Trials In Court & In You…

Guilty in the eyes of man can be innocent in the eyes of God…guilty in the eyes of God can be innocent in the eyes of man…therefore seek the Holy Spirit to discern all things. The truth shall set you free!

Detective work.….let’s do some process of elimination and a few fictitious scenarios based on truthful facts of what did happen.

What if Trump had never ran for office? Where would we be today? We would have had Hillary in charge and she laid out a very damaging package that was openly showed raising taxes and we will like it even though we didn’t want it. The entire cackling evil agenda she supported and pushed was not of the constitution, not at all.

But, they had it all laid out and lockstep was in place. But, here comes Trump and she lost. Immediately it is full force to get rid of Trump at any cost. No waiting for him to ride out his term….why? Because he immediately began undoing their evil agenda. He stopped the Trade act that would destroy US manufacturing and the economy, he went right to work to end human and child trafficking, (among so many exec. orders in the favor of the USA and the people) and made his tour around the world to begin unraveling the deep state. He did so many things to thwart evil against the USA and battled both the RINO’s and the Dems from the moment he said he was running. Preibus became the first mediator of deceit, recall the Republican party were not wanting to have him on their ticket. It was Rino Ryan who smiled when the deal was to have Pence as VP and then, yes, we will support Trump.

NYPD Twitter Account Liked QAnon Conspiracy Theory, Trump Tweets

So we have Rino Ryan and now Child trafficker Pence as that later was revealed and Lin Wood exposed the plans to remove Trump at any cost and move Pence in as president and have a Pence Ryan ticket. He called out the child and human trafficking like Trump. These are proven facts and no defamation law suit came at Lin Wood for exposing this….none at all. Only fuming anger and more rage. So, we have two men who have been bombarded with all the evil tactics that are known….to get them out of public view. Trump and Wood.

This is what happens when you run out of adrenochrome | Adrenochrome Harvesting | Know Your Meme

What if they successfully got rid of both of these men? What would America have looked like? It is my opinion that if these men had not come forward…God would have found another to come forward and point out the same things. That is how God works…not man’s ways. So although the devil tries daily to get rid of those God is using….he cannot. That is what makes a difference in the outcome between accepting the call and rooting oneself in the Lord versus theft and placement. Look at God’s Word. Read Esther.

The bottom line is this war is not new. It is good versus evil and the way they choose their dupes to front their games are the same pattern (infiltrate, divide and conquer with the author of lies, Lucifer). We have two trials taking place that are both connected to the Human and Child Trafficking plantation (Maxwell/Holmes)…..and both Trump and Wood are out to expose the evils of such horrid activities that have made many, many men and women rich. Epstein ran a black mail honey pot to insure the evil and foolish did what they were told, always. His appetite for sex with his enslaved…was two fold. First, he was a sick man protected by the alphabet agencies and their corrupt systems that protected Deep State and second, his own perceived obssession with sex slaves was to condition them, mind control them, and make sure they knew not to resist what they were expected to do. It was all trauma island to condition…and keep mouths shut.

Adrenochrome is Not an Immortality Serum Harvested From Children | Misbar

Those who couldn’t comply became sport in their hunger games. Which brings us to Holmes. What if that blood bank was the front corporate shell for an adrenochrome lab? That would explain the ability to dupe all the deep state cabal….(not) and have them hypnotically pumping millions into a non producing company that allegedly was to serve humanity from any harm and pain….are you buying that one? Especially with board member Kissinger who planned to enslave all humanity with Schwab… and depopulate the earth….think people….think. The majority of investors were all deep state cabal think tank heavy hitters, many friends of Epstein Island. And they expect YOU to believe they were all duped by a 19 year old…the same age group they mind control and enslave???? How did this 19 year old fool all of them?

image 366

Remember the Clintons, Obama, Feinstein, Schultz, Kissinger, Mattis, Oracle and a host of others, all were duped by her? Do you believe this? They always have a Kyle Rittenhouse in the wings to mind control and use as a front for their plots. Remember from the testimonies of the sex slave survivors how they choose their victims. They find kids who are poor and convince them they are going to help them and the kids believe them and do as they are told because they want a good future. They then proceed to mind control their victims. In the case of Kyle Rittenhouse who his lawyers had a year to work on showing him how to answer questions could have done much more damage to his mind…. and the mind of his mother who loved him very much and trusted these cons who were mind controlling under the guise of preparing Kyle for his upcoming trial. Wood knows how this evil works. That is why he is forgiving of the minor at the time…who is Kyle. He knows the evil system and how they operate.

Adrenochrome Harvesting | Know Your Meme
Holywood actors and actresses, many were duped into doing anything for their fame and fortune. In the end…the question they will all have to ask is…was it worth it? And some, were mind controlled from their youth and sadly… most never come out from it.

So as we proceed…the only way to see through the veil of deceit is to know and understand how they do it. We are all being tricked and deceived with their lies for our own good…..on a world scale there is a remnant who through the power of the Holy Spirit see through the deception…and they cannot have that. They never could and that is why long ago they have tried to wipe out all the followers of Jesus Christ our Lord…..from the very beginning with the first disciples unto this very day. So stand together, call on the Lord and he shall send you the Holy Spirit who will open your eyes and teach you all truths.

Spiritual warfare were the words Lin Wood used from the onset…..others adopted it to deceive and some adopted it because they believed and knew it. As I said a while ago….the only one we are to be concerned with is ourselves…what can you do…who will you call on in this time of evil and in times of good? God and His Word who is His Son our Lord and the Holy Spirit who serves them and has been sent to all who believe. Amen.

So, as the Lord uses the evil and deceivers to test his children like gold tried in the fire….and call all who believe to stand….and is merciful that none should perish…but all should come…those who hear the voice of the Lord and see shall come and they shall stand. That which can be shaken shall be shaken and that which shall stand, shall stand.

Press forward into the Kingdom and pray unceasing for your prayers shall be heard and the Lord shall answer them….you are not forgotten nor alone….the Lord is destroying all of Babylon the Great and after it is done…you shall see them no more. Amen…press into the Kingdom for it is within you.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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