This Show Is Off The Rails… Come Out From Her My People!

Trump Jr. said “Enjoy the show.” I can no longer play that channel. This is serious and it is about our lives. There is nothing to enjoy in watching death, despair, insanity, and nothing worse than watching evil lead the masses in their prayers. It is beyond anything sane…it is the Twighlight Zone on steroids.

The Russian Orthodox Church has annointed Putin as the one called by God to fight the Anti-Christ Beast!

Watch the video. The RESET UN, EU, US Inc. et al is housing the evil, and doing hellish things. Zelensky is controlled by the same ones who control Joey Avatar and the UN, EU, NATO, etc. Zelensky has been killing Ukrainians and bombing his own infrastructure and the RESET puppets have been helping him via a proxy war. They are preparing to have Zelensky set off dirty bombs and blame it on Russia. This is an evil spiritual warfare and we have our own witchcraft and satanic activities taking place right here inside the USA. This has been ongoing and we have been watching people collect money to talk about it and not doing much to end it.

It ends when we repent and return to God and look to His Son Jesus and ask the Holy Spirit to lead us take our children out of the systems and stop funding the corrupt profiters of peril. It is time to quit pointing at Zelensky bad and start supporting Russia. Rick Wiles says, It is time for every American to come to the aid of the Russians. It is time for Christians in every nation to come to the aid of the Russians. The Russians are good people. They are standing against the godlessness of the United States of America. They don’t want to do anything against us, they just want to be left alone but the west will not leave them alone.

Wiles stated, “The majority of the evangelical church world in this country is defending Zelensky and the Nazis and the Ukrainian army. That’s a fact.” Watch the video.

The Twighlight Zone used to be a scary Sci Fi that was considered… make believe and no one ever imagined the programs presented would one day be a believable way of life. As unstable and bizarre as it is… at least no one would have imagined it would come to be considered…. common.

That being said, in this blog, we present some rather bizarre ideas that seem to be pesented in main stream live theater. Some would call it true and acurate, others would say it’s satire. Some would call it humorous truth. But, since satire seems to be acceptable these days and fake news calls it real, I will call it fiction based on facts. It is a seriously sick thing that has taken over the minds of many.

Many events of today remind me so much of the Twighlight zone, as it resembles the same sort and types of scary reality. When one digs deeper they might even see some facts that give it a titled called “mind control”… or something strange like that.

Once upon a time….

Picture it…. a man self proclaimed out to save America goes on a podcast show as a guest to one of his mentee podcasters. When he gets there, something seems to take over and he uncontrollably talks a mile a minute and for some odd reason, he spends his time consumed in telling how he was chosen for this purpose… whatever “this” is, even though he didn’t believe it at first, but someone called him up and told him he was. Even though he did deep research and spent a good length of time figuring out how to bring together past projects all into one giant fold… a fold for others? Or just for himself? My friends we may never know… but now you have entered the Twighlight Zone – Our story begins and a man is proudly being interviewed on a podcast of a mentee he now as mentor of, has influence over.

Postcast host, “Thank you for coming on CC, our listeners really want to hear how you are going to save America and fulfill the prophecy that bears your name.”

“Well, I can do that, you see it began out of the blue and BOOM…WE ALL GOT COVID 19, but that was a sham and all my businesses…I have many businesses and I grew up poor but now I have money and we all need money. We can all have money, just some people are lazy. But, one day someone came up to me and said they just heard my name being told in a prophecy, so I’m like, it had to be me because I’m that name, my name is Mr. Clark. Well, even though my name is Clark, some people call me Mr. Clark… that’s how business and things work….but even though there are thousands of Clarks, and there is Clarke and Clarc, even Cllarc, and Cllark. But, I’m the one that’s been asking about this, even though I knew nothing about it, and yet… even though I never held up a flag, someone outside behind me did, so that must pertain to me. You see there was this prophecy and in this prophecy by this big prophet who I didn’t even know the name…never followed any prophecy and never followed any Bible stuff…I swore when I started my business, no religion. Nothing about Chrisitanity on my shows…I had a radio podcast show too. I have so many money making businesses that is why I am sought after to help people with their podcasts and businesses, because I am so successful. I have money now, but I used to be real poor.

