In an article titled “Trump: If Israel isn’t willing to sacrifice certain things, there will be no peace deal with Palestinians”, from Dec. 3, 2015 they tried to take Trump’s honest truth and turn it into some type of anti- ism of sorts.   At the time I heard both the man’s statement at his rally, his statement later on the news, and just read it again to refresh here. I do not see anything said but sheer truth.
To quote the article in link below, Trump did not put the “onus of ‘peace’ on the Israelis” nor did he do it on the Palestinians. He merely pointed out that both Israel and the Palestinians are in an age old battle that he, as president, would not be able to fix and it was up to these nations, of which both must negotiate, and he did not see many concessions being made by either.
From the article from the Associated Press:
“I have a real question as to whether or not both sides want to make it,” Trump said in an interview with The Associated Press.
“The Republican presidential front-runner said his concerns are greater regarding “one side in particular.” While Trump wouldn’t say whether he was referring to the Israelis or the Palestinians, he said the chances for a lasting peace rest with Israel.
“A lot will have to do with Israel and whether or not Israel wants to make the deal – whether or not Israel’s willing to sacrifice certain things,” Trump said.
They may not be, and I understand that, and I’m OK with that. But then you’re just not going to have a deal.”
“If I win, I’ll let you know six months from the time I take office,” he added.” 
What Trump was saying is pure and simple. To make a deal both sides need to negotiate. He understands Israel’s view and he is okay with that. In other words, he supports their decision on how they want to proceed. He is not going to force them to make a deal.
The fact is he was letting the press know that Israel was a concern to him and a priority when he stated that in six months from the time he took office he would be better knowledgeable to let them know where the question stands. That was very wise in the fact that he cannot make any claims regarding what he will do, based on the fact that it is not his nation and he is respecting their decision. Trump will not mandate them to act according to what he thinks they may need.
Israel could not ask for a better support than a president who respects them and their sovereignty as a nation. A president who will listen and truly allow the nations to come to their own terms and not United Nations mandates.
Trump is fully aware of the sacrifices that Israel has always had to make. The article put words in Trump’s mouth alluding to a false allegation.
“How absurd. Israel has always been willing to sacrifice land for peace. This is why they are now under constant threat of terrorism from Gaza and the West Bank. Israel has time and time again given land to the Palestinians and in return it has only led to more deaths of Israelis because the Palestinians don’t want peace, they want Jewish annihilation.”
Let me remind EVERYONE HERE, that it was the United States and the United Nations that forced the hand of mandated negotiations in the Bush administration that resulted in Israel giving up the Gaza strip. It has been forced interference in peace talks that have resulted in placing Israel in their position.
Trump knows this very well. He will be the first president to truly be an unbiased support of Israel without the mandates of the establishment elite and their sustainable development goals that certainly have never bode well for Israel. He will be a true ally and friend.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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