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There is only one person who is defending America and exposing all the pack of lies. That one is Donald J. Trump.
It is tiring and angering to watch the establishment western world elite who desire all things global going after Trump with hatchets and water hoses. Yet, Trump overcomes each brutal attack and continues to expose each pack of lies as he unwinds for all the world to  see,  the establishment elite’s spider web of deceit.
It is now obvious that the Pope is a pawn of the new world global agenda. Obama just paid the Vatican 79 million dollars to push open borders. Why?
The answer is obvious. Open borders equal a North American Union. A union where leaders are appointed by North American Elite appointed members. The little worker people are units of net worth to the NAU work force. There will be no more freedoms, not even the illusion of such. It will be “welcome to Atlas Shrugged” in real time.
This election will determine the future of all nations. Not just America. For all nations will either battle and war against the western globalists or fall in line. I do not see Russia falling in line. Nor do I see Iran doing so. China? No way will they allow a western controlled world.
So, it is up to the people to stand with Trump and help stop the evil cabal….it is that or it will be the end of America.
There is only one Trump – may the good Lord keep him and protect him. May he be strong and overcome the evil that is coming after him from all sides. He is our warrior to not only make America great again- but to keep America!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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