There is only one man self- funding who will owe nothing to anyone when he is elected EXCEPT THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED HIM INTO OFFICE! There is only one man who is telling the truth, and has a history of helping people at random who need help. Today, a daughter of a woman named Anna Bell came forward and spoke out about how Trump saved their family farm in Georgia 30 years ago. Her brother now lives on the farm. Something that would never have taken place had Trump not read about it and picked up his phone from his office in New York and paid off the mortgage.

Trump’s life is full of such deeds that he doesn’t talk about. So many deeds a book could be written on how he has helped others from veterans, policemen, small businesses about to close, like the one in Iowa who recently praised Trump. There are many individuals who needed help today not tomorrow, as in the case of the actress whose boyfriend killed family members and Trump put her up in Trump Towers for free so she would be safe and protected. These stories of his life do not fit into the “Bring Trump down” narrative.
Yet, these are but some of the reasons America is standing by the man in spite of all the lies and rhetoric being misconstrued. You see, Trump has helped many across the entire nation…he has lived in a manner that if all in America had lived we would never have entered into the corruption we are in now.
One of the new false statements floating around about Trump is that he is a democrat and supported Obama. Trump never supported Obama in 2008, he supported McCain and Palin donating a lot of money to their campaign. Trump never voted for Obama in 2012, he supported Romney and his campaign. He is running today because he knows America cannot afford another administration controlled by the establishment elite who own their candidates. In fact, some of the very same big donors that backed Obama are now backing Cruz (like Goldman Sachs) and advising his campaign. So, with a little resume searching, anyone can see the one(s) that are being bought and who is the one that will not be bought.
Why do they say such things?  Because Trump is the only candidate running that has crossed all party lines and has stood up for all Americans.  He is looking at the American people and not a party.  He is the GOP frontrunner for all Americans.  Not just those who vote republican.  He is a voice for all Americans with the very same message for all!
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All Americans want jobs, they want safety and protection, the want their borders secured, they want to keep their freedoms written in the constitution, they want affordable health care, good education for their kids controlled on a local level and not Common Core! Every parent wants control over how they raise their families – not government interference. They want to keep their homes and opportunities to own their own businesses. They want a strong military and common sense approach to fiscal responsibility. They want their social security that they have paid for and the right to bear arms. They want to keep America and not hand her over to a globalist regime. These are not ideals, these are the things that made America – America before past and present administrations began changing her.
There is only one who is standing up for all Americans against the establishment elite and that one is Donald J. Trump. That is simply what it is and why Americans from all party lines wants him.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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