Does anyone remember when President Trump called out Ukraine along with Reuters and the fake news! Have you ever seen Trump so angry? We’ve seen him angry a few times, but not like this. In fact, I believe this is the angriest I ever saw him get in public. How about you?

Remember, for all who are sometimes slow to think… Ukraine has been a corrupt country. Trump called them out in 2019. He even called out the Biden corruption back then. He knew all about Ukraine on Fire and the nation toppling. He knew more than we did. He had Government Intelligence. We just had live footage from Oliver Stone. And now… we have mind washed heads going around shouting support Ukraine.  Why is this? Anyone who is saying poor little Ukraine, support Ukraine…is part of the problem – whether for covert reasons to lead astray, misinformed, or by listening to fake news and simply mind washed.

The reason I am bringing this up is to make a point. We know how mad Trump can get when you attack his motives and his integrity. He is a man of honor and takes pride in his Trump Brand. His Trump Brand is his life’s work. He will defend the honor of his brand and that means EVERYTHING WITH TRUMP’S NAME ON IT WITH VALUE. Now one of the most VALUED ACCOMPLISHMENTS that PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS is his BRAND AS PRESIDENT. HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS FOR AMERICANS. Let that soak in for a moment.

Listen to some Perfect music as you let that soak in for a moment…

Ponder the Trump Brand….

Make Your Labels Great Again! Labels In The TRUMP Era | Label Blog

Do you believe Trump would allow his name to become the worst name in History? Do you believe he is going to let fake news and gools ruin his brand name?

Trump's online store only pays sales in three states despite the  President's attacks on Amazon's business practises | The Independent | The  Independent

That being pondered. Have you seen Trump that angry at all through any of this stolen election process? Have you seen him that angry at any of the Biden Regimes mess?

Did you ever ponder that there may be a reason he’s not angered other than he’s one of them? As some have mis spoken out loud. Some have even said he quit. Yet, we know he has 24/7 secret service security guarding him and he gets Presidential briefings daily. Forget the fact that he just invested in Truth Social and he is going around calling everybody out for their past and present sins against him and all Americans.

That alone, should bring a person to use common sense and know that President Trump is working on something and he appears to be winning. Winning because he is sleeping well and working in a calm, clear headed fashion and not acting like an angry bird like Warren in the streets having her pow wow over losing her rights to kill babies. He’s not shaking his fists and swearing to get even with everybody.

President Trump is artfully, and calmly pursuing his enemies with the art of war strategies and it is driving the opposition nuts.

What is he up to? Why does it take so many to slay one giant in their path? Try as they may… they haven’t even broken the man’s stride, and yet… the rest are screeching and throwing everything in their rules for radicals and RESET books at the man. Everything!

I believe there are two battles taking place. The one we can see and the one behind the veil being fought in secret.

Which brings us to this little update from another source from “Stillness In The Storm“.

Here are some interesting excerpts:

There was a noisy meeting in the Security Council at the request of Russia regarding the development of American biological weapons on its borders inside Ukraine:

1- The Russian delegate handed over documents and evidence in the session record confirming the following:

= Official Pentagon funding for an apparent biological weapons program in Ukraine

= Names of American people and companies specialized in the evidence and documents involved in this program.

= The locations of laboratories in Ukraine and the attempts made so far to hide evidence.

2- The locations of the American laboratories that manufacture and test biological weapons in 36 countries around the world (12 countries more than the previous session).

3- The diseases and epidemics, the means of their release, the countries in which they are being tested, and when and where the experiments were carried out with or without the knowledge of the governments of these countries.

4- Among the experiments and relics is the virus responsible for the current pandemic and the huge number of bats used to transmit this virus.

5- The peoples of America, France and Britain have, under the psychological pressure, been brainwashed into believing a fictional version of what is happening

6- The World Health Organization denies knowledge of the biological experiments in Ukraine despite proof provided by Russia that its’ representatives regularly visited and were in correspondence with suspicious American laboratories around the world.

7- China is asking why the US and UN desperately refuse to conduct an investigation by specialists to find out the truth, especially given the documents and compelling evidence?

End of excerpts.

Weekend catch-up: Trump Putin on a show, more

That being said… there is a lot taking place and my bet is the RESET bunch is losing. Brace yourself for we are now in the eye of the storm and things are about to get very windy!

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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