We the people are being bombed with lie after lie after lie. From the medical field, Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Government, Big Church, Big Rallys, Big Podcasters, Big Fake News, and drifter grifters at large. Have we finally reached the point where as it’s sung in the old song, “Where could I go but…Continue readingIT’S ALL REALLY, REALLY BIG!

Was Trump Chosen?

If so… what was he chosen to do? Anyone who believes President Trump does not know what’s going on needs to take the matter to the Lord in discernment. President Trump entered into the nation and began exposing the liars on the campaign trail and one of those he exposed right off the bat was…Continue readingWas Trump Chosen?

Mark Taylor, Ousts Church Cabal!

It Is a Trap’: Far-Right Freaks Out About Rallies It’s Organized… Mark Taylor is not one to call out a thing just to gain attention. He calls out a thing to warn others of deception and he knows first hand how that deception works as he has had it played on him and removed himself…Continue readingMark Taylor, Ousts Church Cabal!

Mr. Clark versus Mr. Clarke

Or any number of Mr. Clarks…..the real question is…what happens when man pushes round prophecies into square holes? When the snake oil salesman sees opportunity, what does he do?  He moves in to sell his snake oil…even if it means placing himself in the midst of a prophecy way after the time and makes it…Continue readingMr. Clark versus Mr. Clarke

2022 Prophecy Kim Clement

Kim Clement 2022 PROPHECY [Shocking Last Prophetic Word Over America]. The is one of Prophet Kim Clement’s last prophecies released over America. A powerful prophetic word! We must be ONE Nation UNDER GOD indivisible…AMEN!! NO spirit of fear!! What if all of this new revealing and confusion is part of a bigger plan to flush…Continue reading2022 Prophecy Kim Clement

Lin Asks Who Is Flynn?

Lin Wood Continues His Telegram Public Court Disclosure Proceedings… This is an exciting time and opportunity to be a part of a live theater reality show where a star Lawyer = LIN WOOD presents his case of being defamated to the AMERICAN PEOPLE IN THE COURTS OF THE REPUBLIC ON AMERICAN SOIL and even the…Continue readingLin Asks Who Is Flynn?

When The Show Wobbles…

That’s When You Need To Pay Close Attention! One day, in 2020, when the first gatherings to stand against the election fraud were formed and taking off. The admiration for Sidney Powell representing WE THE PEOPLE was motivating and gave all hope to press forward and expose the lies and present the truth. On one…Continue readingWhen The Show Wobbles…

Enough of the Bull Crap!

Why are these EMAILS STILL GOING OUT? WHAT PART OF THIS SCAM ARE WE SUPPOSED TO STILL BUY INTO? AMERICA ARE YOU TIRED OF THIS YET? When people are quiting their jobs to avoid having to take a lethal jab, and many are sick, disabled and some are dying from it, leaving real families who…Continue readingEnough of the Bull Crap!

Faith In The Midst of Chaos

In the midst of chaos there are those who are continuing to operate like everything was always the way it was, and others are in the pits of hell’s hollowest corner. Many are watching both sides of the perspective and trying to make sense out of what is now melding apart and exposing residues of…Continue readingFaith In The Midst of Chaos

God’s Word Is Our Weapon!

The Lord has given all who believe the gift of the Holy Spirit. The question is….are all who believe in the Lord using it? Especially now that the spiritual warfare is out in the open and fear mongering is at its’ height! The news is filled with death vax and mandated fear and even the…Continue readingGod’s Word Is Our Weapon!