The View Here Stinks…

So even though these two have vaxed out the wazoo….they still got COVID?

Do they even realize how they sound? They’ve all been fully vaxed (which that leaves some room to prove) but, let’s say they are, and they are fully vaxed out the wazoo, says Joy…so why do they have Covid and why are they now leaving the set? Is it because the entire Harris interview was a ruse from the start? Is it because they were always going to either C.G.I. it or Double it? Either way, this is NOT looking like Harris.

Harris hasn’t looked right for a very long time now…and this leaves a lot to discern. Especially when you watch all of the body language in motion. This sure is interesting to watch for the clues although it is a distraction…it’s time to ask the real question. Where is Harris?

Good grief…this actress is trying too hard to be Harris. Or the CGI is over emphasizing. What happened to the big full smile Harris used to have?

Something just doesn’t look right…now does it?

image 99
Oh there’s the big full smile Harris used to have?

So we have a remote interview on the view…and Kamala sure looks like someone else.

This one and the dark corners in the mouth corners by the teeth are a hallmark sign of a computor generated image (CGI). Is this a CGI or a mask? Hymm? So maybe this was a CGI?
Can you see what’s wrong with this picture?

Does anyone remember what Harris looked like when she was running for office? Does anyone remember what the Senator looked like? Hello?

Harris during primary. This is what the tip of a hair is supposed to look like. Note the shadowing in the photo still has color and pore size showing. It’s not a patch or square of lack of texture and color.
Check out the that a mask or just loose skin? Why aren’t the hairs moving as she speaks?

Now that you know what to look for…watch as her features fade in and twist here and there in the video.

Does anyone ever remember Harris showing compassion for anyone or thing?

If so…does anyone ever remember her having compassion for more than a fleeting moment?

Donald Trump Jr. Added his two cents….

image 101

Meanwhile, later at the Capitol.

Meanwhile Marjorie Greene is diffling with Dingell. So now we are getting to the part in the battle where religious people yell at spiritual people and shout…they aren’t acting like a Christian? Good grief…this is a friggen war and those words are laughable…and aren’t going to work to shut up God’s people! Not gonna work Satan…go poke your fingers at your own devils for their sins!

Okay folks…. time to get back to pressing forward. We have a lot of stuff piling up. Keep on pressing!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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