Trump A Mighty Warrior And A God Send!

In these trying times when you look at the display of punkism in the congress halls, the shameful sit ins by those that shout we ought to be ashamed…what a farce!  They have shown not only Americans what foolish imbeciles they are …they have shown the entire world!
The shame falls all who support these evil minions.  The ones sitting on the floor that choose to have no seat to take in congress and have food catered in via tax payer money so they can behave like complete shameful idiots,  feed and take a break to relieve themselves in their transgender bathrooms!
To me…this is all barbarism.  It is beyond civilized.  It is high tax dollar paid organized “Occupy” sit ins.  And rightfully so…this is where it was formulated.  Among the same evil ones that resorted to it as their only last straw to achieve their means.  And an evil means at that.
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I ask every American watching this mess…who do you respect?  Do you want the treasonous fellow minions who seek to take your guns so you cannot defend yourself against their onslaught of Islamist terrorists and drug cartels?  Or do you want to stand by the one who is fighting to uphold your constitutional right to bear arms?  It is your call.  Remember, each ass sitter in congress has an armed body guard or two.  Each ass sitting on the floor in congress is exempt of Obama Care.  Each ass sitting on the floor of congress is in a different world than you!  They make rules and make sure they are exempt of the same.
Do you like that?  Especially now after watching their ape/frog/minion like behavior?  I sure don’t.
the donald 8-trump.w529.h352
Donald John Trump will never behave so childlike nor animalistic.  He will govern with integrity and wisdom for all.  He loves America and desires to see her safe again, rich again and great again!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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