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This is the day my Lord arose from the aftermath of the lies, deceit, and those bearing false witness that had him crucified on the cross, it is the day he proclaimed victory over death and hell.  It is the designated day we who follow the Lord set aside to celebrate the day Jesus the Christ broke through the bondages that held him and tore down all the gates of hell.
This day makes me wonder what that process entailed?  What all took place during the entire three days?  What mayhem pursued during that time?  It makes me wonder what all took place in hell to break the chains and bonds asunder?  How were all the souls of those that were blessed released?  For unto that point Adam, Noah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and all who believed, were in a designated bondage held by the gates of Hades.  Jesus the Christ broke down the stronghold and released all those who were righteous based on believing in him.  Believing that he would come and that he was the son of God. It is amazing.
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What exactly happened and what was shouted by those who accused to try and keep them in the gates?  What was said by Jesus to disannul all the past accusations in order to have the prisoners of hell released? What did the liars and deceivers shout at Jesus to try and hold those Jesus released?  Whatever it was it held no weight. It was rent asunder.

I am sure it was a cacophony of screeches, lies and blasphemy. Yet, all of it could not stop Jesus, it could not detain him, nor usurp him from his mission- nor his calling and his completion of his Father God’s work to be the one chosen to forgive the sins of mankind and to offer his body as the ultimate sacrifice for all – a blood so atoned….no force could ever thwart it.
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There are no words great enough to ever be extolled on the gratitude mankind has received, only a blessed angelic and gloriously heavenly hallelujah.  Amen and amen.
To be a mortal and to understand that with sin filled flesh all can look upon the Lord, God’s son, and ask for forgiveness for their wrongful ways and be answered with love and also sent a comforter in the Holy Spirit form to comfort them and help them go forward in good faith always to help and to speak for them in the heavens is mind boggling. Yet it is so true and such an unmeasurable gift is only one sent from God Almighty.
It is written that God’s ways are not man’s ways, amen.  For man condemns without reprieve and God has allowed redemption.  Amen.
No man nor angel has ever mounted a horse to do any thing – not a piece or a part of salvation can come by man.  All come to God the Father by my Lord’s death, his victory, and his resurrection.  This is the only way that any soul born can come into victory and resurrection.  It is the only way that any can and will come into the Glory of
God.  Amen.
Nothing, no accusation, no condemnation, can ever condemn, nor steal a soul from my Lord and my God.  None.  Only God judges and God decides all things.  Amen.  God judges the heart and only God knows the heart, Amen. May all hearts be true, just and kind toward their fellow man and in so doing may they all beat with our Lord.  Amen.
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There is much evil in the world and many deceivers, let God and God only judge the hearts of all and let his judgment be.  Amen.  It is written, let it be done on earth as it in heaven. Man can rebel, but, man can not change one thing that is written.  Amen.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.