The Real Bullies Are The Liars Attacking Trump!

The only bad things Trump has said were said by the media and candidates who said that he said them.  Meaning – the media and candidates lied and it was a smear campaign.  The real nonprofessionals and the real bombastic foul mouths are those who are saying Trump said or meant something he never said and or meant.
Like when Trump said in a post debate interview with Don Lemon, that Kelly had ‘blood shooting out of her eyes and where ever’. We all knew what he meant for we saw her evil squints and witnessed her low ball cheesy questions.  At the time Trump said it, there was nothing questionable about it. It was clear that when he said ‘and where ever’  he was shifting his thoughts.   It was the media that changed that into a dirty remark. Not Trump.
Then there is the recent  ‘Hillary got schlonged by Obama’ remark that the media, Hilary and other political twits turned into a penis.  Which was never what Trump meant by the word, for it is a political term for a person who was beaten badly. The photo below proves Trump was using the term correctly.
‘Dewey Schlongs Truman’ is correct.  Hillary got schlonged by Obama is too.  Another example of the media lies is how everyone jumped on the band wagon accusing Trump of saying, ‘Stop all Muslims from entering the US’, when what he really said was, ‘stop all Muslims from entering into the US until they can figure out what the hell is going on’.  The statement was taken out of context and skewed.  Especially when Obama is forcing Americans to take in Syrian Islamic (Muslim) refugees with no way of vetting if they are ISIS or real refugees.  And the fact that we just had another terrorist attack by Muslims, one of which was allowed in on a wedding visa. Trump never said to permanently not allow Muslims into the US.  That is media spin.
The fact is, the majority of Americans  agree with Trump. They support a ban until the government can figure out what they are doing. They want their government to keep America safe.
Every word that comes out of Trump’s mouth, the media tries to skew, redefine or down right lie by saying he said something he never said.
So while the media, the candidates, the pundits, and Hillary  keep up their lies and viciously attack Trump, at the very same time they continue to  shout that it is Trump who is attacking all of them.   Well folks , that     psy-op game isn’t working!  Trump supporters have eyes, ears, and they think and use common sense. They know what is being done here and there is no doubt in any Trump supporter’s mind that the real bullies trying to insult their way to the top are the ones accusing the Donald.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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