Thinking Outside The Box…

Where are we in the ‘SHOW’S MESS’, or is it world war III? And when did all the mess we are in begin?

Will the truth ever be told?

What will be left of what was left for us to see? It appears that many historic landmarks are fleeting these days and the truth behind them even more so. What is left for us today to read of such has been gathered from skewed theories and guesses by academia by what has been recorded after burning of books, documents, and scrolls of truth. Because there are big gaps due to such wars and conquering… we are left with one sided propaganda and many opinions from so called experts on these subjects.

And even with that, we have some brave archeologists who have broken through the academia mold and ventured out alone to spread some of the hidden and forbidden truths. For nothing was ever lost… it was suppressed, disguised, lied about, and fed as truth to generations who knew nothing about any of it and trusted the professors of such history were telling the truth. After all, this slight of hand began back in the days when any person in authority was smart and the unsmart student was to respect that authority. The illiterate ones needed to listen and question nothing unless they were asked. After all, they are unlearned…and that is why they are there to learn now, isn’t it?

So a good student was expected to shut up, listen, and do as they are told, and above all, memorize what is said so they can function properly in a civilized society. And above all things, keep religion and politics out of it… unless it is of such that is universal…and in that the so called wise do unwisely error. But, then again… remember the Serpent and his lying words who speaks a bit of truth here and there through his cunning lies, only to make it all more deceptive.

Now, you may be thinking I am talking about things in a few generations past, but the truth is it dates back to BC and Antiquity, even in the days of Noah before the flood. After all, philosophy didn’t start with Socrates, it began with the Serpent in the garden of paradise.

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Socrates was right on this one! Or was he just posing a question? Tricky when you ponder it now isn’t it? For the point lies therein on what side you are on… remember there are always two train of thoughts just as well as there are always two sides to a story.

So with that being said… enjoy these videos and ponder them using your own critical thinking. Imagine being a traveler even before there was a Persia, Greece, or Rome and coming upon a ruins made so outlandishly large…. being a grasshopper in its sight? What would you imagine when seeing such things for the first time?

What would it have been like to be born into another historical timeline?

There has always been wars and those who desire to rule the entire world. There was never enough land, gold, resources, and slave labor… rogue ones always wanted more and more and more.

What was it that inspired the hatred, greed and lust for more and more and more? Did I say “was it”? What is it that drives some to madness in their zeal for trying to possess everything in the world as their own? They are never satisfied and never have enough of everything of worth… why? What causes such mindset?

It is the very same mindset to this day and from the very same wicked source. For the ruler of this world is Satan. The deeds of Satan are seen in those who lust after and do the bidding of the ruler of this usurped world. Kill, steal and destroy is the motto. Or so it appears to be that way.

What led to the fall of civilizations? And what of the Norsemen? Who were also known as the Viking? And what is the truth of these ones? Were they really any more barbaric than any of the Civilizations who did the exact same things? Things like raiding innocent people’s villages, warring, conquering, taking what is not theirs and gathering all goods of value from gold to human slaves?

It is true that he who conquers writes the history, and that being said… history can only be weighed as what is good verses what is evil and that all stems back to the Garden and the Serpent. No leader out to conquer the world wants to be known as evil… therefore, all his actions must be written for the good of all. Today we see the same mindset in our world war 3. We are watching how the innocent person who wants to be left alone must be forced to comply to such things as altering their own DNA in jabs that contain graphene oxide so their minds can be more easily controlled – if, however, they do live after all of the live lab rat experiment(s) done on them against their will.

The only things that have really changed are the material things such as architecture, customs, and technology. Yet… even in all that, there is much evidence that shows we have a long way to go to catch up with the architecture and technology before the flood. We’ve got the rest of the days of Noah down pat. Read the Bible and see what that all is. Including the book of Enoch. Trust that our Lord Jesus would not have referred to the days of Noah as a sign to watch for in the last days if all we had were a few paragraphs on it. There were books read then that were taken away from us to keep us blind in fully understanding all things. It makes the legends of other civilizations more understandable.

But more important than digging into the history of man… it is important to know the truth of the history of our journey here upon the earth and that can be found in the Bible which is the account of all things under the sun.

And so… there were many stories and all must be taken with a critical mind… for the blanks and gaps have been filled in by man’s own imagination. Especially since the only religion not tolerated, in respect as being the one attacked daily, is Christianity. Ask why is that? From the onset of the crucifixition of our Lord Jesus the tribulation for those who followed the teachings and ways of the Lord began. Burning of the books and all the teachings were deemed blasphemy by the high priests and pharisees.

Rome sought to stop it for the rebellion and unrest it caused. It wasn’t long and they sought to stop everything coming out of Jerusalem and burned it all down in 70 AD. (There is a long succession of events of that time and many historic writings of it in Roman records, as well as accounts from Josephus, scribes and the disciples.)

Be it in taking away of books of the Prophets, watering down of the scriptures or simply mistinterpretations… the fact that even in progressive democracy in America today, the Christians are considered by the DOD FEMA programs as terrorists because they are willing to die for their faith. Now that is a fact and one to ponder and pray about.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, Press, Press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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