The Truth Has Always Been In Our Face…


In the video below that was recently sent to me, it is filled with a lot of possibilities… and it is also possible it contains a lot of deceit designed to confuse. Especially at this moment in time, for our history has been skewed, hidden, chopped up, rewritten and thrown back at us. I say, if the government wants to prove itself to be so in its’ fact finding, let us all see what has been hidden in the Smithsonian archives, Area 51, NASA, the Congressional Library, and let us all see the books hidden in the Vatican archives.

Answer a few questions too, such as why did they always hide any bones of giant men?  Why have they always hidden the proof of things that linked us to Biblical truth? What are they saving us from?  What are they hiding that is so horrible that we all could handle very well until they decided to take it and hide it all from us? What are their real motives?

So here is the video. My response follows:

“Is it possible that a group has been assigned to make it NOW look like what we have figured out on our own has all been faked?”   Or at least half of it? The truth is, Egyptologists or shall we say the Khazarian Brits behind the historical society of archiving our past, have always lied about the history of Egypt. Egypt has a very strong tie to the Bible. When Noah divided the earth between his sons, Shem’s lot was the middle of the earth which included Egypt, and even all of India. It wasn’t some obscure plot of ground roughly 79 miles long and 55 miles wide with some points being 9.5 miles wide. Not at all.  What they have now is what the Brits gave them to set up their Zion. But, that is all a part of the Khazarian plans.

So, when we look at the Bible and the significance of Egypt, we see it has a rich history Biblically. Abraham traveled there many times and was friends with many.  Remember Shem, Ham, and Cush were still around during Abraham’s years. Noah helped to raise him when Nimrod ordered Terah to kill him because of a celestial omen in the sky.

That being said, we even see where Egypt was the place God chose to grow Israel as a nation. Joseph was viceroy over all Egypt and Egyptians all but erase that part of history as though it never happened. Egypt had also been a place of refuge for the tribes of Israel and had Temples there where they taught. Even the angel told Joseph to take Mary and Jesus and flee to Egypt for Herod sought to kill the children.

Egyptian historians leave out the fact that King David had also married a daughter of a Pharaoh thus making him a Pharaoh also over Egypt in his Egyptian name. For all pharaohs were given Egyptian names. This has all been erased by Egyptologists.

Egyptologists also don’t like to tell that Ptolemy was a Greek and was given Egypt and to be its’ pharaoh on Alexander the Great’s death bed. His daughter, Cleopatra, was a Greek, not an Egyptian.  Egypt had Jewish temples and many Jews there. All pharaohs were given a god on earth name, and therefore, it is difficult to keep track of who was who, especially also when there was an upper and lower Egypt ruled by two different Pharaohs at times, later in its’ history.  

It is sure that to find the truth about Egypt and its’ history is quite a challenge and the best way to do it is through the actions of the pharaohs and their deeds which are recorded in part in hieroglyphics but most truth comes from the Bible itself. Details are found in the Book of Jasher and Jubilees, and the Book of Gad.

In our Bible it describes the structures of many of the palaces and buildings built by King Solomon, many whose only description of such are found in the land of Egypt.

1 Kings 3:1 NKJV - Now Solomon made a treaty with Pharaoh - Biblics

Because those books contain much truth, the Romans wanted them hidden. And later the Khazarians and Zionists did also. They became forbidden books, and when they resurfaced, the 501c3 government churches enforced the blasphemy in reading any of them as unorthodox.

It wasn’t long and many began to read them anyway and find that they cross referenced with the Bible we were allowed to read and answered in detail many of the questions our Bible did not go into detail about but said….as written in….the book of Jasher, as written in the book of Gad, as written in the Book of Enoch.

