Trudeau Sets Out To Arrest Half of Canada !

With the whole world watching, what could possibly go wrong?

Since Canadian police refused to arrest fellow Canadians for doing nothing wrong, Trudeau replaced them with an Interim Police Chief, Steve Bell and found a crew who would. So now here comes a gestapo dressed in riot gear set out to get the grannies, kids, and family folks using excessive force, teargas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets. Trudeau isn’t talking, he’s just hiding and hunting for people who will do his dirty work for him. He continues to arrogantly ignore Canadian citizens who only want to live their lives without being science projects for NWO RESET depopulation eugenicists and their toxic gene therapy jabs.

Rebel News stated, β€œThey fired the Ottawa Police chief the other day. No reasons given. I think I know why β€” he wasn’t prepared to get violent against peaceful protesters. So they found a cop dirty enough to do whatever Trudeau says.”

Peaceful protestors are being hit, slammed to the ground, hosed down in the freezing cold and some have been trampled under the feet of horses. One such person was in a motorized wheelchair and is now in the hospital. A man had a heart attack, and the gestapo did nothing but surround him.

This is like watching the “Justin plays Taliban” show, toying with Canadian citizens like it’s a war in Afghanistan. Canada government is acting like a third world country. It’s time to find an adult in the room who can start the proceedings to remove a deranged Prime Minister who is unfit to lead. If Trudeau continues in the direction he has stepped out so stupidly to take, he may never recover from the results. He has gleefully mistreated the sheep and will soon be dealing with the shepherd.

The world is watching and Tradeau isn’t looking good.

Trudeau has attacked his own nation. Who is he doing this for? I smell a coup. This appears to be state sponsored.

Rebel News journalist, Alexa Lavoie, was brutally assaulted and targeted by the police while covering the peaceful protests in Ottawa. Watch link below.

Trudeau dares to seize money from Foreign Banks. HA! WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS?

Trudeau is unable to walk this back, and he has succeeded only in throwing gasoline on the fire of the Spirit of FREEDOM! HOLD ON… THE TRAMPLING HORSES WERE THE LAST STRAW!

The masked horsemen trampling innocent people was the final nail in the coffin. It doesn’t take much to see the writing on the wall now.



Trudeau is now the most despised person world wide. He’s losing EVERYTHING ELSE and WILL SOON BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE, but he’s HOLDING ONTO THE “MOST DESPISED” title


Keep on Trucking… this is just beginning!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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