Joe is not the president and Joe is not going to be the president. Joe and the demon- rats will go down in history as the ones who attempted to overthrow the United States Government and the foreign nations who helped will be noted for starting WWIII the new type of war. We are living this historic event and our children’s children will learn of it in History classes throughout the history of this nation.

there039s no such thing as two presidents joe lost

Tick tock – we all know the election was a giant voter fraud with foreign interference. We all know that Joe was put in place, kept in the basement, and is now being paraded as the elect. We know that President Trump is exposing them all, has exposed Dominion voting machines as a massive fraud and the powers behind the fraud are the same powers who fix elections for all the presidents on the planet they are ruling behind the veil. The veil is pulled back and we now see the players, some like Zuckerberg are selling their stock, some are acting like a $600 stimulus check will shut starving America up while the rollout of the vaccine and who gets the first batch is another great distraction.

Members of the US Space Force will now be called 'Guardians' - The Verge

The Space Program now has a new name – now called the Guardian’s. This is now the sky police to keep China from sandblasting us into dust with their space based weaponry that they have positioned with their solar panels all over the world. So that’s a relief that China isn’t going to play warlord over us. I’m waiting to see how many will be indicted for helping China on this from the US – you know like Reid, Clinton, etc.

Note: The space program is not to be confused with the movie Legend of The Guardians

Why Guardians of Ga'Hoole Deserves Its Own TV Series | CBR
The Guardians (2018) - IMDb
Nor the Guardians Documentary. Nor the Other movies, books or the cartoon series.
EVENTS — Pangbourne Twinning

Yet with all the information flying left and right there are still many that refuse to open their eyes and see. There are actually those clinging to their masks and vaccines.

Newsmax has come out and given an interesting push for truth in the mornings report. It’s worth the watch.

It is obvious that Joe is not up for the job and Kamala needs a job that’s why she’s holding on to her senate seat.

Trump vs. Biden: An Overview of 2020 Tax Platforms - ATKG LLP

This week will be interesting. Have a Merry Christmas and fear not. Things are under control and President Trump is still the President.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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