Trump Got Carly’s Persona Wrong- Forget The Face, She’s A Bully!


If Carly Fiorina’s true persona were displayed on a resume it would look a lot like this:

Behavioral Traits:

  • Jekyll and Hyde nature – Dr Jekyll is “charming” and “charismatic”; “Hyde” is “evil”
  • Convincing liar – Can make up anything to fit my needs at that moment
  • Treat some people in a way that causes them unprecedented levels of stress, frustration and fear
  • Damages the health and reputations of organisations and individuals;
  • Reacts to criticism with denial, retaliation and by feigning victimhood and blaming victims
  • Self claimed immunity from disciplinary action
  • Great at moving to a new target when the present one burns out or leaves.

These behavioral traits are actually from a psychology site that warns victims how to recognize work place serial bully traits. (see link below) We now have a measuring stick to see how Carly Fiorina weighs in on her past management styles.  The same styles she is displaying on the campaign trail and the same style she would, if given the chance, take with her into the Oval Office.

Hello?  Now we know why Carly is the media darling.  She has the exact same traits as their other media darling that got a free pass – Barack Hussein Obama.

Anyone who has ever dealt with a sociopathic behavior, be it in the work place or any relationship will tell you to run far, far away the moment you notice their pattern.  Carly has a lifetime of doing the same thing over and over again with the same results.  She, just like the experts claim, will never change any more than a leopard can change its spots. It’s just not going to happen.  So beware and be safe, Fiorina is on the loose and those with this type of behavior do not go away.  They always pop up to do their thing, especially when least expected.  But, the good news is – they don’t always win and there are ways to counter them.

Here is some advice for those that may be dealing with a Carly Fiorina in the work place. From the article The Sociopath In The Office Next Door, written by Davia Temin is CEO and president of Temin and Co. (to read the full article click on link below)



How To Deal With A Sociopath In The Work Place:

The best thing that you can do when face to face with a sociopath is to avoid contact–distance yourself, as far and as fast as you can.

Other suggestions, some adapted from Martha Stout’s work, include:

Trust your instincts. If you think a colleague is a sociopath, don’t go into denial; accept that this may well be so.

–Keep records. Many of these folks do their most damage one-on-one, so that if reported, it becomes “he says” vs. “she says.” If legal in your state, you can capture some of this behavior on tape. At least save all your e-mails, phone messages and the like. Whether or not your use it, it will shore up your own sense of reality, if you start to doubt yourself and your perceptions.

–Call the person out. In very savvy and careful ways, of course. If he or she has been lying about you, talk to others about it in a smart fashion: “I have no idea why he is lying so blatantly, but he’s been going around saying X about me, and here is evidence that this is completely false. Why would he be lying so much? Have you seen other incidences of it?”

–Never, ever trust that person again. They will not change.

–Don’t buy into others’ excuses of them.

–Defend yourself. If you are targeted, talk powerfully with the truth. Never let a lie that you know of stand.

–Leave. It is a final resort, but if your organization does not see the light quickly, or if the sociopath runs the organization, do not wait too long. Justice does not always come swiftly, and this is why you have saved your money–so you can leave a bad situation before it takes a terrible toll on you.

–Help and support others. You can be a beacon when they find themselves in similar situations.

We are used to fighting evil on the battlefield. But good people rarely can anticipate, or even recognize, evil behavior up close in the workplace–until it is too late.


Davia Temin is CEO and president of Temin and Co., a global reputation and crisis management, coaching and marketing strategy consultancy working with corporations and institutions on some of the largest and most important issues of the day. Her website is, and you can follow her on Twitter @DaviaTemin 


There is a lot to be said about Trumps style of never letting them get away with telling a lie about him.  He calls it counter punching.  After reading about serial bullies and the defense tips to be followed when being attacked, I can see the wisdom in Trump calling the bullies out. We can all learn from this strategy. It’s called self defense.

The average American still believes that the media would never lie about the qualifications of a candidate.  They still believe that the media knows better how to vet a candidate than any of them do.   The truth is most people don’t know what that vetting process is.   Neither do most media and pundits.

The media have turned into such a propaganda machine that they don’t vet any more. They wait until the establishment owners give them their marching orders and pass out the papers that contain the words to be fed into the teleprompters.  When all is in place they read in a pretentiously unbiased  manner straight from the teleprompter.

You see,  there has been a slow boiling frog like shift from actual news reporting into celebrity commentator viewpoints they call news.  News for the 21`st century based on opinions and personal prejudices with skewed facts.  Everything is a debate complete with ketchup and plenty of pickles!  Served up fresh daily.

In closing , I regret to inform you all that sadly the sociopathic establishment media are the same ones pushing their fellow sociopathic comrades to serve in high government positions.

By Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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