The Plot Thickens…

The new question of the day.. “Why is Byrne now telling obvious lies about Sidney Powell?”

Here is the drill, we have a guy who has a seedy past, and current situation of doing things that are not what one of discernment would say are good. Things are either good or bad, there is no gray in truth, but there is a lot of disception in making something look the way you want it to look. So, in order to find the truth you have to take off the layers that someone has put over it to make it look like the thing they want it to look like.

The Power of Deception Just Won

Now this is different than pulling someones past sins out for all to see and point at them like they are the sins of today. We all have sins in our life and the Lord forgives us when we sincerely repent and go and sin no more. But, does that mean we never fall short again? No. It means we go and learn from our wrong ways and strive to not do it again. We pray unceasing for the Lord to lead us and strive to stay in the Holy Spirit to discern, teach and guide us. That being said…. here is the latest hit job coming out…and now the victim is Sidney Powell.

Let us start by listening to the phone call between Lin and Byrne. It is a three part call. Listen first and then you will see the way the set up is done. Now, remember also that Byrne knows Lin puts his conversations out to the public… and he obviously was counting on this. But, Byrne as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations has deepstate connections that cover his trail….but, he is not aware that God has many of his people who rely on the Holy Spirit for discernment and can see through the smears and know the agenda. Read and listen with discernment.

Phone Conversation Part One

Phone Conversation Part Two

Phone Conversation Part Three

Discerning the phone call:

Byrnes has a past of knowing how to be a perfect covert Narcissist…what he said about Sidney Powell getting drunk and then wanting to bed him. He painted a sultry Sidney lusting for the unkempt, not so attractive Patrick who refused her. Ahh… so now she is scorned and going after Patrick? Letting her scorn of Patrick’s refusal to have sex with her be the basis of her lack of judgement to allow Patrick access to her foundation records so he could do his audit on all the money in and out. (Do you see the dots starting to connect yet? See the wrap up smear? The infiltration? The real reason for the call? Infiltration and now covert attempt to be Lin’s friend again?) So Byrne says because Sidney is scorned she is not allowing Byrne to audit her Foundation….and now he and Mike Flynn, and Joe Flynn wash their hands of Powell and want nothing more to do with her? That’s what he said. Not me. Not Lin, and not Powell.

Now Lin points out that is strange to him because during the entire time Sidney stayed at his plantation home, she never drank. Lin said she appeared to be a person who did not drink. And she loved the Lord and was a Christian. But alas, Patrick said that was all an act. Sidney pretends to love the Lord but it is all an act to get patriots and Christians to follow her. That is what Patrick said.(remember deep state always accuses the innocent of what they do and are doing.) Now we are all supposed to believe Patrick who has said he does not believe as Christians and we who do believe in Jesus have got it wrong? Not me…I don’t believe that his pagan god of the east has led him to repent and start telling us the truth all of a sudden…now do you?

Later in the conversation, Patrick tells Lin and reminds him Sidney is still being scorned…then later saying she’s accusing him of poisoning her and doing his way with her…. instead of his side of the story of getting drunk and trying to bed Byrne. Remember, Lin said the whole time she was there he never saw her drink… and she was there for a long time. She didn’t appear to be one to drink.  It is obvious Byrne is laying covert ground work to lay a story out for his view and to tarnish Sidney’s reputation. 

Now lin is asking why Sidney isn’t returning his calls… to me, it appears Sidney is wise to stay out of the fireworks and not get in the middle of the enemy(s) as he/they destroy himself/themselves. This is obviously driving Byrnes crazy that both Lin and Sidney who have the Lord…are not falling apart at all his efforts to paint them both in a bad light.  Lin…is bringing the infiltrators to the light for all to see.

I looked into Byrnes Block Chain and audit history, and the history of David Hancocks Foundation tampering and how that is done, as well as how the deep state does this with Foundations and IRS, and Sidney was wise not to let Byrnes grab it and audit. That tells me that she knew Byrnes recent and past audit history, and knew he was capable of doing much damage in fixing things alright and she said…here do this one bank account and she kept him out of the other. Of which Byrne refused….and was actually angry about. So angry that he and Joe, and Mike Flynn all walked out from Sidney forever…that is what Byrne said. He said they all washed their hands of Sidney. All over a simple thing, said Byrnes, a thing that he could have fixed….(more on this later). And we all now know about Byrnes and his tiny little things.

