Throughout  history from the war in heaven right down to this day, the evil forces to possess the will of the masses has been driven by evil principalities and powers. God has allowed free will and only evil forces have denied it. And all the time evil forces have blamed God for giving the blessed gift of free will.
In evil’s opinion, it would have been better for God to make robots willing to love him and do his will without a choice.  That is what evil is pursuing to achieve.  Evil strives to create robots who think not, feel not, only oblige.  Well, I am thankful that God has given mankind a choice that no one can take that from them for it lies in the hearts of men and women. Each can choose.
If this election looks like a battle between good versus evil… are seeing it correctly. You see evil hates what is good.  It lashes out in anger, lies and strong words. It knows not how to stand for justice. It only knows how to tear down in order to conquer.  It never builds a thing.  It only divides and conquers in the midst of lies and treachery. The shame the world is watching of all those who shout evil propaganda is testimony in and of itself. All is written down and all is seen.  Nothing is hidden that shall not be revealed.
trump day is done
It is true that there is nothing new  under the sun.
I stand with DONALD JOHN TRUMP! I take my chances with the will of one seeking to do what is right and good!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.