Trump and Putin Are Both Against RESET!

But Mike Flynn and Patrick Byrne want a Coalition Government which is another name for RESET!

At the Klaus Schwab Davos Economic World Forum in 2020, President Trump told the nations what the intentions of the United States were and that was to be a strong, sovereign nation and not a part of any global order. He boldly told them all just how terrible the past trade treaties have been and how they have ruined economies. He made it clear that the improvements his administration has made in a few short years was going to continue.

President Trump could not be bought. He could not be bribed. He wanted no part in the world’s forum plans to redistribute the wealth of hard-working Americans, nor in any plans to crush the entrepreneurial spirit that is the backbone of American industry and ingenuity. He made it clear to Klaus and all who attended, by his actions and not just his words, that he and the USA wanted no part of their plans to be a one world order. And they didn’t like that.

President Trump was a ram with a big horn in the path of their goals. For you see, as long as the puppet masters above the level of Klaus Schwab could select the leaders of the nations and ensure their seats they could control the entire world the way they wanted it. There was one thing standing in the way between a handful of wealthy oligarchs and all their plans of tyrannical rule… and that one thing was huge. It was a world population of over 7.9 billion little people across the earth. These have been called various names by the ones who want the entire earth for themselves. The names I am aware of are “Empty Vessels”, “Useless Eaters”, and recently W.H.O. has used the term “Worthless Eaters”.

Now these people who use the term “Useless and Worthless Eaters” have little regard for any of these who make up what is actually called humanity. The label in and of itself has total disregard for the Lord God’s commandment to love your neighbor as yourself.

Now, name calling and labels are not going to break your bones like sticks and stones…but, these mischievous ones have other plans to rid the earth of these billions of humanity. They have devised many plans to depopulate them. They don’t hide it and they are getting bolder and bolder to the extent that any day now…we just might hear a news announcement proclaiming a new social card system that has such a title on it and mandates to do such and such or you remain identified as a “worthless eater”.

And then when you hear ideas from deep state operatives who are paid to infiltrate the masses of such eaters…. will you know it? Will you hear it? Will you see it and still defend it? How many will?

Listen to Patrick Byrne…. one of the stars of the Mr. Clark – self proclaimed out to save the world road show!

He presents a Coalition Government, with Mike Flynn leading that system? He boldly states this new government does not include President Trump!

Here are part two and three of the wicked coup. These are traitors to America and they have infiltrated the patriots and the road show has now been exposed for what their true mission has been all along, and that is to herd sheep into their wolf working new world order hands! Hope they love their treasonous ways and fall headlong into the ditches they are digging!

That goes right along with this….

President Trump knows all about their secret and public meetings, and all the plans they have. They are the goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development For the 21st Century, Agenda 21. The fact that most people don’t bother to look at it, let alone read it, is why they are able to get away with so much to herd the masses into accepting all the methods of depopulating slowly, and some quickly. Big Pharma has always been one of the most popular ways to control health and population. Big Food and Monsanto’s GMO’s are another. These great merchants always think of ways to make the most money off of their madness. The formula that has been used and it does take a while, but it has been working, is to control the food sources, teach the people what and how they should eat. BIG PHARMA is there to JAB YOU PHYSICALLY, and shills who infiltrate and lie to you are there to HELP STEAL ELECTIONS BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE YOU ARE GULLIBLE!

GMO’s replace natural food sources of heavily consumed foods like corn. Control the medical field and have them reinforce the same dietary concerns and directions. (I mean it has become so easy to do this. Doctor says your cholesterol is a bit higher than it should be and sends in the dietician to talk to you about your diet as he prescribes a medication that has a long list of side affects. The dietician tells you what you can and cannot eat. You find yourself raising your hand and asking something like, “Can I still eat bla bla?” And they say no. And you have a sad face. Generally, you end up pleading with someone in their twenties to please let you have certain foods, like you are a little child. Then you go home, take your medicine and start to have side affects and go back to the doctor and repeat the entire cycle again.

