THEY ARE LYING TO YOU AGAIN! Getting Rid of Corn Subsidies Is Part of Building A North American Union….


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Cruz is all things to all people.  Pictured here in a corn field to win the Iowa Corn Growers vote.  It didn’t take long to let the cat out of the bag and now he must convince Iowans that subsidies are destroying the entire nation and causing all the high gas prices.  He lies.
Cutting out corn subsidies and allowing private sector to develop the corn industry to cut bureaucratic spending is a lie. The real reason behind the ax to Iowa corn growers is that it fits into the  UN’s Wildlands Project  (Agenda 21), and harms the economy of Iowa.
What Cruz and the global conservative liars are not telling you is that ten years ago Bush gave the corn growers incentives to grow corn for renewable fuels. They encouraged Iowa to invest all they could into the renewable fuels project. Today Iowa is growing corn everywhere. To not allow a subsidy to continue renewable fuels would drastically harm the Iowa economy. The abundance of corn growers would be reduced to nothing and land that the state turned over to grow corn would be pushed back to the state….which if the state could not afford to take care of could fall back into the hands of the BLM.  But fear not, to remedy this dire possible situation, Ted Cruz just signed a bill that would allow BLM land to go back to the states, then if the states could not take care of the land…the state could sell the land to those in the private sector. Where as the private sector sounds innocent enough, what Cruz is not telling you the private sector includes trade partners like Saudi Arabia, China, big Oil conglomerates,….or whoever. Imagine the possibilities once they get their TTIP agreement in place?
Now all of this is part of the UN new world order, Wild lands project for sustainable development for the 21st century. (Agenda 21). The goal is to destroy America’s infrastructure from within and herd people into specific geographical areas. As well as build a north American union. The out line for siphoning off private industry like corn growers, was outlined in the task force manual that Ted’s wife Heidi Cruz developed for the council on foreign relations. It is all there for those that take the time to read it. Complete with relinquishing said land (including our state parks and wild life reserves) to the private sector, specifically the great merchants of the earth who designed this new order. (The super PAC donors)  One of the ideas suggested in the task force to be the fastest way to make this happen is to cut off government subsidies. So there you have it. New world order goals all spoken from a liars mouth named Cruz.  Can you see the bill Ted is pushing is identical to the desires of the Merging Of A North American Union Task Force? The same task force Heidi Cruz helped to write?
Big oil will be doing lots of off shore deals and buying up state properties, they will be well taken care of. The statements of gas prices going up high because of ethanol are false. We all know gas and oil prices are controlled by supply and demand. Right now oil prices are low because the UN western elite are trying to break the Russian economy. Their largest money making export are gas and oil. So while the low gas prices are nice now…they are only low for NWO reasons to cripple Russia’s economy and a step to move America into a north American alliance.
The areas that are really killing us in subsidies are government NWO giveaways like bad contracts giving 150 billion to IRAN and now billions to CUBA. That money should be subsidizing our own people and industries and supporting American interests and military. But that is not the north American union globalist way…it’s not who we are remember?.
We all know what causes gas prices to go up are the big oil companies…supply and demand games. Not Iowa corn growers. This is all smoke and mirrors to push their evil agenda and cripple Iowa….and other corn growing states.
In summary, what Ted Cruz wants to do to Iowa and the corn  industry is exactly what Obama has done to Virginia and the coal industry. Only you can stop this by your vote for Trump. Trump has vowed to bring back Virginia’s economy through clean coal.  He will preserve the ethanol renewable fuels industry as well.
If America ever needed a true leader to KEEP AMERICA IN TACK, and TO MAKE HER GREAT AGAIN, it needs one now.  There is only one who can do this, that one is DONALD J. TRUMP!
Dianne Marshall
This article was written in response to – “How Pandering To Iowa’s Ethanol Lobby Hurts America”, by Erik Telford on October 21,2015
“While a small group of corn farmers may benefit from the Renewable Fuel Standard, higher gas prices and less fuel-efficient gasoline hurt everyone.”
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By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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