The Pit Is Deeper Than We Thought! The More We Travel Down it…

… The More We See It’s Bottomless!

Joey avatar’s script is getting old and worn out. I guess they have to keep reminding us what they did, what they planned, and even some of the things that foiled those plans that they rolled out anyway. And of course… the stuff the EU is still pushing. Yes the European Union! No one is talking about them! They are the flying monkeys we’re fighting in this land of OZ SHOW!

Joey Avatar has got to be officially removed. Even those of us who know he is long gone are yet sickened by these endless “scripted” attempts to mindwash the blind and hard of hearing. Or is that “unmindwash”? I guess that depends on which podcaster one is listening to? Klaus and his cohorts are busy and I hope their days are numbered. All of them!

This little film is a perfect portrayal of the COVID world they sought to bring about. Had it not been for President Trump doing several things we would have been right there today, living in the same world where the animation in the video has the man.


First Trump never mandated states to lock down, he kept the constitution in tact that states governed themselves and people had the right to refuse treatment.

Second, Trump took reign of the treasury and the federal reserve and allocated monies to corporations, small businesses, farmers and workers so they had an income and kept the economy running. (in so doing he took charge of the federal reserve, thus ruining their collateral and market leverage games, and other industry crashing plans.)

Third, Trump initiated Warp Speed to get a vaccine to end the pandemic. The first vaccines were inspected and delivered by the military for those who WANTED them. They were NEVER MANDATED. During this time Trump took flack for offering proven alternatives that cured covid (flu)symptoms such as hydroxychloroquine and light therapies

In addition, Trump stopped imports from China and early on stopped Huawei 5G from being used in the USA. (which was proven to produce covid like symptoms on humans).

image 22

These combined actions gave new awareness back to the people of their constitutional rights and ways to build their immune system, in spite of the censoring and gaslighting propaganda that came out of their RESET COVID 19 manuals.

image 24

So while Joey Avatar reminds us that another pandemic is on the way… let us remind him that the American People are awake and we know the lies. We also know that Joey is no longer with us (at least not in his mind). We are not going to allow the KM Oligarch appointed insane puppets to continue to dish out their insane ideology onto a free people who have a constitution and bill of rights. They are hired to serve the people, not the other way around.


image 25

Free Speech… under attack. Who knew that Telegram was a thorn in the Speech NAZI’s sides?

I bet they hate Truth Social …. they never saw that one coming!

And the Aspen Institute is on board to provide digital equity in everything! Funded by the Committee 300! It’s international and marches in line connected with UN, and EU puppets! Will Trump and Putin get all of this ilk removed? When I ponder it all, I know God is the only one who can do this like a master surgeon. And He will!

image 26

The Aspen Institute – Introduced the 2023 Digital Equity Accelerator Cohort

Projects include WhatsApp chatbots, a national health database, job pathways programs, and focus on vulnerable populations such as indigenous peoples and migrant families. Read: Introducing the 2023 Digital Equity Accelerator Cohort (

Hope all this new global order junk gets cleaned out along with all of the KM Oligarch projects. International Partners – The Aspen Institute

image 31

And then there is this….”The EU Files: What Elon Musk Is Not Telling You About Twitter Censorship …”

image 27

This article addresses the “Twitter Files” and its numerous exposed contacts between US government officials and Twitter and requests for suppression of accounts or content: notably, in the context of alleged Covid-19 “disinformation.” But what they have not revealed is that there was in fact a formal government program explicitly dedicated to “Fighting Covid-19 Disinformation” in which Twitter, as well as all other major social media platforms, were enrolled. 

As part of this program, the platforms were submitting monthly (later bi-monthly) reports to the government on their censorship efforts. You don’t have to hack into the intranet of the US government to find them. All you have to do is look on the public website of the European Commission. For the government in question is not, the US government, but it is the European NON ELECTED Commission!

The reports are available here. Here is a link to the charts, taken from Twitter’s (March-April 2022) report to the EU. You will find that the data is “global,” i.e. Twitter was reporting back to the European Commission on its censorship of content and accounts all over the world, not just in the EU.

In June of last year, a “strengthened” Code of Practice on Disinformation was adopted, which created formalized reporting requirements for Code signatories like Twitter. Other major signatories of the Code include Google/YouTube, Meta/Facebook, Microsoft – which is the owner of LinkedIn – and TikTok

The strengthened Code also created a permanent task forceon disinformation, in which all code signatories are required to participate and which is chaired by none other than the European Commission itself. Since when does the United States have to surrender its first amendment right to free speech to the European Union Commission?

During the Joey Avatar stolen election regime, the EU opened a “digital embassy” in San Francisco, to be close to Twitter and other leading American tech companies. This little “NAZI Spy” embassy reportedly shares office space with the Irish consulate: meaning, per Google maps, that it is around a 10-minute drive from Twitter headquarters.

image 28

So, there are fines and international codes to follow if Twitter wants to be in European Nations…. in other words, Elon Musk is being held hostage by the European Union. Does he boot them out or cow tow to their demands? What else in America has been extorted by European global order “Klaus WEF” thugs?

image 30

This sheds a spotlight on the Silicon Valley Bank fail. A big one. What all have they been doing on US soil? Where are our laws for things like this? Trump must know all about this and other nefarious sort of things going down. I pray this is on his list to drain! Read: The EU Files: What Elon Musk Is Not Telling You About Twitter Censorship ⋆ Brownstone Institute

THIS SHOULD ALL BE HEADLINE NEWS…but instead we get more of trans gen rights and Joey Avatar’s ice cream!

And we thought it was just about these small thugs? These were easy to catch and they were the first to go. We are about to watch the BIG ONES GO DOWN… NAMES WE DID NOT KNOW!

image 29

Pay close attention and pray unceasing. There is a big pile of cow stuff and the fan is set on high speed!

Pray with Trump and for all who are fighting this wicked beast system. Pray unceasing! God hears our every word!

image 32

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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