Tough Questions For Gen. Flynn

General Michael Flynn has put himself front and center with his recent letter announcing his stance on the Biden sanctions on Russia. In an article written by Jason Easley titled  “Mike Flynn Outs Himself As A Russian Asset While Blaming Biden For Ukraine Invasion”, he pushes Flynn into a category of enemy of the state and includes others saying,  “The Russian invasion of Ukraine has outed the Putin co-conspirators on the right, from Donald Trump and Mike Flynn to Tucker Carlson.”

At the end of the article Easley points a finger of blame at General Flynn and groups him again with President Trump and Tucker Carlson reinforcing his curious accusation. Jason Easley wrote, “Mike Flynn and the others are putting it out in the open for the nation to see. Flynn, Trump, and the others are making it explicit that they are enemies of America.”

Now this is the type of thing that wrap up smears are made of, and it sounds like the ground work that led to Russia, Russia, Russia against Trump the first time. So my alarm went off.

That statement holds no validity whatsoever and would be better cast at Biden and his political comrades who tampered with the political unrest in Ukraine in the Red Revolution that he helped guide that resulted in a reset of their government body. Especially, since that tampering led to a criminal arrest warrant from the Ukrainian Government just prior to the 2020 election, which was based on the leverage he placed to fire Attorney General, Viktor Shokin before Obama would release the billion dollar funds and other subsidies to Ukraine. The arrest warrant, disappeared after Biden won the stolen election. But, hey…this is what the deep state does.  Read the full article:

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In a recent Op-Ed, General Flynn has a bit to say that is broad and general and the left has already taken his words and are spinning it to an anti-American wrap up smear. These have led me to rethink what might be taking place. We saw this happen before and patterns do often repeat themselves, especially with the deep state. So, I have taken it to the wood shed to wittle at and ponder on. My comments are in black italic in brackets.

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Ukrainian servicemen sit atop armored personnel carriers in the Donetsk region, eastern Ukraine, on Thursday. (Vadim Ghirda / AP)

Breaking: Flynn Exposes Truth About Putin’s Real Plan – Says It’s Time to Pray

By Michael Flynn  February 24, 2022 at 11:09am

With the price of oil pushing above $100 per barrel, the U.S. stock market opening with heavy losses, more global economic challenges looming, the real potential for significant loss of life, and the  international community in complete disarray with feeble attempts to condemn what was totally avoidable, we face the onset of another very grave and historic period of tension between competing  ideologies and worse, the onset of WWIII.

(Mike…hello that is the price when you worked for Obama and Joey….same games, same tricks….why are you acting like all of a sudden this is the first time we’ve seen such prices? This is done by the deep state. You must remember, you watched/helped them do it many times or at least knew where the bodies were buried. You served the nation since 1981, through many administrations, you were a Democrat and worked in Iraq and the region, just asking?)

This “invasion” was totally avoidable. As one friend told me, President Joe Biden and his failed foreign policy team set the table and sent the invitation and Russian President Vladimir Putin came and spoiled the dinner party.

(And what dinner party was that Mike?  Was it like the one you spoke at and sat at Putin’s table?)

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Clearly, there are fault lines on both sides, but for now, we must pray that those affected, without the ability to decide their fate, are able to survive this extraordinary period of world history unfolding (for many, unraveling) on the world stage. Civilians and military forces will be killed, wounded and displaced; those are the real consequences of war.

(Where were you Mike when Obama and Joe were “toppling/colonizing” Ukraine and creating the red revolutions and sponsoring snipers to kill innocent people?  Where were you when Maidan’s Square set innocent people on fire? You had to be active in all of that you were intelligence and this was one big take down…toppling a nation isn’t easy. Flynn… we all know about the deals, the money, the advisories…were you on the advisory list to show them how to train their police force and how to set up their psyop programs?)

Pray that this conventional war is limited in scope, purpose and intent.

Yes, there were gross violations of previous agreements due to incompetence, arrogance and ignorance that got us to this point. Beyond this, what happens next is anyone’s guess, but Putin (and Xi — Taiwan?) just laid down a new world order marker.

(Really Mike?  Gross violations of previous agreements?  Seriously Mike… there was never a cease fire against western Ukraine region of Donbass. You know that very well.)

That said, it is doubtful that the U.S. administration will change its failed foreign policy, and instead, it will make weak attempts to triple down on leveraging this extremely serious situation in Europe to continue to distract from problems here at home.

(Seriously Mike?  The same foreign policy you backed up and carried out for 33 years?)

Given the shutting down of the Keystone pipeline and America’s energy independence while also enabling Russia and Germany (read: Europe) to reopen the Nordstream pipeline, one has to wonder about the discussions in the Oval Office that came to these conclusions.

(Really Mike? Do you at all remember Burisma and Ukraine oil investments by the sons of Biden, Kerry, and Romney and did you forget that Biden is the “Big Guy”? Cha-Ching – making up for interrupted cash flow from those Trump years.)

