To Cabal, You’re The Simpsons

The not so prophetic Cabal are laughing in your faces.

Many look at videos such as “The Simpsons Predictions for 2022” and go…wow…how did they know this? They marvel over how they got it right… and never connect the dots by the order of their numbers. Instead of going from dot 1, to dot 2, dot 3, dot 4 and so on….they go dot 12 to dot 4 to dot 1 then over to dot 14. Then they stop and marvel at what they are seeing…. They exclaim, “Wow what a picture this is!”

In reality it is all deep state controlled programming. They take a piece of what is common sense obvious based on patterns of predictive behavior then they add their controlled programming which consists of false flags and paid coups. They add the bribe pieces knowing full well who it is they will be able to use as pawns and then they twist the good guys into pretzels that create a different persona.

The Simpsons Characters: Good to Evil - YouTube

Meanwhile the average Joe out there is of course painted to be the the stupid and naive Homer Simpson. Homer the pathetic worker and family man. And his wife Marge who is equally as naive but not quite as stupid…then there is Bart who gets it in spite of being in a disfunctional family and his sister Lisa is the quiet know it all sibling that is always ready to tell on the her brother who resists and does not comply. And that my friends is what they really think of you, the all American family.

So now we have their predictions to marvel at and many are expecting this to all play out….

The reality is… the deep state cabal owns the massive portion of EVERYTHING and they can sit back and design any scenario they want and go about to move their human pawns to make things happen and the Simpson types out there in TV land watching are in awe of the predictions coming to pass as though it just happened that way all by itself.

The truth is… this is your cheat sheet of what they are planning to do. Now, this is predictable false flag created right in your face.

So, isn’t it time we explain what the Bible says will happen? Whereas all of these type of predictions look no different than the World Council of Foreign Relations meetings, and no different than a Bilderberg Meeting….and of course…I’m sure a lot of it is hatched in Club of Rome think tanks…and the masters in Bohemian Grove go forth with setting it all up…. so where we are presented the cartoon version of their evil there is nothing really funny at all in what they are presenting.

And of course we all talk about the red pill and the blue pill choices….and our youth believe this is all so awesome….and can’t wait to see themselves inside the machine…why is this? Because they really have no understanding of the depths of hell it is. They see it as a game and fun and cool. They love the idea of believing they are capable of understanding all this crazy deep philosophy…and the devil laughs in their faces as he gathers them to erase any real truths from their already mind controlled heads. Sad that no one speaks of the Lord…only the over lords.

Another sad thing is that a segment of the youth are looking at all of this as really cool and psychic. They are also the ones that are ready to be a human robot and think that sort of 5G EVERYTHING net thing is awesome. Many will be laughing all the way to a rude awakening and will never know how they got there? They will have no recall of any of their coolness, their idea of awesomeness and foolish philosophy recitals…they will be unplugged and reprogrammed into their idea of the cool thing unless…..someone rises up and exposes all of this for what it is…and sadly the only way that can be done is to have some unplugged.

Is this a prediction? No this is the deep state cabal’s plans. This is simply them telling you and me what they are doing. And laughing their butts off at those who cannot see these reveals for what they truly are.

But hey… the sirens of old that lured the sailors at sea, have emerged as the super stars luring all who will listen….and those who are lured call it awesome and art.

Magic not…enchantments..yes. Come out of her my people….

From such turn away…….

Keep pressing into the Kingdom…press, press, press!!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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