The biggest erasure of history took place at the same time we had the Khazars pushing evolution, dispensationalism, and Zionism. While they took anything of proof of true history into the Smithsonian archives to never be seen again. This was a world effort, not just a USA effort.  Thus, we have a forbidding of the true history of the wonders of the world including the Grand Canyon, and the Mounds. All history was skewed, even our own roots here in America.  The world was still under Roman Vatican rule only in secret so people would not rebel, but rather follow the lies they were taught. The information to back all I have said is volumes and volumes of research. But for any of it to work, one must first know how God made the earth and its’ shape. We are not a spinning ball. There was no big bang and we did not evolve from apes. We are not godless believing in a false messiah, and we do have a Divine Creator. The globe was created once they decided the earth was formed by a big bang and now we are one little evolving planet among all the vast galaxies that expand outward forever.

image 50

The standard map of the world was used throughout history and two world wars and got Admiral Byrd to the North Pole just fine. It also got him to Antarctica…even though it was positioned to the south of the North Pole no matter which land you were going there from. As it encircled the entire earth. So, odd that was… and to them, they all understood it very well. 

But these discoveries led to the forbidding of anyone to go there. Anyone traveling 60 degrees south of the equator would be warned to turn back or they would be arrested or their ships sunk. Likewise no unauthorized air travel beyond 60 degrees south of the equator. Why is that?  To preserve it?  Or to keep you from finding out it surrounds the earth which is not a spinning ball?

As Tesla said, the earth is a realm, it is not a planet.

image 51

Aliens from other planets have not visited us for our gold, and Satan is alive and well and works behind the scenes to deceive. Evil spirits are real and they go about seeking who they can enter into and possess to do the bidding of Satan and his evil destruction.

The Word of God has told us of these two realms and the plan from beginning to the end; the religion of Roman Gods and Goddesses merged with the teachings of the followers of the way of the Lord at the Council of Nicea in AD 325, and corrupted the teachings of our Lord and the Word of God. That is what happened. The first Iron and Clay was mixed and it was miry because iron and clay do not mix. As the Lord said…the gates of hell shall not prevail against my church. Those, to me were some gates of hell… and they created Babylon the Great. The time is come for the trumpets to sound and the shout is to be heard to COME OUT FROM HER MY PEOPLE. Be not deceived, for the devil is a liar and the author of it.

So back to where we are now… we are finding the lies one by one. The fact that people have learned so much truth in spite of all the censoring of it…the dark side will explode with more lies than could ever have been imagined. Stay focused on the true word of God and ignore the side shows. However, observe them all. For in order to show the truth, you must know what the lies are.

The truth is, there are no pyramids in Egyptian hieroglyphics. There are Ben Ben caps which are four sided shapes of equal dimensions. What they are is still a mystery to many. 

image 52

What we have called pyramids, the Egyptians called Ben Ben Caps. What are these?

The ben-ben was the primordial mound upon which the god Atum stood at the beginning of creation. It is the best-known symbol from ancient Egypt, after the ankh, even if one does not recognize the name. The pyramids of Egypt, wherever one finds them and from any age, represent the ben-ben as they rise from the earth toward the heavens.


Ancient Egypt Beliefs and Mythology Egyptian Mythology the

According to one version of the Egyptian creation myth, in the beginning of time, there were only the dark waters of chaos in constant motion until the ben-ben rose as the first dry land. Atum (or in some stories Ptah or Ra) stood on the ben-ben to begin the work of creation. The pyramids and other similar structures symbolized both creation and eternity by invoking the imagery of this myth.

Egyptologists say the ben-ben symbol dates from the Early Dynastic Period but became more widespread during the Old Kingdom.  They have quite the story and mixed dates going back to the times of the great pyramid builders when the monuments at Giza were constructed. Of which now, many are saying were built in the 19th century but that doesn’t jive with the stories recorded by early Greek Philosophers, and others still hold to the idea these were preflood as they are a part of the religious practices of the old fallen angel worship of Baal. 

Stream 04. Horus (Of The Two Horizons) by Nimrod Band LB | Listen online  for free on SoundCloud

The truth is, the Ben Ben Cap is a religious symbol of the fallen angel religion from before the flood. It was restarted by Nimrod and his Queen of heaven Semiramis (wife) and in Egypt they were known by the names Osiris and Isis. These are one and the same. The story is told in the book of Jasher as to the first pharaoh in Egypt, who was appointed by Nimrod (Osirus) to act as a king/god in his absence when he wasn’t there.

