Finding Tartaria It Did Exist…

Well That Didn’t Take Long… If you will have it, Tartaria is no longer a mystery. It did exist as a great empire for 600 years! And not in a time warp. It was right here on earth, in this realm! The largest contiguous empire in history took place when the Mongol and Turkish tribes…Continue readingFinding Tartaria It Did Exist…

What Week Are We In?

Enoch and the Ten Weeks… What week do you believe we are in? What is this world wide chaos about? How will it end? The Book Of Enoch – -This format by Andy McCracken, year 2020, original translation from Ge’ez to English by Prof. Michael A. Knibb, year 1978. 91.1 And now, my son Methuselah, call to me…Continue readingWhat Week Are We In?

Tartaria In Baby Steps…

In making a relationship with truth and how to connect with forbidden knowledge. It is not an easy task, and one may even question why, at this point does it even matter? Well, deception is key to demonic victory and every lie shall be exposed in order for all truth to be revealed. Many conflicts…Continue readingTartaria In Baby Steps…

Words Are Powerful

Jesus was called a carpenter in the English translation, but the original Greek word used was “tekton” which meant artisan; an artisan or builder, like a stone mason. In the video below, we learn from an archeologist that most all the homes and buildings at the time of Jesus in Judea, were made with stone.…Continue readingWords Are Powerful

Praise God Like It’s 2022!

Because all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God and because the devil seeks to tempt all humanity… we must all beware that there is none perfect, none blameless, all have a sin filled past and all who belong to the Lord have by the grace of God….been redeemed we must be…Continue readingPraise God Like It’s 2022!

Come Out Of Who, How?

I keep getting blasted when I use a song by Hillsong. Even though it is inspiring. So I am responding. Since Hillsong Church had bad leaders who sinned greatly, we are to cast out all those who ever attended? All who ever sang a song at Hillsong? Some think so. But, where do we begin…Continue readingCome Out Of Who, How?

The Road Less Traveled…

When you find the right path, stay on it! Neither President Trump, nor First Lady Melania ever received the respect and dignity of the office of the presidency. Now, at the time of world war, and when support is needed the most…people jump on the enemy train and shout all manner of blame, as though…Continue readingThe Road Less Traveled…

White Sky’s Aliens Oh My!

Or Rather White Sky’s Aliens A Lie! I’ve never heard any “Ancestral stories or legends” from the indigenous peoples of the great white skies have you?  I’ve not heard of the great poets write of such beauty or peril of the great white sky’s…. So where did our great white sky’s come from? But there…Continue readingWhite Sky’s Aliens Oh My!

The Invisible War

It’s all a show…but the war is real. You are all extras in the take down of the world cabal. You must think for yourself. No one can decide what you believe but you. It is all free will. The spiritual warfare is real. It is a battle we have never seen before but have…Continue readingThe Invisible War


We the people are being bombed with lie after lie after lie. From the medical field, Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Government, Big Church, Big Rallys, Big Podcasters, Big Fake News, and drifter grifters at large. Have we finally reached the point where as it’s sung in the old song, “Where could I go but…Continue readingIT’S ALL REALLY, REALLY BIG!