The New "Billy of Rights" Is Nothing like Our Constitution!

Hillary stated that friends don’t let friends vote for Trump. What the hell was she talking about?  In my world of deplorableness no one let’s anyone vote for a George Soros puppet whose idea for America is a Saul Alinsky Tyranny!  So….if you love America and want to keep her – vote for Trump.  If you hate America and want a new world order tyranny vote for Hillary for that is the bottom line folks!

Nothing about Hillary is about you!  Nothing.  She is all about a new world order and that is exactly what the Clinton Foundation is about and for.  A new world order!  It is a United Nations blessed private organization disguised as a charity but everything about it is to push new world order sustainable development and it does it through your donations and donations of Arab countries and all who want their new deal!

It is time to call it all out straight and factual!  No more round the rosy give them another break.  They are breaking you and every American in half and pieces.  They are hammering out deals that break up our sovereignty and destroy our bill of rights.  The new Billy rights are for Clinton. Not for you!  Don’t be a foundation voter.  It is time to see what they are doing and time to know they are not alone.  They are world puppets manipulated by puppet masters.  The Clintons are cons!  They are given a free pass in order to destroy YOU!  No other reason but to kill, steal and destroy.  Permission  is granted by the rulers of this world.  Evil!  All evil!

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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