In the quest for truth it is easy to see what is in plain sight.  What is not seen is the alternative purpose for the thing that is seen in plain sight.  Following blindly is the result of never asking questions and accepting what you are told.
Most never stop and ask themselves why globalists who want to depopulate the earth, control all facets of it, and make every dime they can in the process would ever tell you the truth behind all of their plans, their schemes, and their creations.  Trust me, they will never tell you what alternative uses they have for what they have made.

We are told that pharmaceutical companies are given mega grant monies to find cures. We are never told that the same pharmaceutical companies are the ones that created the diseases that they are telling you they are trying to find cures for.  Fund raisers are held for charities sponsored by those afflicted with diseases they and their loved ones have died from….they blindly hand the monies over to the same industries that created the deadly disease in the first place.
Today, vaccines are controversial, but only because the illness and death rates have increased to the point that people have begun to question how a child can be healthy one day, take a vaccine and die, or be handicapped the next.  Today, people have decided to question why aluminum is put into vaccines for newborns.  At first the question was met with denial, and tinfoil hats were passed out along with verbal blather that made no sense.  Today, it is skirted all together and combated with silence and mandated.
Why the secrecy if they are always helping us for our good?

Did we ever ask the right questions?  Or did we just accept the reasons we were given for their secrecy?
But, then there came Trump.  There is a lot of draining the swamp to do and if it has to be drained one cup of muck at a time, then that is how it will be done.   Trump has a lot to do and a lot to wade through.  Let each do their part to help him create awareness and not get sucked under the mire as we wade through it with him.

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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