The Spear Of Destiny

Relive Events From The Windswept Sands of Time

Imagine what it was like to witness the events at the time of the Nazarene named Jesus. What did the Centurion Longinus observe that made him testify that the man on the cross was more than just innocent? What was he feeling when he looked at his spear and cleaned off the blood?  Or did he?  Where are the historical records of this man,?  Why is there little or no recorded public history about the Holy Lance until after the year 200 A.D.? Someone knew of him for he became a legend, a mystery, and to this very day those who seek ultimate power seek the spear of the man named Longinus.

The book, “The Spear of Destiny”, by Dianne Marshall,  fills in the blank slate with an epic adventure filled with sorcerers spells, dreams, and visions; about the man, Longinus, who was chosen to wield the spear of destiny.

Another mysteriously forgotten figure, Mary Magdalene, comes to life as she reappears in her historic timeline, taking on the challenge to mentor Longinus.  Through her bold, borderline railings, delivered with passion and conviction, Longinus learns he is chosen.  He discovers the blood on the spear has great power and so does an evil sorcerer who will stop at nothing to possess it.

They are pursued and hunted by Roman soldiers, led by his Senior Centurion, a bounty hunter, and  the wizardry of a sorcerer  Their journey is a continuous battle between the unseen realm of good, verses, evil, and narrow escapes from death. How  does it end?  Or does it?

What are your thoughts on the missing 200 years?

Travel back in time and enjoy the journey!


Available in Digital Download!

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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