The Land Of The “Free” For All…And Other Stuff!”

When we get into explaining the statue of Liberty where do we start?

Do you want the blue pill version or the red pill? We were all taught the blue pill version that this goddess is Lady Liberty and stands for Freedom. America isn’t America without her. We celebrate her every fourth of July and throughout the year people come from all over to see this majestic colossus in the New York Harbor on Liberty Island. I wrote about this in 2022, but it is now time to do so again.

These famous words come to mind to all who see her … “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”  This famous quote comes from Emma Lazarus’ sonnet, “New Colossus”, which she wrote for a fundraiser auction to raise money for the pedestal upon which the Statue of Liberty now sits.

The whole idea of immigration to America the land of the opportunity and liberty centers around this beacon of freedom. We are told this was a gift from France and French sculptor, Frederic Bartholdi, designed the Statue of Liberty just for us because we are the land of the free.

That is the blue pill version in a nut shell. No sense in repeating any more of that story for we all know it.

And now for the red pill…Why does the Colossus of Rhodes look like the Statue of Liberty?

image 74

So now, if you will have it… we will tell you some hard truth. The statue was given to America by the French, but not the government per say. It was given to us by Freemasons. The type of masons that are of a secret society, not the official government of France.

Frederic Bartholdi, who was the designer of the Statue of Liberty, was, a Freemason, and very familiar with occult and Illuminati symbolism and philosophies.  There were two other major figures involved with the Statue besides Frederic Bartholdi; Gustave Eiffel who designed the inner support structure (and designed the Eiffel Tower), and Richard Hunt who designed the pedestal. These were all Freemasons.

Bartholdi’s original plan for a giant statue of this type was to be placed in a harbor in Egypt. He actually went to Egypt to study ancient structures for ten years before he designed this statue. But, his proposal to place it there was turned down by the Egyptian government. After that, he changed his design a little bit and tried a few other places with no success, then approached America to see if he could erect his newly designed statue here. The original name of the statue was “Liberty Enlightening the World,” not the Statue of Liberty. 

image 84
Why are her legs painted like reptile skin? Snake legs? Her pose, with a photoshop of the missing pieces.

And now for the red pill part that is hard for most to swallow…

Books can be written on this statue, as it is a representation of an ancient goddess that goes back to Baal fallen angel worship, the kind of worship that was before the flood, and angered God. After the flood the writings of this same Baal worship was discovered by Biblical Nimrod who was the son of Cush, who was the son of Ham who was the son of Noah. Nimrod not only became a mighty hunter, he made himself a God on earth and made his wife Semiramis the Queen of Heaven. Later when Nimrod was killed, Semiramis proclaimed her son Tammuz to be Nimrod reincarnated on earth in a mocking of God and to keep her Queen of Heaven status going. Just as it states in the Bible in Genesis and detailed in the book of Jasher. (There are many stories written on this as well.)

In Egypt this triad of Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz was known as Isis Queen of Heaven, Osiris god on earth and son Seti. Greeks found the other Ishtar (pronounced Easter) doctrines to be appealing and incorporated her into their pantheon of deities as Astarte or Aphrodite. Later still, the Romans did the same and referred to her as Venus.

In the book of Acts we see the same Queen of Heaven is worshipped as Ishtar (Easter), and Artemis.  So we have in our harbor an occult symbol of the Queen of Heaven which is also of masonic symbolism that is of Baal origin and a pagan occult goddess. There are many things that have been written about the worship of Baal and its many deities of which I won’t go into as it is volumes of information.

Ishtar has many names throughout the Pagan world which the one we know best is the transliteration of the Babylonian world into Easter.  Other names include

  • Aphrodite, named Cytherea (Lady of Cythera) and Cypris (Lady of Cyprus) after the two places which claimed her birth;
  • Ashtoreth from ancient Israel;
  • Astarte from ancient Greece;
  • Demeter from Mycenae;
  • Hathor from ancient Egypt;
  • Ishtar from Assyria;
  • Kali, from India; and
  • Ostara a Norse Goddess of fertility.
  •  Eostre from Germany

Ishtar was the daughter of Ninurta. She was particularly worshipped at the Assyrian cities of Nineveh, Ashur and Arbela (Erbil).

