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 Like the past Nazi system,  the present “Progressive Democratic Movement” is a process of continual change.  This cleverly disguises the motive of the political signs of totalitarianism.  They further proceed from a stance of false premises – turning their new perceived ideology of national interests into socialized issues.  These are to be turned into solid monolithic like structures of power, with a diabolically thought out technique of rule.  Over riding the “ideology” of a national socialism, and slyly evolving their agenda into an implementation of totalitarian goals.  But, they (as all past attempters) have shown by their shoot from the hip – ready, fire, aim approach, that they have no solid framework for the construction of their new state society when the people awaken. 
Hillary is following in Obama’s foot steps with more of the same progressive liberal  movement disguised as equality for women to wear a Burka and kill her unborn child. Her borderless  foundation appears to consist mostly of  Progressive Democratic Ideologies of social Marxist based values.  She and her ilk have taken the views of the conservatives that represent anti-communist; anti- socialism; anti liberal; pro Godly principals, morals and values, pro founding fathers, pro liberty and freedom, and redirected their patriotic stance through media propaganda as being that of racial prejudice, with all the signs of abusive white supremacy  that discriminate against those  that oppose their views. 
Meanwhile, main stream media propaganda poses conservative Christians as radicals that are a danger to the rest of the American population.  A similar unfortunate propaganda was perpetuated against the Jews under the Nazi political movement toward a greater Germany.  
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 Hitler and Obama, both began as vague unknowns. They both wrote their memoirs before they rose to power.  Memoirs describing their inner struggles and ideals.  They both  began their rise to power through civic volunteer organizations and representing the poor for political votes.   They both engaged with force in activating their civic volunteer groups to implement their political goals.  They both began their rise by seeking a strong following of the lower classes, the poor, and the disconnected members of society (left extreme liberals).  To insure their vote, they were full of promises of a ‘Greater Country’. Both shared campaign trails full of  campaign hype promising new hopes and change.  Next, they both directed their campaigns at those who had lost their orientation through a disillusioned administration, winning over those who otherwise may have never voted for their platforms.  They both went on to win the official backing of their party and the labor unions.  They both invented their own official insignias and seals.  They both operated from a platform geared at a discontented public tired of war, and they both had their own ideas of what a good war was. 
They both had an agenda to fight the so called good wars.  They both pronounced a platform of obtaining armies.  Hitler announced to build the most powerful military army in the world to insure German peace; and the “One” pledged to build a civilian army more powerful than the present military to insure domestic peace.  They both enlightened their key people involved with their agenda, to take notice that vagueness was more important than any real discussion of the truth of their program.  ( Remember Joe the Plumber?)  They  both sought to stop any debates that questioned their leadership, and challenges to their leadership was no longer allowed.  (Remember  the legal troops sent to harass Sarah Palin in Wasilla?)
 Our president entered his new office announcing the end to lobbyist platforms and new rules to those serving under his administration that talked to them.  Americans didn’t realize that they too, under the definition of a lobbyist were included.   
  They both pronounced to have mandatory volunteer programs for its citizens.  They both shared a cradle to adulthood child compulsory state view.  They both shared an idea of eugenics on population control, abortion and those who would be a burden or punishment such as downs syndrome babies.  They both took over the banking institutions, and auto industries.  They both implemented a share the wealth program, with the government being the largest recipient.   They both called for national healthcare.  They both stood by the ushering in of a new world view. 
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 Hitler accomplished the goal of explaining to the public how the world needed to work to achieve a social and political vision, for a self contained edifice of ideas that embraced the peoples longings and desires.  He captured Germany’s heart with the monologues he delivered for hours on end to a fascinated audience at his rallies which were staged to perfection.  Anyone could pick up a copy of his “Mien Kempf” to find out what his world view was.  Does anyone still have a copy of our potus’s memoirs that show his world views, like “The Audacity of Hope” and “Dreams From My Father”?  Did anyone really  pay attention to them? Did anyone ever consider where Obama got his ideas?  Where Hillary is getting hers that sound just like his?    Is anyone really thinking these ideals are originally their own?
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America – you have one last chance to stop this globalist agenda and put Hillary and Obama where they belong – behind bars!  If not it will be each one of you that will be placed behind them in a globalist prison!   Trump is the right choice and the only choice for America and the world!

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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