The media is a sad bunch.  They read the scripts handed down from the network owners who we now all know have been foreign investors.  Mostly Saudi oil tycoons who have bought and paid for political puppets to sit in government offices and do their bidding.  There is no way the likes of Maxine Waters would be sitting in a 4 .5 million dollar home, nor be allowed to shout the treasonous things she shouts if she were not part of the pay to play game.

The government dome of brotherhood can no longer shield their corruption and deceit.  It is falling down under its’ own weight of evil as innocent blood cries out from the ground.  The trail of murderous deaths and disappearances are no longer hidden.  The members who do such evil deeds have become so brazen and bold that they truly don’t even try to hide it anymore.  To their own folly, they believed there was no way the average person could do anything but what they were told and believe only what they were told to believe. That era is over.


Some commentators have said to fix things and make the people get back in line, there needs to be a changing of the way politics works. They want others to believe that all will be well if the political parties change their style or something of that nature.  But, then again, that is more propaganda and a lame attempt to gaslight the masses some more.

I say, it’s about survival and  people learning what sustainable development for the 21st century is really all about and people are not wanting any more poison in their food, sky, water, vaccines, and they certainly do not want tyranny. They don’t want the wilderness act land grabs and no property ownership except the government, and they don’t want to redistribute America to the rest of the world bringing US citizens into socialism with no borders. They don’t want any part of human trafficking and child pedophilia games.  Remember who it is that goes into the groves and dress up in robes sacrificing to Molleck the owl.  It is not the average citizen.


People are sick and tired of hearing politically  correct accusations thrown at them. Those terms have now grown old, and have been tossed aside thanks to having a man stand up and lead the way calling out the crime and corruption all the way to the highest office – President Donald J. Trump.

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So while the media controlled puppets do the bidding of their globalist elites, pushing  their propaganda shows and turn a blind eye to the funders of domestic chaos, the President has strategically made the moves to bring down the house of cards on an international level.  Connect the dots and watch as key players fall like dominoes.  Know this, the cabal will not go down without throwing everything they have at the wall, but, they will go down. Those connecting the dots have eyes to  see  the massive take down on the international horizon. Brace yourselves, for as President Trump said, Vegas was the calm before the storm.  That was a huge clue.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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