Now let us touch on the meaning of the statue and the symbolism it represents.

I found these definitions from News From The Perimeter on the history of  Ishtar and the Statue of Liberty. There is a link to the article at the end.

Excerpts:  Connecting Ishtar to the Statue of Liberty

“The Statue of Liberty was a Masonic concept conceived from within Freemasonry. The chief promoter and fundraiser for the project was Edward Laboulaye and he collaborated with the sculptor Frederic Bartholdi to develop a statue of Masonic enlightenment.

“The statue was developed from within the highest doctrines of Freemasonry. This “enlightenment” took its form in various symbols found in the sculpture itself.

image 75
Why does the statue at left look to me like “How dare you” – Greta Thunberg?

#1. The Crown of 7 Spikes: This symbol was to represent the enlightenment of the Babylonian sun god Shamesh/Utu. The idea was that this sun god’s occultic illumination could be focused by each of the 7 spikes of the crown. Each spike would flash this occultic enlightenment to each of the 7 “horas” or large landmasses of the world.

In other words, the each spike would flash occultic enlightenment to a continent on planet earth. Each of the 7 spikes would then be representative of one of the 7 large landmasses or continents of the world.

#2. The Tablets: A common misconception is that the tablets represent the 10 Commandments that God gave to Moses. This is not true. The tablets are engraved only with the Roman numerals standing for July 4th, 1776.

According to the preeminent Statue Historian, Marvin Trachtenberg in his book “The Statue of Liberty” the tablets represented a generic notion of the concept of law. This should not be confused with the Laws of Moses. Freemasonry gives lip service to Judaism, Christianity and Islam as law-giving religions, but Freemasonry tries to synthesize all religions into one central focus…the idea of “law” in general. Hence the tablets being held by the Statue of Liberty carry that general meaning.

#3. The Robe: In the original planning, the Statue of Liberty was designed in the initial stages to be in color. She was to be wearing the royal robes of scarlet and purple. It became obvious that for reasons of monetary purposes the statue must be made from copper. The use of copper precluded the use of any color schemes. Thus, the original plans for scarlet and purple robes were abandoned.

#4. The Torch: This item was originally designed to be a golden cup filled with the wine of freedom. This golden cup remained in the planning and was actually made. However, before completion and shipping of the entire statue, the New York Port authorities asked if there could be some sort of modification to allow for an eternal flame or light to be designed into the statue so that ships could use her as a night time navigational aid. Bartholdi consented to make modifications to the basic cup design to allow for a natural gas flame to be utilized.

The torch we see today is actually the same type of cup design used in ancient times for drinking wine. It featured a handle for the cup at the bottom and the handle looked much like a stick. The golden aspect itself was altered again to conform to the needs of the natural gas flame. The actual, original golden cup was later sold by the project to the Czar of Russia, Czar Nicholas. In 1917 during the Russian revolution the Communist government took possession of it.

The cup has remained in Russian hands but in 1997 was reportedly offered for sale by the Russian government to help pay off Russia’s foreign debts. This author has not been able to determine whether or not the cup was actually sold or not. It is only known that the cup is still in existence.

#5. “Mother of Exiles”: “Mother of Exiles” is a key term in the poem by Emma Lazarus. In her famous poem about the statue, (now etched into the base of the statue) Lazarus refers to the woman as “The Mother of Exiles”. The poem has forever indelibly linked the statue to immigrants from around the world.

The statue is the patron “saint” of immigrants everywhere. Oddly enough, the Babylonian goddess Ishtar was also the patron goddess of immigrants in Babylon because as a goddess of personal freedom, she brought hope to immigrants seeking to make a better life for themselves in Babylon.