5 hilarious details from "the craziest meeting of the Trump presidency" |
ONE IS FOR AND ONE IS AGAINST…OR ARE WE TO BELIEVE THEY ARE BOTH FOR OR BOTH AGAINST? It appears there is one that is no longer invited to the party….so does that mean that one is for Trump or against Trump? Let’s look at the past and present history and discern. It is not looking good for deep state operatives and we are now seeing who still has such connections and it doesn’t appear to be Trump, nor Sidney Powell. Just saying.

Powell must have known that Byrne has a history of moving money making it appear and disappear and turning small amounts into mountains of dollars that end up in other people’s accounts as pay offs or something??? A lot of it is done through block chains. Byrnes was sued for such type of similar thing in 2019.  Sure he may have a marshalls clearance or what ever he called it from 2006 senate committee or whatever he said it was….all deep state get official clearances and that is why they get away with so much corruption and never get caught or at least never get charged. Can you imagine that man in charge of anything honestly without some side deal in it for him?  He certainly…Mr. Deep Rig….knows more than he is telling you …he knew the phone call would be social media dinner….and he was getting his “crisis actor” hat on…he has not changed who he is….he has changed his method…now he is covert Narcissist.  Infiltrate – protect and destroy….that is his MO. 

Headline of News Article: Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne describes bluffing his way into Trump’s White House Bizarre details emerge: scarfing White House meatballs like popcorn with Donald Trump.

Bizarre new details emerge about how Patrick Byrne, former  CEO, bluffed his way into the White House to press Donald Trump to keep  fighting the election result.

Remember from the very beginning we saw this deep state operative infiltrate, pretend to friend, and destroy! Excerpts:

“The details appear in a new long online post by Byrne giving his version of the meeting, and in a long story by the news site Axios.

Among the most outlandish is that Byrne, along with attorney Sidney Powell, former national security adviser Michael Flynn and attorney Emily Newman bluffed their way into the White House and all the way into the Oval Office without an appointment.

We had a vague plan regarding how we were going to get through all the rings of Capitol Police [note: they are not posted at the White House], Secret Service, and Marines without any invitation: Sidney and Mike were the center of global attention, and we were going to try to use that to bullshit our way past them all and get to the Oval Office,” Byrne wrote.

“So on the night of Friday, Dec. 18, more than a month after the election had been declared for Joe Biden and four days after the Electoral College met in every state to make it official, Byrne’s small group decided to drive to the White House and try to get to the president, offering ways for him to keep fighting.” Read full story here: Bizarre new details emerge about how Patrick Byrne, former CEO, bluffed his way into the White House to press Donald Trump to keep fighting the election result. (

Remember Byrne brags about not voting for Trump and now he is coming forward to save the day? Give me a break! We all watched as he set up Giuliani to be a drunk and told us Trump was naive and was duped by bad council. He took poor Sidney under his wings and helped her to do the audits. The same audits that have not seemed to get past go for 2021…. and now it is coming out that the team Byrnes and Flynn hired to oversee the audit through their Foundation “America Project”…was the person with connections with those who also helped with Hillary Clinton’s defense????

See: $5.7M Raised for Arizona Election Auditors to Hold Maricopa County Accountable – Headline USA

and see: Corporate Media Got The Maricopa County Election Audit All WRONG! ⋆ Conservative Firing Line and also see: Florida consulting firm Cyber Ninjas at center of Arizona election audit controversy | Blogs ( then see: Why an ex-CEO with a Ph.D. is helping Cyber Ninjas and Trump challenge the election in Arizona (

So from these and other things…we see that America Project got the Arizona Audit rolling and hired Cyber Ninja’s owned by Doug Logan, based in Florida.

Cyber Ninja Doug Logan's path from Florida to Arizona's election audit
Cyber Ninja Doug Logan with Gen. Flynn and Byrne….soaring the skys to somewhere?

See the mess….Flynn and Byrne hired these guys. Why? Instead of testifying to Congress, Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan went on a right-wing podcast ( also see: Experts or ‘grifters’? Little-known firm runs Arizona audit ( don’t miss this one….ARIZONA ELECTION AUDIT: Big Clinton & Biden Lawyers Marc Elias’s Perkins Coie Lawyers Brought In To Terrify Maricopa County Audit For Election Fraud – The Political War Room News

And now we have more deep state distractions…Fox News just revealed Democrat operatives tried to spike a big Virginia election story about a toxic DNC figure’s new role – Unmuzzled News

Be safe Lin Wood and God bless you…hold the line…God is unveiling a nasty back door filled with not so nice things.  Connect the dots…when we look at Gordon Rose’s knowledge on how foundations are used by the likes of fraudcock….we can see the potential fraud that appears to be what Sidney saved herself from….by not letting Byrnes have access to her Foundation to do his tiny little audit. 

