The Invisible Is Real

NOT ALL THINGS MADE BY GOD ARE VISIBLE TO THE EYES, BUT ALL THINGS CAN BE SEEN IN THE SPIRIT. BLESSED ARE THOSE THAT CAN SEE THE UNSEEN THINGS AND ARE READY IN THE DAY OF THE LORD! What are some of the invisible things we cannot see with our eyes? We cannot see the…Continue readingThe Invisible Is Real

RESET Agenda 21 Is Here!

AGENDA 21 IS IN MOTION AND YOU ARE THE TARGET! RESET TO A TOTALITARIAN STATE IS NOT A GAME. IT IS A VERY REAL GOAL OF ALL THE 172 PLUS NATIONS WHO HAVE AGREED TO GLOBALISM. They await our resistance and welcome it. They find it exciting. They have covered all the scenarios to counter…Continue readingRESET Agenda 21 Is Here!

UN Corruption No More!

Will you be Mesmerized or will you shout out in the Name of the Lord? REJOICE IN THE STREETS OF AMERICA – PROPHECY IN THE NAME OF THE LORD! EVERGREEN IS TO BE NO MORE IN THE HANDS OF THE EVIL GIANTS – IT IS FALLING, FALLING, FOR GOD HAS SAID IT IS SO! Remember…Continue readingUN Corruption No More!

Liberty & Freedom Is Yours!

GOD SAYS ISIS, I MYSELF SHALL DESTROY YOUR VOICE! YOU WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THIS NATION! The ancient worship of Baal has stepped out into the open, but fear not for God has brought it out into the light to be exposed and dealt with! What is this cult Clement spoke of? God gave…Continue readingLiberty & Freedom Is Yours!

Eugenics and Depopulation

Nothing is new under the sun. It is just we are seeing beyond the script they are acting out. We are now looking at the writers, we are looking at who gave it the green light to produce. The real studio behind the show we are living inside of. What part are you playing? We…Continue readingEugenics and Depopulation

Reverse STRESS-Stop Fear!

THE PLANDEMIC IS A LIE AND GOD HAS MANY WAYS TO TAKE DOWN THE CABAL! TAKE A STAND AND FEAR NOT! The American lifestyle in and of itself is full of stress and today’s events have people looking for fast solutions to manage their day more than ever before. Main stream news has sure made…Continue readingReverse STRESS-Stop Fear!

Spiritual Warfare In Play!

How does spiritual warfare work? What is it like? Someone asked to show how Spiritual Warfare works. I decided to tell it in a story. As stories are often more visual and make it easier to visualize and remember. This story takes place in Alaska at a FEMA Camp that resisters were told would be…Continue readingSpiritual Warfare In Play!

God’s Remnant Rise Up!

Why would God’s people be referred to as a remnant? What is a remnant? Ponder with me for a moment on this. Think of a remnant from a bulk of cloth. Think of many bulks of cloth. What if these came together to form a new thing? Like Joseph’s coat of many colors? If we…Continue readingGod’s Remnant Rise Up!

My Sheep Hear Me…

The Good Lord told a parable to his followers in John chapter 10. The message resembles the calling to the Church of Laodicea in Revelation Chapter 3. Jesus told the Lukewarm Politically correct church at Laodicea that he stands at the door and knocks. Revelations 3: 14-22 14 And unto the angel of the church…Continue readingMy Sheep Hear Me…


ARE YOU LISTENING TO THE WIND? OR ARE YOU LISTENING TO THE STORM? Isis will begin to tremble at the sound of the Trumpet of the Lord! Kim Clement Prophecy… “Why are my people afraid? Why do my people shake… at the sight of giants? Where is the spirit of Caleb? Where is the spirit…Continue readingThe WIND And STORM-