Conclusions: The are just too many coincidences when we compare the characteristics in the scriptures relating to the woman called “Mystery Babylon — “Mother of Harlots” with that of Ishtar of Babylon and the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is actually the artist/sculpture’s vision of Ishtar, the goddess of Babylon. This makes the Statue of Liberty the largest Idol ever made by human hands. End of Excerpts. Also Read: Illumination: The Statue of Liberty is an Occult Symbol — News From The Perimeter

image 76

The reference to “Mystery Babylon — Mother of Harlots” is referencing that great city who reigns over the kings of the earth.  Ishtar, the Mother of Harlots of Babylon…and her “mystery doctrines” has most all of her world domination fortresses in New York… Wall Street, International Monetary Fund, United Nations, and all the world organizations within her such as WHO, UNESCO, Rights of a Child, UNISEF, all of the affiliations that control or attempt to control all the nations of the earth. It is controlled by those who seek to rule the world in their global agenda under tyranny. Her cup is raised and filled with all the abominations and runneth over.

There are numerous other statues of other pagan deities in the US Capitol building and around the nation’s capital city. Is America the Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17 and 18. Or is it actually those who have tried to usurp her and affix their seal upon her and enslave her into their global clutches?

America has been under attack by the KM Oligarchs from its roots and little by little stolen away until it has become what you see today. A puppet for the new world order cult who desire to bring Lucifer out into the light and depopulate the world down to around 500 million of their choosing. The call to come out from her my people is a strong one. We are in the world but not of the world. Where these statues are a marvel to look at, they are purely not what God can bless. I believe we won’t have to worry about what to do with all of these, for the Lord will shake them all to the ground in his wrath. We are caught in the cross hairs of coming to the knowledge of the truth and having eyes to see and ears to hear. Many will say… God knows we don’t worship these statues and they are a sign of our freedom. Well, then… to that I say… talk to the Lord on it. I know when I look upon these as I have… I cannot look at them without seeing what they really are.

image 77

We also have Libertas as Freedom on top of the nations Capitol. The ancient writings of Cicero describe this goddess as Roman goddess Libertas dating around the 4th and 5th century BC. She was referred to as the goddess of personal freedom and liberty. In fact Libertas meant freedom. Liberty = Freedom and Freedom = Liberty. Note the statue at the top of the captitol dome is called Freedom, and in the harbor she is glorified the Goddess of Liberty (Libertas). All are aspects of  Artemis.

Historically, this goddess was the goddess of freedom because she promoted the ideals for the personal freedom to do anything that felt good. She was called the matron goddess of prostitution because she promoted sexual freedom. Indeed, she had invented the concept. Slaves considered her their goddess in the hopes of winning their freedom. Many women who gained freedom later turned to prostitution to survive and thereby retained Libertas as their goddess, especially if they became priestesses in the Libertas cult. Libertas was also a goddess of war in order to fight for freedom. She was also referred at times as the goddess of victory because freedom must have victory in order to survive.

Which brings us to…money.

image 78

Libertas  and her Temple on the Aventine Way in Rome. She was depicted on some Roman coins as wearing a freedom cap and having a wreath along with a spear or sometimes a sword. Cicero referred to her as the Mother of Harlots  and says she was also a very early goddess of the Greeks even before early Roman civilization developed. Liberty was engraved on our first coins wearing a freedom cap and later various other designs with rays and walking liberty.

image 79

Ponder that first. Know who Liberty is…she is a pagan goddess who has been known by many names.

image 80

After that soaks in, the gift of this statue was an after-thought as it was originally slated for Egypt. For some Free Masonic purpose… however, putting the statue in the harbor by free masons around the same time the Rothschilds and Vatican were planning to incorporate and take over the Republic. Remember it all started in 1865 at the end of the civil war, and America was war torn when Edouard de Laboulaye, a French politician and activist, proposed a monument to serve as a beacon of liberty, and Frederic Bartholdi went to Egypt to study how to do it. What was it going to serve there? Were they trying to fulfill something? Anyway, he designed it and the Illuminati needed a place to put it and America seemed to fit the bill. Especially by then as they were already well embedded in the Corporation of the Bank of London and the Vatican since 1871. France had little to do with it except for the Free Masons therein. But then, the American people said…we don’t want that pagan goddess in our harbor. So the quarreling and debates began.