Eventually between the diet of margarines which are one molecule away from plastic (that you were told to eat instead of butter), and the host of other wrong choices, you end up with worsening conditions and some require surgery. Big pharma makes money, big food makes money and you get sick. Hospitals make money and they have all sorts of treatments that have horrible side effects- like radiation, and chemotherapy. Are you seeing this yet? This is the present standard of acceptable practice in medical care. And what they aren’t telling you is that this is all funded and systemized by the great merchants of the earth. The same ones who call you useless eaters. Hello??

So while the Byrne plots with Flynn and the sheep follow them blindly, we have President Trump standing by Texas governors who support the Wall and Law and Order at the borders. He isn’t supporting a Flynn Coalition Government, and you can bet if Trump is talking to Flynn daily, it is only to keep his enemies close at hand.


What we have learned through COVID is how the corruption in the vaccine industry and the ones mandating your treatment plans are all designed to make money for the ones at the top and meet depopulation goals. At private meetings some have used the term “culling”, like culling a herd of cattle. Which means removing some…taking some to market. Well, now if we have learned anything through COVID, we have learned that we have to take back our bodies and now be our own doctors. We have watched good doctors get fired and bad doctors thrive.

We now know that many contagions that make us sick, and cause permanent side effects are derived from a lab and generally administered through a vaccine. No child needs over 75 vaccines in their bodies from the age of K though 12. But, that is the number children are required to have – even before COVID! Which lead us to pathogens and the US bio labs in Ukraine and the US which are making these things in secret and telling you it is private research for the good of humanity to help keep animals and people safe.

As tax payers our money pays for the secret deep state “contagion bio-warfare labs” and they hide them the research they are doing inside of them from us. Why is that? Why do we not know how our money is spent and specifically on what and how much money is made off those who get the contracts to make these things? Why is it always the same companies?

GENERAL MIKE FLYNN worked with these deep state operatives for 33 years. The saying is “he knows where all the bodies are buried”. Of course he does and he has worked to bury them right along with his progressive democratic deep state bosses.

The entire flow of secret deals and special funding for dangerous projects, coordinated by the same ones who pick our presidents and control industry is now under a microscope. And it is about time.


Both of these men are very brilliant and are not going to sit back and let the NAZI’S TAKE OVER THEIR NATIONS and THE WORLD.

This is where we are. The question is… will you open your eyes and see that every one who is for destroying Russia are the ones who are out to destroy the useless eaters and depopulate the world to have a new world order where there is no constitution or bill of rights for any of you!

All of these are the eager ones who have put mandates, restrictions, accused falsely, condemned freedom, and pushed new world order and destructive trade agreements on nations. Do you see them yet?

And one more thing….

The land of Magog is not where modern-day prophets are telling you it is!

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Open your eyes and see… I heard a Rabbi say it was a lot more than one place and I had to look and see for myself. Will you? It sure looks like modern day Turkey to me…how about you?

image 2

Just so all of you who are hunting for Gog and the Land of Magog know… the entire northern hemisphere was the land given to Japheth and the sons of Japheth which include Gog and the land of Magog. So have fun picking out one specific place and labeling that one place the one to fear and forget about the beast in Revelation, along with what Isaiah and all the prophets tell you about the day of the Lord! The land given to Japheth includes almost all of Europe as well as Russia!  Isn’t it time to look at what is taking place world wide today instead of trying to figure out one boogey man? The beast is a host of nations who have given their crowns over to it for one hour and these have one mindset to rule the world with an iron fist of tyranny… it is not just one boogey man! And especially not the one that the beast at the United Nations is in league to devour! It is not Russia, Russia, Russia! Although Russia is a communist country it is not a lone boogey man. It is a resister of a one world order of government. A resister of a coalition government as Patrick Byrnes has now phrased it, since we are all on to the phrase RESET.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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