Savior! May the lord and His Holy Spirit dwell there forever and lead each one forward into the Kingdom of God!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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