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Little by little, inside our educational systems, truth has been replaced with theories and philosophy and the people had it so.  Cunning men who desired a society of controlled humanity for their own advantage devised control systems to direct the proper number of worker bees into the various segments of employment, along with designated levels of potential income.
This process starts in grade school and continues until the day of graduation.  It is a well thought out method to control the masses for the establishment elite who own the system. From the time a child enters school they are repeatedly told that the entire rest of their lives depend on how well they do in school. How well they sit attentively, do as they are told, learn what they are told to learn and memorize everything that needs to be memorized.
The educational system has successfully created, what appears to be a robotic sector of humanity that accepts the mindset that high school  SAT scores will forever dictate their desired future.  It will control their American dream.  These test scores determine our children’s entire future. They dictate whether they will be able to enter college to be a doctor, a lawyer, or other professional, or whether they are better suited to be a nurse, a teacher, or maybe their best future lies as a factory worker, or whatever their councilor advises based on how well they scored in a test. A test distributed to all at a time when most were not paying attention to the seriousness of the rest of their entire lives depending on one test.
Sadly, America bought into this system and most all graduates took their score cards and entered through the doors they were told would open for them.  Few tried to enter any that were forbidden.  Therein lies the society of living robots, doing what they were labeled and programed to do.

This process continues into adulthood as the establishment media takes over to maintain the robotic process through advertised propaganda and elite selected  commentators  who  bla, bla, bla  their opinions and demean any one who dares to think or question what they say.  In short, they create the news instead of reporting it.  Their specialty is to build up the establishment politicians  and regime policies and tear down the competition. Keep the people following their way of thinking and condemn any independent thought.
After a very long time of independent thinkers trying to buck this system, most found it easier to just conform and or remain quiet.  This was labeled the silent majority and kept in line by the politically correct police.
Then on a summer day in June 2015 something happened. A man emerged and announced he was running for president.  He spoke in fresh, bold terms that were far from politically correct and he did it with strong tone. Immediately the people heard him and cheered.  They watched as the establishment elite tried to knock him down and shut him up.  What happened next became a movement.  The silent majority stood up, they spoke out and rallied by the side of the man who spoke all the things they have yelled in their minds and at their robotic TV’s!
That man didn’t back down, he counter punched and plowed forward, all the while more and more people came out and rallied around every word he spoke. That man is Donald John Trump.
The silent majority is now awake and they have thrown the political correct rhetoric into the trash where it belongs. They know the propaganda game and are not falling for the lies anymore.  Their vote is for one man and one man only – TRUMP!
Brace yourselves, for things are about to get tense for this election is not politics as usual. This election is about restoring America and uplifting individuals without limitations and giving them back their opportunity to achieve the American dream!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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