The Ugly Side of Fashion Is Now Being Truthed!

And of course… Fact checkers and Ukraine are in the mix!

The topic of pedophilia, child sex trafficking, spirit cooking, adrenochrome, and the entire sick idea of what is cool in elite dinner party rituals are now out in the open and the discussion has begun.

This is in our face and it is not a conspiracy theory. As more and more survivors of human and child sex trafficking come forward, and children are rescued from underground tunnels, freight cars, basements and dark web sting operations, the upscale fashion industry is pushing what is still considered child porn to push their upscale clothing lines and mothers and fathers are supposed to say that’s cool? Well, that is not happening and not going to happen!

And yet, the view is trying to normalize this type of ad campaign in one breath and make it a far right extremist conspiracy theory in the next. On top of that bizarre wrap up smear rhetoric, they are targeting what they deem far right MAGA people as the real problem for making a big deal out of nothing.

The ones who fashion this as acceptable are putting it on the covers of magazines, pushing it in expensive clothing lines and blasting it out on the internet, and now the ones who have enjoyed this type of thing are defending it as though it is normal and acceptable while the ones who are appalled by it are the ones who need to be censored?

At the same time human and child trafficking is a 500 billion dollar a year industry and some have no problem with looking at children as resource commodities to be sold on the black market and caged as animals while they break their will through torture and mind control. Yes torture. Many of the devices in the ad campaign photos are used for torture.

So the ones who do such things are applauded by the ones who control the dark works as the good guys, while those who are appalled by it and speak out against it are the bad guys?

In March of 2022, Balenciaga rolled out their fall fashion to the winter forecast of the war in Ukraine that broke out in February… What did they know?

What many did not know, myself included, was that the fashion designer for Balenciaga, named Demna Gvasalia, had lived in Ukraine and rolled out his preplanned fall line well in advance, and well before the war in Ukraine broke out. So what did he know? Remember, before Ukraine became the center of save our democracy and all things virtuous of NAZIS, they were a hub for human and child trafficking and children were used for extreme experimentation in bioweapon labs. Ukraine was a money laundering and black market resource exchange paradise for elite oligarchs who had some bad habits and needed special clean up services among many other things. Putin rained on that parade.

So the so called coincidence was that Demna’s fashion show was planned as a pandemic-delayed sequel to Autumn/Winter 2020 – which was Balenciaga’s walk-on-water show – that was his idea of an “apocalyptic warning of the ecological consequences of human hubris”. Of which that 2020 show was also planned in advance but surprise… it too was a coincidence that just happened to go along with the future dark side of COVID.

Demna said “the show we did just before corona was very dark, sombre, walk on water, all the biblical references. I wanted this to be the opposite of that. This open, infinite white space. But it actually turned into something else given the circumstances in which we are, which often happens in my shows, somehow.”

Yet that walk on water Biblical show was another one from out of the dark side.

Before the 2022 show began they played a recording of Demna reading a poem in Ukrainian: “It’s a poem telling Ukraine to be strong, to focus on love, and that its sons will protect it,” he explained afterwards. Every guest was given a T-shirt in the colours of the Ukrainian flag, which François-Henri Pinault, chairman and CEO of Kering, was wearing draped around his shoulders. During the post-show scrum Ukrainian pop was played over the sound system backstage.

Knowing the illuminati reveals we get from such performances called by those who orchestrate them “Artistic”, such as Super Bowl half-times, the Oscars, CERN celebration and such… the Balenciaga runways have a method to their runaway madness and it does have a darker side than what little people who make up the masses are privi to understanding. It appears that if you can’t afford them, then you just don’t get them… or maybe you do and that’s the problem they have with those who call it out for what it is.

image 98

In July, 2022, Zelensky appointed Demna, the Creative Director of the Balenciaga fashion house as the ambassador for Ukraine Recovery program “United 24”, designed to help temporarily displaced people. Of which we now know were displaced by the Ukranian militants and all the illegal activities such as bioweapon labs, child trafficking, money laundering and persecution of Ukrainian citizens by their own Ukrainian government, is what brought Putin into the Donbass region in the first place.

So appointing Demna was pretty rich of Zelensky considering prior to his war in February, Ukraine was one of the biggest hubs for human and child trafficking.

Which bring us to…President Trump who is against it.

image 97

On Wednsday, April 11, 2018, President Trump signed into law a bill with strong bipartisan support that expanded the fight against human sex trafficking – known as the “Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act”, (FOSTA) or “H.R. 1865”. Survivors of sex trafficking were in attendance.

The bill FOSTA, also known as the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA) passed in the House of Representatives in February 2018 with a vote of 388 to 25 and then in the Senate in March with a vote of 97-2.