But, it’s all about the symbolism for these worshipers of the light bearer, Lucifer and the Illuminati goal is to bring him out into the light. Remember, Albert Pike wrote his plans on how to do that in 1871 around the same time as the USA was incorporated. So, this thing had to go up. How dare citizens deny such a prize from the Free Masons. So, Joseph Pulitzer, a Hungarian immigrant who came to this country penniless (even though he came from a wealthy family) and made himself a big name as a successful newspaper publisher wanted the statue here badly…or so it would seem as he made the efforts to ensure it. He was best known for his example of “journalism of action,” as his rival Hearst called it, in how Pulitzer handled the news that the Statue of Liberty was in jeopardy and went about its fund raising. Anyway, his name was already associated with many things…and his sensationalized style of reporting had earned the name “yellow journalism” as it was often filled with bitter rivalry from his competitor William Randolph Hearst…and politics and edgy news to push ideologies.

Yellow journalism – the original fake news!

image 81

So, it’s 1885 and the dismantled statue was shipped to America as a gift from France. (even though it was French masons) and it was intended to be a symbol of American liberty and democracy, as well as a token of the bond forged between the two allies during the American Revolution, so they say. The statue was paid for (so they said) and all it needed was a pedestal to stand on. Which America was looking at about $250,000 (about $6.55 million in today’s dollars) to design and construct the pedestal.

The American Committee for the Statue of Liberty raised a little over half of the funds. But the state of New York and U.S. Congress refused to cover the remainder. So, the pieces of the statue were left sitting in a warehouse, and at one point, the fundraising committee threatened to send the statue back to France if it didn’t get the funds. Now this was all before the days of philanthropy and their foundations so if they were going to do this, they needed a public go fund me…. masons are good at crowd sourcing…. especially during times of peril. So, Pulitzer got his paper fired up and did his public appeals across the country for donations of “any amount, however large or small.” In exchange for their donation, they were promised a commemorative certificate. This got people outside of New York to donate and the people looked at the statue as a national thing and not a New York thing. Which helped to end a lot of the arguments.

image 82

The Pulitzer Prize was established via an endowment in his will. It then took a twist and people started wanting the statue in their states…Pulitzer took a negative “we don’t want that pagan statue” and turned it around into something sought after. He then started holding small fundraisers, boxing matches, theater productions, art shows, and selling mini Statues of Liberty, and published multiple editorials in his newspaper, The New York World in an attempt to gain sympathy for the cause which he later called “The World”.

In his most famous editorial, Pulitzer wrote“We must raise the money! The World is the people’s paper, and now it appeals to the people to come forward and raise the money.” I guess that was one of the first one world order announcements. Or was it the first “go fund me?” I’m sure there had to be a reason they used all the peoples money instead of the elites or maybe he was just showing the well to do how all the little coins turn into big dollars?

He went on to praise the peoples efforts: “The $250,000 that the making of the Statue cost was paid in by the masses of the French people—by the working men, the tradesmen, the shop girls, the artisans—by all, irrespective of class or condition. Let us respond in like manner. Let us not wait for the millionaires to give us this money. It is not a gift from the millionaires of France to the millionaires of America, but a gift of the whole people of France to the whole people of America.”

image 83

To sum it up, on October 28, 1886, the French statue was assembled atop a pedestal built in America, funded mainly by private donations and years later, a poem by a socialist was added to make it an immigration symbol, and there you have an Americanized goddess in the harbor that most everyone gets teary eyed when they speak of what the blue pill says it stands for.

So that being said… that’s the red pill. There are many stories and rumors to go with it, but for now… that is what took place and how America bought into the pied piper propaganda to put the goddess in the harbor. What will happen to that old lady? Time will tell. On the day she meets her fate, many will mourn it as the saddest day… others will nod and say it was meant to be. But one thing is sure… it will be a day to behold!

The storm is coming and as it says in Haggai 2:6&7: Whatever Can Be Shaken Will Be Shaken ‘For thus says the Lord of hosts; “Yet once more I will shake the heavens, the earth, the sea and the dry land, and I will shake all nations.’”

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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