Also…another little dot but very important…in the Lin Wood phone call, Byrne said he talked to people to get them to look at Sidney’s foundation and she should have paid the fine of $1,500. What? He told Lin Wood he is the one who instigated the people to look into Sidney Powells foundation?  Yes that is exactly what he so arrogantly said! Sidney stood for her principals and smelled a rat…if she paid the fine she would have been admitting she owed it and made a mistake in her Foundation to be looked at more indepth. That would have opened the door for further deep state attacks. It appears she is fighting the accusation and will clear the smear before it gets bigger and bigger and she is swirling in the set up. 

I know all who listened to the phone call caught all of these dots and more.  I am just pointing them out.  The first and biggest mistake for any of them…was a Biblical one….Do not be unequally yoked. It is obvious now why the Lord said not to do business with Sly foxes and Wolves and to not be unequally yoked. Can two walk together unless they be agreed?

Amos 3:3

“Can two walk together, except they be agreed?”

Forgive them and let God be their judge…but be not unequally yoked!!  Amen.

So since we know later…not in the beginning of the set up smear Byrne presents…he seems to always throw things in later by design…. so later he throws the little dot that appears to be the clue to the doorway that Byrnes set up by tipping off the people to look into the Powell Foundation…..(deep state) And now Byrnes has the open door to ask to look at all the foundation monies and expenses and offers to do an audit. Would you trust this deep state operative with a past of audit fraud? See:

I’m sure by then Sidney knew all about Byrne…she is thorough and has followed the snake.  Look at this:

It is obvious now this was the setup door Byrnes needed to open the pathway into a Sidney audit and have her go… “thank you Patrick my lover, here are all my foundation docs… please help stupid little me???”. (That is what he wants us all to believe. It sure sounds like a lie to me.)  But, she did not do that. Not at all. Perhaps Sidney smelled a rat and refused. But Byrnes said she was still a scorned woman and called her the devil wears Prada…well Miranda (Sidney) is no fool…so he was the one scorned at her not allowing him to get his grubby hands on the Foundation accounts.  (He now has to punish her with his smear and instill in her his unspoken, yet spoken, deep state fear of his ties? Just asking for a friend.) And it is not illegal to reimburse professional legal fees as long as they are the going rate of any legal lawyer…all foundations do this. It is also not out of the way to pay a salary to the board of directors, and the President of its’ Foundation.  Good grief Byrnes was throwing honey traps out for people to lap it up who are not familiar with foundations….and remember Byrne works for deep state…he has no fear of anything he does for he has his alphabet agencies shield of protection.

How do we know this? His past and present history: See article excerpts below:

The Lessons From CEO Patrick Byrne’s Gun Caper

Byrne Under Arrest

image 20

Excerpts: I was appalled (but not surprised) to learn about CEO Patrick Byrne’s latest escapade: a couple of weeks ago, he was arrested at Salt Lake  Airport trying to carry a loaded Glock handgun onto an airplane.

I was even less surprised by the revelation, buried in a police report, that he sleeps with the gun every night, ready to drill any intruding “miscreants” with .40-caliber, bone-shattering hollow-point bullets.

image 21

It’s hardly news that Byrne is crazy as a bedbug, or that the 50-year-old Byrne would take to cuddling at night with a loaded gun.

But what is noteworthy, and troublesome, is that he is not being prosecuted.

Ask yourself this question: if you tried to bring a loaded gun onto an airplane, even if you had a permit (albeit in a state that, as this proves, will give a carry permit to literally anyone) would you get away with it? Especially if you were carrying almost $3200 in cash?

Byrne did just that, and got away with it. Press reports say that he posted bail, but there is not a trace of any case against him in local court records.

Read full story here: Fake News Pioneer Patrick Byrne Faces Reckoning | HuffPost null

So with all the evidence pointing to the America Project of whom Gen. Flynn, and Patrick Byrne have together formed…we have to look at what they are doing and the timing of it. We have to look at who they hired and what the outcomes from those they have hired have produced. We have to consider that Sidney Powell has a lot of private information on all of them that we have no privilige to see as there is a thing called CLIENT AND ATTORNEY CONFIDENTIALITY AND SIDNEY POWELL CANNOT NOT SHOUT BACK ALL THAT SHE KNOWS WITHOUT GETTING DISBAR PROCEEDINGS FILED!

Byrne and Flynn know this so does Lin Wood….therefore Lin says… DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND CONNECT THE DOTS!


THAT BEING SAID…. HAPPY HUNTING…I, AM DISCERNING ALL THINGS and in so doing…I see some very big snakes and see deep state infiltration, covert operations….and great deception. Come out of her my people and stand for truth.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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