Jasher: 14: 27-33 And the king answered and said to Rikayon, Thy name shall no more be called Rikayon but Pharaoh shall be thy name, since thou didst exact a tax from the dead; and he called his name Pharaoh. And the king and his subjects loved Rikayon for his wisdom, and they consulted with all the inhabitants of Egypt to make him prefect under the king.

And all the inhabitants of Egypt and its wise men did so, and it was made a law in Egypt. And they made Rikayon Pharaoh prefect under Osiris king of Egypt, and Rikayon Pharaoh governed over Egypt, daily administering justice to the whole city, but Osiris the king would judge the people of the land one day in the year, when he went out to make his appearance. 2nd Egyptian dynasty begins And Rikayon Pharaoh cunningly usurped the government of Egypt, and he exacted a tax from all the inhabitants of Egypt. And all the inhabitants of Egypt greatly loved Rikayon Pharaoh, and they made a decree to call every king that should reign over them and their seed in Egypt, Pharaoh. Therefore, all the kings that reigned in Egypt from that time forward were called Pharaoh unto this day. Read more: Book of Jasher, Chapter 14 (

So the Ben Ben Cap was a religious symbol, often worn as an amulet but more so was a symbolic work of art in statuettes and on the shape of the skirt of the Pharaohs dress. The ben-ben was engraved on temple walls, tombs, sarcophagi and at the top of obelisks, with its’ significance pertaining to their religious beliefs.

By making this a mystery…and a wonder of the world, people have come from all over to stand and gaze at what they were never told was the symbol of the God of the fallen ones, the same as of Baal. Standing in wonder and awe of the mystery Babylon the Great of the ruler of this world. And no, they don’t want you to know that…at least not yet.

Atum: The Self-Created God Who Became Father to the Pharaohs
Atum, the self-created god who became father to the pharaohs. Also known as Nimrod.

So all are man-made, every one before the flood and after. It is a sign of the fallen dark ones, it is not a sign of God nor light. If it accompanies the Spinx or Anubis, then indeed it marks a grave of fallen souls for that is what Anubis marked…that is what it is. If it is all made up, so is all the religion of Baal made up into a false worship of a lie.

We shall look at all the things the Lord has said and witness all the truth in the days of Noah and the great flood. For in this he described it the same as he foretold that the last days shall be as the days of Noah. And in all remembrance put aside science as a silly thing for all it takes is a moment for the Lord to move the earth in a quake, and have the winds to blow fiercely upon the waters, even causing them to flow backwards as what was witnessed in the great earthquake of 1811 thru 1812 when the mighty Mississippi flowed backwards and caused the land to rip up trees, forming cliffs and ridges and a great lake where nothing but farmland had been before that day. Tremors were felt all the way to D.C.!  These were the days before HAARP, and technology to move tectonic plates. This was the power of the movement of God which many had said he was wroth with them, as the war of 1812 had been pounding.

The point is, the Khazarians can create the appearance of a pole shift with their man made HARRP and tectonic plate shifting direct energy weapons, but first that have to get you to believe there are poles and it can shift. Thus the bla, bla, bla, same as climate change garble.

The truth is you don’t need a pole shift and you don’t need man made aliens, nor direct energy weapons to move mountains and upset the land masses. God has his angels in charge, and he can shake the earth whenever He decides it needs shaking.  It does no good to sit and figure out when we are due for a polar shift that number one is first impossible to do without two poles…and number two…knowing the firmament was placed between the waters above and the waters below and God has placed a shield of protection over us, and is the creator of all things and without Him was nothing created at all… what type of person should we be?  Should we be one who looks to God Almighty or scientists who fail us and knowingly craft the lies for those who hire them to do so? The lies are many and they rewrite them at will. Creating stories that confuse. Look to the Word of God for all truth. Especially now in the midst of the propaganda wars.

As for me and my family, we shall serve the Lord. Amen.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God – press, press, press. Every lie shall be revealed.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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