There Is No Going Back…

Forge ahead – it’s “gold tried in the fire” time!

Dan Scavino said “The guardrails are off – a turning point in the United States of America. There is no going back.”

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We had some comments asking what the flags mean? Is the fringe a good thing or a bad thing and what about the tops of the flags? Yellow fringe on a flag represents Admiralty law, meaning we have no constitution and no nation. No fringe on our flag means we do have a constitution and a nation. Our founding fathers had no yellow fringe on our flag.

USA, Inc. uses the yellow fringe and is a corporation in allegience to the Crown of England. Its corporate government offices are in Washington, D.C. which is a foreign entity. Our court systems are presently all under Admiralty law and use the gold fringe flags. Under admirality law, you are guilty until proven innocent. Under the constitution you are innocent until proven guilty.

Then we have the pretty ornaments on top of the flags. Todays mis and disinformation would have you believe they are just ornaments and mean nothing at all but decoration and ceremonial.

image 80
They boldly lie to your face! Gaslighting the ones who do not know their history nor their present day laws.

That is the furthest thing from the truth. The yellow fringe and each top has a significant meaning… and those can be hard if not difficult to interpret under the present gaslighting and propaganda war we are in. Much of the truth is buried and there are a lot of articles that tell all sorts of mis information on what they mean and their purpose. Each situation needs weighed individually as double meanings are rampant.

image 82

Let’s start with this odd picture of Joey Avatar as he delivers a speech in front of the Royal Palace in Warsaw, Poland, on Feb. 21, 2023. Are those flags even topped with anything?  Sure doesn’t look presidential. Stage one….action, take five, it’s green screen time and here is your clue!

We have “flat truck” tops for Ukraine, Joey’s US, and Poland… which is customary use for the sole ornament atop the flagstaff for officers below the rank or relative rank of commander and for civil officials. Either no one understood US flag customs, or they did understand the flag customs? You decide!

image 78

So, in the photo below, what do these flags tell us? Spears at the top and no gold fringe. Joey Avatar and polished off Trudeau … two rubber masks or real? What does this tell us?

image 60

No fringe and spears… what does this mean for US and Canada?

image 67

Some facts about the “finials” on top of flags: Gold spires can mean court martial; Gold balls are for recruiting; Gold Eagle with wings out is for the President of the USA.

US, Mexico, and Canada flags… spears and no gold fringe.

image 68

Now what message is this sending? 

image 69

In the picture above to the right are flags with gold fringe, tassles, and the eagles wings out representing USA, Inc. Military. To the left, behind Biden and Harris are flags with the symbols of military occupation? How do we know? There is NO GOLD FRINGE on the flag, thus no admiralty law, and no spread eagle at the top, which means no person ranking for a 19 gun salute or higher, which means no president.

On the wall is the famous painting of the Wild West “rough rider” and former President, Theodore Roosevelt. The clock on the mantle… what is all of this telling us?

Possible flag interpretation: On the left we have flags with no gold fringe which mean there is a constitution in affect and the army spear which means… US Army.

The row of flags on the right are National flags that suspends the constitution as it has the gold fringe. Gold fringe represents no nation and no constitution. And the gold tassel means Admiralty law.

This can be confusing if you don’t know the meanings…

First and foremost, in the manner of which we are trying to understand… the decoration at the top of the flag is called the finial and a spread eagle finial is always used for the president.

Although U.S. Flag Code Title 4 Chapter 1 does not specify what ornament to use, each branch of military service has its own etiquette for the ornament that is appropriate in each situation.

Per Section 8 of Army Regulation 840-10, Army organizations are restricted to the use of four finials on their installations: the eagle for Presidential flagstaffs, the spearhead for Army flags, the acorn for markers and the ball for both outdoor wall-mounted advertising flags and the U.S. flag that the installation flies.

A spread eagle is used for individuals who receive a 19-gun salute or higher. A halberd is used for flag officers who receive lower than a 19-gun salute or a civilian that receives at least 11, but less than 19. A ball is used for officers who rank the same as the Captain in the Navy, as well as for certain diplomats, such as consuls. A star is used for officers of equivalent rank to the Commander in the Navy. A flat truck is used for officers below the rank of the Commander in the Navy. When personal flags or pennants are displayed indoors on staffs, the ornaments used are the same as those on boats. The staff ornament for the U.S. flag when not on display in a boat is a battle-ax.

The flag finial in the U.S. military varies from service to service. ArmyAir Force, and Marines use a nickel or chrome-plated spearhead as the finial for all flags, national, organizational, and personal/positional. The Army reg on flags AR840-10 provides for a spread eagle finial only for the President.

