This Was Always Their Goal…

Look where this regime has taken us so far and know their goal is total destruction. Climate change was never about the climate. It was always about redistributing the wealth of the United States to the rest of the world. There is one huge major problem with the lust and greed of the Khazarian Oligarchs… Ayan Rand wrote about it in Atlas Shrugged… without John Galt… there is nothing to redistribute.

Who is John Galt? YOU ARE!

image 199

If we look at Biblical prophecy, we see what God has in mind and that is a Kingdom that shall last forever for His people. We know that the devil always mocks God and he is trying to destroy everything that God has created right down to Adam and Eve and their free will. We see the devils plans and his fleshly minions who work day and night to bring his evil devices into fruition.

We see how Satan has mocked Eve and turned her into a twisted sick version of Adam, and taken Adam and turned him into a twisted grotesque version of Eve. We see the plans of ultra mind control to take away free will and that exists even now. It has for a long time. And now they are in our face with transhumanism and smiling as they tell us “you will have nothing and be happy”.

These are sick, evil, and vile people. Everyone who is doing wicked for gain, taking advantage of this peril shall find themselves with a fleeting reward like that of a Twilight Zone episode. No one has to remind you of all the evil to the left and to the right and all the liars in between. In looking at the J6 and the McConnell who we all know was responsible along with Pelosi and others for the ANTIFA and paid false flag at the Capitol on January 6th.

We also know that President Trump and Space Force Cyber Command has been investigating the stolen election from day one…they were ready for it and even water marked every mail in ballot. They monitored the entire election in real time. They have it all. Anyone contributing to election fraud foreign and domestic will be tried to the fullest extent of the law. The action was swift, it was bold, and it was in the open…just not announced by fake news. What you saw was real. The news tried to downplay things with as little as possible said.

Now, if we can see and understand what we know from what we have seen take place… and from real eyewitnesses at events, and real video footage in context and with what our own eyes have seen. We also have watched people change into new versions of themselves. Especially Hunter Biden. So, who is doing this and why? Those who know…know. The others won’t believe even when it is told to them. I know… I have been showing and saying for two years since it happened and so have many others. So, I will skip that and get to my point of this article.

image 203

What if what we are watching is part of the show… and the entire J6 Unselect Committee is either doubles or people doing what they are told as part of a plea bargain? I was going to say this yesterday… but hesitated. Then as I saw this picture today… it was like a green light to go ahead and throw it out there. How many people have thought of this and whether it is or it isn’t so… it sure is a possibility.

image 200

People have spoken of how mean everyone looks and how no one is smiling. I found it reminding me of the inauguration which was the saddest day for a celebration that I ever saw. That entire event was like a funeral. And we all remember there was no gun salute, and no guard at the White House door, and the door was locked. Joey had to find his own private transportation to the Inauguration and was not given the nuclear codes or whatever codes they have for our space based weapons. (As nuclear is obsolete… if anyone ever really had it.)

image 201

We all know the man on the right is not Joe. Joe has been bye, bye through his entire administration. Everyone in the congress, the senate and the Supreme Court knows this. He is a puppet in a rubber mask for some handler.

And just so you know thanks to Obama… you don’t have to know anything. He signed HR 4310 allowing fake news to lie to you. So, enjoy all of your fact checking.

image 202

None of this is new…Obama had so much in place and then came Trump. They never thought she would lose. Even in 2013 Senator Ron Johnson was talking about how we were already in Atlas Shrugged!

In an interview in 2013, when asked if he saw examples of the private sector “shrugging”—that is, wilting under the pressure of government regulations, he said, “It’s a real concern. As I talk to business owners that maybe started their businesses in the ’70s and ’80s, they tell me, with today’s level of taxation and regulation, there’s no way I can start my business today.” Today… the Obama, Bush globalists have caught up fast from all the lost time and great economy, and world negotiations President Trump achieved in spite of all the Russia, Russia, Russia, and Impeach, Impeach and other nonsense. But, as soon as they stole the election…they were off and tripping all over everything lawful, and orderly. They are out to literally kill, steal and destroy as fast as they can.

Johnson was set to retire but after the stolen election and everything going downhill fast, he is running for a third term and fighting to help save America. The press has called him a conspiracy nut because he speaks the truth. It is shameful what fake news says about good, honest people. But, we will see what happens to the fake news as it continues to go down… and what happens with their part in contributing to a stolen election. Because that is what many of them did.

Because states and cities are infiltrated, along with our school systems, Hollywood, Sports, and all facets of entertainment from music to the arts… cleaning up the Capitol was just a fly in the huge worldwide spider web. So, it is obvious that it started there… but to get the rest of the web and the Giant Spiders… who was and who was not caught… could not be publicly announced. We got many clues along the way… many saw them, and many did not and won’t look unless it is in a formal document and then they will read it and critique it and still wait. So fine. Let each do their thing. Each must discern for themselves. Remember also this is live theater and things shift and change as the battle strategies are played out on both sides. The Khazarian Nazi globalists versus nationalists who desire sovereignty of nations and respect race and cultures. Note: Respecting race does not mean allowing violence and depravity.

Remember Cheney showed up in the House with a new look… did they get her a better double for the committee or is it her? The new one looks more like Liz than the first double… but… she may have a plea bargain going on? These pics were posted in another article…but…using them here again.

Does anyone know who the oriental is who is on this committee with no name plate nor tag? Is this a US Marshall? Or a stenographer? Who is she? She always looks vey serious. Why is she at the main lineup? Is this our clue?

image 204

And why did they let it be known on day two that there would be NO CRIMINAL REFERRALS AS A RESULT OF THIS PONY SHOW. That was a blatant confession that this was a publicity stunt or something different. What the heck is this?

Another idea… is this committee to catch other people who are lying in their testimonies in order to later interrogate them and find out who told them to lie? Catching some bigger fish?

image 205

What did Pelosi and McConnell have planned? Could this have been a plot to also have something happen to Pence in the tunnels and make Pelosi President? Were they caught? It sure looks like they could have been?

So, the question is… how many think it is possible that the J6 unselected committee is filled with a bunch of people who will soon be removed permanently?

And what are other ideas? Or do you believe this is exactly as they said it? And why did Thompson seem to not be on the same page as Schiff and Cheney? How many others?

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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