The Trump Is Sounding!

Thank you all for believing in Trump as much as I do. Together we make up all the pieces of dry bones coming together to make a great and powerful army of the Lord to elect the one he has chosen to lead us in the battles ahead. That is what I believe. It is a battle of untold proportion, and great.
In great I mean a battle of great importance. The battle against all odds of leading God’s people out from the clutches of the beastly new world order. That is the battle we have entered, like it or not, want it or not.  It is upon us all. Deny it if you will, that will not make it go away. It is here, in our face and our future unless we take a stand. But, how can we if no one leads?
Trump has stepped out and said, “No, the establishment cannot have America, it cannot have it’s people, it cannot do it’s fancy upon us. Nor can it destroy, nor enslave the entire world.
Trump has come out of this nation to restore it, and Putin has come out of Russia to save his Mother Russia as well.  Both have the mindset to save the rest of the sovereign nations and restore a sense of civility to the crazy death and doom the new world order have mapped out. What more evidence does any need to see that two great men were sent to unite in a great effort to defend Christians on a global scale. If you fail to see who was sent, then you will fail to understand any of it. I see and I am siding with the wheat. Amen.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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