“This is a very important day,” stated Trump. “If we work together, we can get the criminal traffickers off our streets and off of the Internet. We can bring safety and hope to every community across the country, and we can create a culture that respects the dignity of every child of God.”

Very little positive points were said by the fake news on the signing of this bill, but lots was said to defend those who were against it…. and we now see that it didn’t stop fashion designers who exploit sex trafficking by using the symbolism of it and little children as models for it. Or did it?

Those making money off of sex trafficking in their billion dollar industry are very good at turning what is wrong into something they believe is right. But, then again… that is the nature of the war between good versus evil. The problem they don’t address is the one where people are abducted and forced into their billion dollar sex slave industry. And no mention of what happens to many of the little small children who are used for adrenochrome production, ritual child sacrifice, and organ harvesting. They don’t talk about that and do every thing they can to make sure you don’t either. Anyone who does is deemed a hater, liar, and a conspiracy theorist among other things.

At the signing of the bill, Donna Rice Hughes of the Internet safety advocacy group said Enough is Enough!

Huges called the signing of FOSTA into law a “titantic victory for sex trafficking survivors, law enforcement, and anti-trafficking advocates.”

image 103

“FOSTA effectively signals the draining of the cyber-swamp of commercial sexploitation by websites who for years have put profit over human dignity and viewed women and children as dollar signs, not as human beings.”

The bill amended the federal criminal code to add a new section that imposed penalties — a fine, a prison term of up to 10 years, or both — on a person who uses or operates (or attempts to use or operate) a facility or means of interstate or foreign commerce to promote or facilitate the prostitution of another person.  Read the bill’s official summary.

There are some serious charges coming quickly. There is no where left to hide. They got way out there and went over the cliff!

image 99

And maybe the reason why the left who are into fashion, spirit cooking at elite dinner parties, and hunts in the woods (where for sport people are tied to trees and some are found dead later) are so edgy about pushing children in their fashion ads as being normal. It must have something to do with the law they deem unfair, and their hate for Trump who not only signed it but went full throttle to enforce it … as it affects their little world.

Vogue’s Met Gala was canceled in 2020 due to COVID… wonder what they did with their spare time? There Will Be No Met Gala This Year | Vogue

image 100
Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner (with Jared Leto’s head), Jeff Bezos, and Jared Leto at last year’s Met Gala. Getty Images

The same Vogue who covered Zelensky et al, and his war to save democracy.

image 101

The same Zelensky who demanded billions and sent Crypto Currency to FTX to donate to Congress and back to vote to send more tax dollars to Ukraine. What a merry go round…. will Vogue cover Sam Bankman Fried of FTX next? How about a cover with Sam and Zelensky fighting to save democracy together…from GITMO?

Before the bill was passed the Electronic Frontier Foundation was complaining about it!

“The law would affect any company, organization, or individual that hosts content created by someone else on the internet: social media sites, photo and video-sharing apps, newspaper comment sections, and even community mailing lists,” argued the Electronic Frontier Foundation before the bill was passed.

So, I am sure this has a lot to do with the realty show sequel that I am dubbing…”Revenge of the Fact Checkers”, where anything said that is morally right is now wrong and fact checked as a lie.

Now, the CISA Homeland Security infiltrators have stepped up their game with Jigsaw and other programs that are orchestrated to take truth and bend it into a shape that serves their propaganda programming. The entire billion dollar industry is becoming very creative in their grooming and disinformation campaign. But as I said in another post, their lanterns are without the needed gas to light up as they have before. Truth is ringing out and the exposure is now underway.

The forbidden conversation is now being discussed and the traffickers are cringing.

There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed. This one is going down… wait for it.

image 104

And now Twitter is doing a deep reveal. As the old saying goes…It’s payback time! The same proud one who banned the President of the United States, Vijaya Gadde is about to face some serious charges. Will her wicked bosses be able to save her? It looks unlikely.

She is learning fast why that was a very bad idea as all the evil acts she delighted in doing… are now coming back to haunt her.

image 105

In addition to being just downright bad in leaving up child porn despite the victim’s plea to take it down…. this gal has had lots of pleasure serving her master….which now isn’t able to save her. The light has shined in a dark place and now… justice is coming on a white horse!

Read: When Twitter refused to take down child porn despite victim’s requests (

Twitter Policy Head Vijaya Gadde Cried At Board Meeting Following Elon Musk Takeover; The Billionaire Slammed Her For Censoring News Agency.

image 106

Read: Twitter Policy Head Vijaya Gadde Cried At Board Meeting Following Elon Musk Takeover; Billionaire Slams Her For Censoring News Agency (

Meanwhile on Truth Social, President Trump is posting a huge list of fake news media, from all outlets that are laying off people, and announcing cut backs on programming due to financial difficulties. Whatever is wrong, it seems to be spreading faster than COVID.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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