This is the Biden administration: describing America as a systemically racist nation; appointing Marxists and other radical ideologues to positions of power; allowing millions to surge across our southern border; attempting to federalize our election systems and processes; implementing racist critical race theory in our schools, military and government; and all along, raising the national debt until it is closing in on $30 trillion — spending us toward extinction, all for left-wing causes.

Let us not forget the Afghanistan disaster, the myriad lies about COVID, a certain Biden-owned laptop, a complete refusal to investigate allegations of election irregularities … all while China gets a pass.

(Yes, let’s not Mikey. The Afghanistan troop withdrawal and leaving the region unstable was written in the plans for RESET under Hack Attack. Or are we lay people now better at finding and reading docs than the intelligence agencies?)

It is extremely difficult to trust this administration when they lie with a straight face to the American people daily.

Anyone who questions these rotten foreign and domestic policies is demonized as a racist. We see the unleashing of the federal government on citizens who are simply exercising their constitutional rights and the establishment media covers all this incompetence with a fake smile due to their own deep corruption.

(Where have you been Flynn?  This has gone on since the Clintons and “I did not have relations with that woman”, and then we had the Patriot Act and continued to grow worse and worse. What a feeble thing to say. But then again, if you see something say something. Isn’t that what they say? How far back do you want to go to start questioning? Viet Nam…WWII?  How far?)

Our president rarely entertains questions or takes responsibility for his tone deafness and failures. The White House ignored — even laughed at — Putin’s legitimate security concerns and ethnic unrest in the Ukraine.

(Your President, that fraud isn’t mine or any true Americans. That one belongs to the same corporation you worked for. He is reading scripts and doing the bidding of deep state and you don’t have the truth in you to say it! At least they didn’t topple the government they just stole it. The deep state lied in our face and shoved a dementia patient in the oval office and yelled, put stupid masks on your faces, jab and social distance. But isn’t this the same thing they did in Ukraine? Only with guns and explosives?)

We have yet to hear from the president of the United States an explanation of U.S. national security  interests in the region.

(Because Joey is guilty as hell in corruption in Ukraine with blood on his hands and every one who had any part in it. Did you have a part in the red revolution? Just asking for a friend.)

Instead, we continue to demonize Russia — reminiscent of the fake Russia-collusion hysteria we now know was perpetrated against the Trump administration by elements of the Clinton campaign  and Obama administration (among others).

(You got that one right.)

President Putin calculated this strategic, historic and geographic play and made the decision to move.

And he did.

(Duh who wouldn’t have. My question is, why are you saying this? Is this another set up to have deep state make this look like a coup between Trump and Putin? You know Jason Easley already took your letter saying the same thing and turned it into another Russia coupe. That sure was fast. Is that why you speak in broad and wide terms, so the deep state can twist them easily?)

All that given, there will never be justification for this invasion or any other form of invasion. However, never forget that war results when diplomacy fails.

(Is that what Obama said when he sponsored the red revolution and put Biden in charge along with the other war mongering yahoos? ? How about all the planning that went into toppling Ukraine…are you worried about any of your hand in that?  How about Arab Spring? Or were you just holding a desk job? And advising on psyops? How about…33 years of what you partook in and know?)

May God watch over and protect those in harm’s way and may God continue to bless and protect the United States of America.

(Mike you said in the title that you would tell us the truth about Putin’s plan?  Where is that? You forgot that part?  Could it be to end the toppling and corruption of deep state in Ukraine? Could it be to stop the bio labs?  To stop the endless bloody aggression to west Ukraine? Could it be to stop the US Biden puppet deep state evil within it? You never mentioned a peep about NATO and the deep states plans…why not?) Article: Breaking: Flynn Exposes Truth About Putin’s Real Plan – Says It’s Time to Pray (

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When General Flynn has worked under all of these…and specializes in Psyops. We have to ask some tough questions and point things out. What is he up to?

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Now…this is long and I thought of putting this in two articles…but they go together, so please stay with me….I call this:


The question is, once again… what is Flynn doing? By now, almost all know the deep state coup toppled Ukraine and appointed new political parties, new police, new advisories, new everything that had to report to Biden/ Obama. The Obama/Biden/Hillary coup did so for their puppet masters who desire a new world order and the minerals and other goodies like labs and institutions that also feed Harvard and US labs and institutions. But for now, refresh, then look at recent history of Ukraine and how it was toppled and the US involvement from start to topple, and BUILD BACK BETTER under the unauthorized deep state colonizing strategically planned in secret…shuss no real press coverage allowed.  Read your script and don’t let anyone see European headlines of the pieces of truth.

One question pops back up…and that is…why did Flynn get fired by Obama? Was he not willing to go that far…meaning to topple and advise a nation so close to Putin’s Russia?  Or was he simply no longer useful?

So I went digging. I found the obvious and that is Flynn was the 18th director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in July 2012 until his forced retirement from the military in August 2014. During his tenure he gave a lecture on leadership at the Moscow headquarters of the Russian military intelligence directorate GRU, the first American official to be admitted entry to the headquarters.

