The Real War -Truth Versus Propaganda!

Go to the war zone, pick up a child and say… look what the war is doing to the children, and then the nations engage and enter into war to save the children and bomb more children than before they entered the war. This is the Khazarian “NAZI” RESET way. They want not peace, they desire dominance. Take your jab so we can depopulate you nicely and wear your mask to breed bacteria and deplete your oxygen intake and social distance, so you feel alone and isolated. Do it willingly or we will fine you, take away your work, and arrest you.

There is a very concerning trend coming out of the sports world. Healthy athletes collapse and dying, on the very fields and courts that they play on. Hospitalized for neurological problems and seizures. This is happening all over the world reaching numbers that have never been seen before.

There have now been over 400 athletes drop dead from the jabs in the last 6 months alone! They had to take them or they could not participate in sports. Now they can’t participate in life for they have died from doing as the monsters in charge told them to do. This is the most evil of all wars. They kill you and lie to you and when a nation stands up against them they shout the nation who is taking down their biolabs is the evil one. That is the devils finest work on display. Liars and the masters of it do the bidding of evil. That is a fact and what we are watching day in and day out.

Meanwhile Zelensky the jester that wears the crown for the Khazarians NAZI’s in Ukraine has somehow convinced himself that he is getting away with his lies and fake war photos as he allows Ukrainian armies to shell their own people and blame it on Putin. He seems to believe everyone is as stupid as he is acting or perhaps really is? The jury is out on that one. People are now trying to figure out if he is an idiot or if he just plays one in Ukraine?

Greece, however, called him out and let him know the NAZI Ukrainian Greek was a bad move. Zelensky making his world virtual tour, demanding others go to war with him while throwing insults in their face if they don’t in one breath and shouting help us in the next …. believing Greece would not see through the insult … well, he totally blew it when he brought along an Azov Nazi of Greek heritage to his speech to the Greek Parliament on Thursday. It has been reported that all hell broke loose!

Keep in mind that Greece was under Nazi occupation during World War II and fought a bitter partisan war against Nazism – later to be betrayed by Britain and the United States.  So, while Zelensky shared a virtual screen, he pushed his Greek to the front to speak who gave only his first name, Michail, who deceptively spoke to the Greek Parliament, “I speak to you as a man of Greek descent. My name is Michail. My grandfather fought against the Nazis in the Second World War. I am born in Mariupol and I am now also fighting to defend my city from the Russian Nazis.”  

Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the main opposition party, SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, blasted Michail on social media for appearing before parliament – “Solidarity with the Ukrainian people is a given. But Nazis cannot be allowed to speak in parliament. The speech was a provocation.”  He said Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis bears full responsibility and shamed him saying, “He talked about a historic day, but it is a historical shame.”  

Former Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras called the video being played in parliament a “big mistake”.

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Kotzias said: “The Greek government irresponsibly undermined the struggle of the Ukrainian people, by giving the floor to a Nazi. The responsibilities are heavy. The government should publish a detailed report of preparation and contacts for the event.”

Former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis’  MeRA25 party said the event turned into a “Nazi fiesta.” Well that is just how bold, stupid, foolish? Dumb? Whatever you want to call it, that Zelensky is openly insulting Nations as he desperately tries to start WWIII for the Khazarians. Read: Outrage as Azov Nazi Addresses Greek Parliament – Consortium News

So, it appears that what we are watching is a push for world war III to save the head of the snake, that is to be fought at the expense of all humanity in order to have the Khazarian Oligarchs gain their new world order. In the meantime they continue with all of their other depopulation and not so SMART goals to destroy sovereign nations.

Stay strong and keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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