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The Trump Crowd in Daytona was HUGE! As usual, the crowds cheered and applauded, they even chanted “lock her up”!  Interesting though, The Right Side Broadcasting crew who has filmed every one of Trump’s speeches since he started his campaign got censored on You Tube. I had to rewind to see it twice. Sure enough,  ABC censored the Trump speech at 1:12:25.  They omitted the part of Trump’s speech where he reminded people that Obama and Hillary were the founders of ISIS.
Those watching C-Span events, and Fox News already knew Hillary admitted to congress the US had created Al Qaeda and continued to use and fund them all along the way. Putin even told people live on 60 minutes.  So why are they hiding it now?  Maybe it just doesn’t set well since the news has been berating Trump for his Islamist views…or maybe they know it was wrong and they will have to admit it was a failed policy.  Unless of course the mission was to destabilize and weaken nations, including our own.

And she admitted the mess they call foreign policy never really worked out so well….so instead of changing it they continued it?  Yes.  And it grew into ISIS.  Of which they funded that and continued the same failed foreign policy.  Yes. People Hillary’s name is written all over the middle east crisis that has turned into a European Crisis and a World crisis of Syrian Refugees along with South America and Africa on fire!  Not to mention the mess we are facing in America.  She and Obama have fanned the final fires pouring gasoline on the wild fire they have created all along the way!  There can be NO HILLARY PRESIDENT.  There will be WWIII if she somehow got elected by voter fraud.
So they really believe that by censoring Trump’s speech, they can hide all their evil acts from the people?  I don’t think so!  Their sins are many.  They should be indicted – all of them.  Remember, Putin warned the world that if Hillary is elected, it is WWIII!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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