A 21 Gun Salute:

The U.S. Navy formalized the 21-gun salute to honor the president in 1818, according to the Naval Historical Center. In 1842, the Navy standardized the practice and included “National Salutes” on Washington’s birthday and Independence Day. Today, a 21-gun salute honors visits not only by presidents, but also vice presidents, presidents-elect and former presidents. It also marks the funeral of a president or former president, being fired at noon on the day of the funeral. In addition, the U.S. military fires a 21-gun salute to honor a foreign flag and to salute a visiting foreign head of state or member of a reigning royal family. Such salutes show the nation’s formal respect.

That being said… the spearhead is used for VP Kamala Harris, showing she is not entitled to a 19 gun salute or higher. That is to say, if we are understanding correctly, how flag finials are used. Remember, for the President, the spread eagle is always used.

Note: The prime minister, heads of foreign missions, foreign heads of government, and the Vice President of the United States are entitled to a 19-gun salute along with other branches of US government branches such as governors.

image 71

Video below, they give an overview of what the indictment and what the spires on the flags are meaning to them.

Last week (March 27, 2024), Kamala started her Africa tour in Ghana, and announced security aid to African countries. The spears on flag and no yellow fringe? What does this tell us?

Here we have Kamala getting off plane in Zambia with USA, Inc. flag with spear, gold fringe and tassel. What does this mean? Watch your step?

image 64

Pictured below, VP Kamala Harris speaking in Zambia with gold fringe flag and nothing on top of flags? Showing nothing on top of the flag is called a “flat truck”.

image 66

The flat truck is the sole ornament atop the flagstaff for officers below the rank or relative rank of commander and for civil officials for whom honors are prescribed by U.S. Navy Regulations.

Kamala just has never looked the same since she became VP. Why is that?

image 65

Below, in the African nation of Guana, Harris in front of no fringe flag with spear.

image 62

Harris in Guana with women entrepreneurs meeting with spear and no gold fringe on flag. Guana flags with spear and gold fringe.

image 63
U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, right, conducts a roundtable of women entrepreneurs to discuss economic empowerment, inclusion, and leadership in Accra, Ghana, Wednesday March 29, 2023. Harris is on a seven-day African visit that will also take her to Tanzania and Zambia.Misper Apawu – stringer, AP

Not sure what kind of flags those are… but the umbrella and fringe must stand for all who are unelected and appointed and fall under the umbrella protection of the KM Oligarchs. Just guessing???

image 76
Some type of unelected, EU WEF type summit???

Note: President Trump’s Speech last night, April 4, 2023 from Mar-a-Lago with Gold Wing Spread Eagles and no fringe on flags.

image 74

And we have the President Trump’s Motorcade … on his way to DA Bragg’s 3rd World, Banana Republic Court …

image 75

That is a very presidential motorcade.

image 83

Motorcade following indictment…

So as Dan Scavino said, there is no going back. We are at war with those who desire a global RESET into a tyrannical world order! It is just as Lin Wood said in 2020 after the election was stolen, it’s 1776 all over again!

Meanwhile… Congressmen Introduce Gold Standard Bill!

image 79

In an article from MONEY METALS, they say: “Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV) – joined by Reps. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) and Paul Gosar (R-AZ) – introduced H.R. 2435, the “Gold Standard Restoration Act,” to facilitate the repegging of the volatile Federal Reserve note to a fixed weight of gold bullion.

“Upon passage of H.R. 2435, the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve are given 24 months to publicly disclose all gold holdings and gold transactions, after which time the Federal Reserve note “dollar” would be formally repegged to a fixed weight of gold at its then-market price.

“Federal Reserve notes would become fully redeemable for and exchangeable with gold at the new price, with the U.S. Treasury and its gold reserves backstopping Federal Reserve Banks as guarantor.

“Monetary experts have noted a return to a gold standard would substantially curtail the economic damage caused by inflation, runaway federal debt, and monetary system instability.

“A gold standard would protect against Washington’s irresponsible spending habits and the creation of money out of thin air,” said Rep. Mooney in a statement.

“Prices would be shaped by economics rather than the instincts of bureaucrats. No longer would American families, businesses, and the economy as a whole be at the mercy of the Federal Reserve and reckless Washington spenders.” Read: Three Congressmen Introduce Gold Standard Bill to Stabilize the Dollar’s Value (

So stay focused and put on the full armor of God… you were born for such a time as this! Pray unceasing and have faith that God is removing every stronghold and taking down the giants! The dry bones have awakened and stand a great and powerful army for the Lord!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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