The Euromaidan protests in Ukraine developed from 21 November 2013 to 23 February 2014. Of which these dates show that General Flynn was aware and intelligence overseas at the time of Ukraine on Fire. The fact that Flynn served the Armed Forces for 33 years means General Flynn was well aware of all the nasty things that took place overseas for a very long time through many administrations, including the Bush shock and awe fiasco and war on terror which was anything Bush decided he didn’t like or wanted to topple to control with a thing called progressive democracy…which we see has turned out to be a military occupied colony of sorts.

Now the year 2014 was a free for all and the deep state made sure that nations were preoccupied with their own disasters…in 2014 while Obama was toppling the political regime causing “Ukraine on Fire”, the deep state was busy with the Bureau of Land Management taking Nevada grazing land and the Bundy standoff, which all American eyes were on the Bundy Ranch. Meanwhile Maduro in Venezuala was incarcerated due to protests and riots began that eventually destroyed a thriving prosperous nation which happened to have Russia heavily invested in oil ties. At the same time, mercenary armies attack Syria and the Syrian civil war is on with a death toll reaching 130,000, while 4 million are displaced.

We were also in the midst of another looming man-made science disaster. Instead of COVID, we had Secretary of State John Kerry claiming climate change required urgent action and the earth had only a small “window of time” to act or we would all die.

But in all fairness maybe Gen. Flynn was too busy with Arab Spring to worry about Ukraine. Now all of these were fire started by the deep state. If you don’t remember why Hillary was removed from Secretary of State, do the deep digging and you will see. Hillary Emails, Clinton Initiative, Uranium One, “They came, they saw and he died.” The Arab Spring that toppled Libya in 2011 with the good old NATO bombing campaign killing our Ambassador Stephens and destroying the Embassy resulted in a new civil war in 2014, and the list goes on and on.  (not counting DNC Server, Pizza Gate, Podesta, Spirit Cooking and tin hat stuff.)

And while all of this is happening Russia is hosting the Olympics. Timing?  Do you see the same scenario today? Is anyone making the connection of confusion spattered all over the map yet? So while the world nations are winning medals and competing in sports all eyes are cheering for the Olympics and Ukraine is on fire having a deep state regime toppling, blaming it on protestors who got out of hand…do you see January 6, 2021 in any of this? I sure do. The difference is with a President like Trump the entire world was watching for he was their hope as well as America’s hope. The deep state was sloppy, they were busted, it was filmed, it was not going away. (Right on cue, China just finished the Olympics during all this mess).

That same year, 2014, we had our hands full with the  Baltimore and Ferguson riots while Obama was testing his “Stand down experiment to allow rioters to destroy and get their anger out of their system…in his new Task Force for 21st Century Policing which involved the United Nations International Police (INTERPOL) to take over our own municipal police force. This opened the door to getting INTERPOL into the FBI and ICE. But, hey…most no one knew of the task force, they just heard the fake news read the riot scripts and never heard about the details of the task force of which Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake took the heat for the destruction and no one bothered to report she was on the task force and this was all under Obama’s orders. But, then again he doesn’t rule municipalities so it was her own fault to let them burn her city.

The point is there was so much taking place that what was going on that what was happening in Ukraine was largely overlooked by most of the world. And had Oliver Stone and others not filmed documentaries as it took place, the truth would all have been swept under the rug and any who told it would be deemed a liar and lover of Russia and the evil Putin.

So on Feb 18, in the midst of everything else, the Ukrainian Revolution of 2014 began as protesters, riot police and unknown shooters took part in violent events in the capital of Kiev, just after five days after Biden, Obama, McCain, Graham, Nulan et al, successfully guided the political coup and ousted President Viktor Yanukovych. On Feb 21 Police in Kiev open fire on protesters killing 27 and injuring around 570. Meanwhile the news was fixed on Olympic medals at Sochi.

By Feb 27, the  Republic of Crimea announced a referendum and ousted its regional government and Arseniy Yatsenyuk was appointed the Prime Minister of Ukraine. Note he was appointed by the Obama/Biden deep state regime.

One week later on March 8, 2014, the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 with 239 people loses contact and disappears, prompting a never ending search and creating a never ending mystery that is still investigated to this day.

Now even if General Flynn wasn’t involved directly, he had to know the truth and the facts of it all for he worked in intelligence for Obama. Yet today, he doesn’t say a word. Maybe due to his other oath of loyalty to the deep state regime and not so much the Constitution of the United States to serve and protect “we the people”. Why won’t someone who can get close to him ask him? No one seems to ask him any of these questions. They just listen and clap, clap, clap.

The point of this article is to show that if I, as a lay person can see all of this…and more… (I just had to cut this off at some point) and I do not have surveillance intelligence and do not have briefings on what is taking place and no marching psyop orders… what does General Flynn know and why is he talking such bologna?

Why was he fired in August of 2014? After he did all the things in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., my question is… what were his Ukraine assignments if any? Why isn’t anyone asking him this? Or is he going to keep quiet and let the Deep State start another Trump coup? What is he up to? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps something. My prayer is he is working a psyop for the good of the nation and not doing psyop work for the deep state.

President Trump has Flynn’s number, be it on his team or off. Time will tell, so stay awake and question all things.

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God!  Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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