Tired Of The Swamp Yet?


I for one am tired of those who believe a swamp as deep as the one the globalists have created can be drained in a month, two, or even in a year!  It simply can not.  When you dare to lift up the veil and look beneath it to see how far the swamp stretches, and who is involved…most would actually gasp their last breath.  Many would faint and not be able to be revived.  Even ANTIFA would pass out at the awesomeness of the Global Cabal.

There is only one man standing and recruiting all that will stand with him, that one is President Trump.  And isn’t that why America elected him?  To do just what he is doing?  I know that is why he got my vote!

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I knew what he was proposing to do would not be easy, and I also knew we had to have someone willing to do it.  That is what I saw in Trump and why I voted for him to run the nation.  Or shall I say “CLEAN UP THE NATION, FIX IT, REPAIR IT…..WHAT EVER IT NEEDED!”  I KNEW IT NEEDED A LOT OF OVERHAUL.

I knew it was a God calling of President Trump.  Enough of God’s people were repentitive, praying and asking for help in earnest, and God heard these prayers and  gave us a man to lead.  Kinda like Moses at the time he was called to lead the people out of Egypt.   He went in and said to Pharaoh “Let God’s people go.” and there was a hell storm after.  In the end he led the people out and that was just the beginning.  Next came all confusion when Moses was up in the mountain (according to the people) far  to long for their short patience spans….and they built themselves a golden calf and started to celebrate???? God knows what????  How many are now looking at how to design their own little such thing?  Not me…I await for the work to be done by President Trump in the time God allows it all to go down.


Be patient, stand true and be strong.  It takes all of God’s people who are earnest to win the victory.  Fortunately, it only takes a handful, as in the case of Lot.

Don’t let Moses come down from the mountain with the ten commandments and think if you were not patient you will not be held accountable.  Remember this, not many were left standing after that ordeal.  Well we are at that ordeal now.  Where are you at?

Either way….the odds are best with the Lord Thy God.  Hold tight to the savior of the world and know that GOD IS NOT MOCKED.  It is just a mess when a swamp of evil is being drained.  Especially and evil globalist cabal. AMEN.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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