And even though I’m not a believer, but my wife is…this new saving America has made me a believer because I heard my name and even though no one knew who I was before I started the DJ road show…based on my DJ years doing weddings, and even though no one knew I had that talent… but I was the entrepreneur of the year in Oklahoma, in my small town and I worked showing people how to turn their churches into a business with their 501c3’s and they pay a nominal fee, and I helped start up some small business male hair cut salons, and COVID shut down businesses and I had to figure out a way to make money, because when my investments are not working, that means I have no income from their work…and or my mentor fees took a dive…so I had to figure out how to capitalize on this bad economy as we are a capitalist country, not a communist country, so I capitalized on the fear and peril so I gathered some people who had messages and big names and here we go and my connections with the 501c3 churches. Well they needed money too because covid hit their pockets hard too, even though they didn’t need the money and had taken out the PPP loans and even though they wanted more money… and so I rent their spaces for my CC Awaken America Events at 90 thousand dollars a pop during this great tribulation and they make money and we make money selling merchandise in their churches and hey, its a (g)od thing because we let people pay what they can and find a chair for them inside. Even though some people buy tickets and pay full price $250 per ticket, but they don’t use them and have us donate them to someone who needs them and some people just send us checks for like $3,000 to help us out, and it all works out that this makes a lot of money and we pay our big names to speak and hey I’ve signed up a ton of podcasters and now I get money from all they do and a fee to mentor them because I believe everyone has to pay their fair share, that’s how capitalism works.

But one day the man told me I am the one in the prophecy because that’s my name. And when I listened to it…they were right that is my name. Even though many people had that name, it had to be me because I am successful and I have to be the C in the prophecy. So, I claimed it. And I kept looking at it to see how it all fit and even when it didn’t look like it fit, it had to be me because that’s my name and I heard the prophecy… my friend told me it was me. So it had to be me. So I made a white board and I put names on it and that works like a magnet and keeps us focused on our goal to get to Trump because I need to tell him about Jesus. And I knew I could save America because that was my name and the prophet said it. So, I had to do something big. And I know how to do big things because even though no body knew who I was, I was rich and successful. But it’s all because I am out to save America because my name was mentioned in a prophecy and it has to be me because I claimed to be the one. And…..”

“Sorry CC, our time is up for this segment. But thank you for coming in CC, we didn’t get to your main message on how to Save America, but can we have you back on for another segment where you can share that? The people need to know how they can help you save America?”

“Yes and WEF is evil. Klaus wants to make people have nothing and be happy and Harari is evil too. I’ll come back on and do that and if anyone wants to help save America now, go to CC Thumper Time and register to be a supporter and contribute any amount, and if you want to be a part of our monster pod godzilla program click on the registration and apply at godzilla monster pod, and click on “together we will stomp the city?” and fill in the application. We will get back to you and explain all the options we have for businesses, as we have over 666 different options. Now that number needs to flip over so we need new enrollees to make that 667 thousand. And you can also buy my books which I have written a zillion of, a zillion. These all show you how money works and how to be successful in anything that can possibly be called a business. We also have a new Bible with our name on it and my forword that explains all about how God works and how God means everything for just $59.99 or $54.99, you decide! My own Godzilla eats the city is the publisher, so while you’re there, check out my other books. My Jesus is King Bible is right next to Dragon Energy and Boom!”

image 333

Now that didn’t take long now did it? Looks like the self annointed one put his foreword and name on the Bible. And now he wants to teach you his version of the way. I’m watching and I’m learning fast what not to do.

image 332

And we look at the Ultra Mind Control Music Industry… and the RESET global heads. What the heck is Ed Sheeran doing now? Who is directing his music career?

This is what happens when you believe what you are told and go against your gut feeling… and sometimes you are just into whatever it takes. And you get what you wanted and not what you needed.

God is in charge of all things.

God searches the heart and he knows what is hidden. Man can easily be deceived but in the end we all answer to the Lord God Almighty. Amen.

We have entered the twilight zone in full force. Come out from her my people and some come out running!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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