The Big Bad Boogie Monsters Part II

The bottom line … this is a military operation, but you have to think “Black List”… espionage and CIA undercover five minute masks!

It is that type of military sting. It is a spy operation. Along with Space Force Cyber Command back up and armed troops when needed. Infiltration is different than raiding. Think operation CIA meets CIA. Both are neccessary, but you find information by infiltrating with paper clipped identities. And the plea bargains… oh the plea bargains are gold mines of information.

Now imagine the element of surprise when the constitution loving military uses the same methods as the deep state secret government? It can throw their entire game upside down… and it has. They just aren’t used to this and when a silent majority wake up and become digital “Snowdens, Breitbarts and Assange”… they have to push dis and mis information off the charts… but when the Pentagon’s In-Q-tel is exposed for what they are and the FBI is found behind the propaganda censoring machines of Twitter, FB, YouTube and Web of fact checkers, and Elon Musk is the new face placed on the Twitter data collector… then they have a problem. A huge problem.

Now add to that Executive Order 13848—Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election, and a stolen election… you get the banks scrambling, crypto markets crashing, and think tanks trying to recall what else they memorized. 

Then we remember that in this war, disinformation is neccessary… and the truth shall set you free!

image 162

The Boogie Man behind the Boogie Men… His name is Trump!

By now we all know how Trump does his set up and lets the hyena’s drool themselves into a corner thinking they have their prey right where they want them… then boom…  he has them trapped and no one can help but see what they did. But the fake news wrap up smears always try to hide it or smear it or they just shut up about it and give us a false flag event to distract us and disect it for weeks. Today, we yawn and say…”False Flag!” We single out the motive behind it, show the crisis actor photos (they use a lot of the same ones over and over) then we look behind the curtain to see what’s in their other hand. “Their” meaning the secret governing body. i.e. The swamp, the Cabal, The KM Oligarchs and their personal armed forces like the CIA, NSA, et al.

The new digital hunting sport, and the one that wins trophies is the hunt for the truth. The kind of truth that sets you free! And the hunting ground games are played in the swamp. Stealing part of a phrase from Pelosi, “You have to drain it to see what’s in it.”


According to former NSA Computer Intelligence Consultant, Edward Snowden, the most sinister quality of a Secret Government is its ability to hide its very existence from the public.

“The Secret Government … is a mass of governments that exist regardless of the change of presidents and their cabinets. It does not belong to any particular political party, but serves several parties. Between administrations/boards of [presidents].”

Snowden says the culture of secrecy of the Secret Government convinces employees that they will never be held accountable for their actions, since even ordinary communications between CIA and NSA employees are classified. “The question arises: who really has the most power in our society? The voter, or at least theoretically, the politicians, or this larger group, is a constellation of influential people who are able to overthrow and shape the decisions of congressmen or even presidents.”

It’s time to look at the Spy Network!

Government Agencies: The ‘intelligence state’ has been expanding drastically since 9/11.

There are over 1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies that actively work on intelligence, counterterrorism, or homeland security in the U.S. Just the NSA alone is contracting with more than 250 companies on intelligence work, including big names like Northrop Grumman and SAIC. Many intelligence agencies are doing the same type of work… such as 51 federal and military organizations that track the flow of money in and out of terror networks. Why is this? Why so many? What else are some of these ones really doing? Many of the budgets are classifed… why is that? Does it have anything to do with what is called “ghost money” given to foreign governments?

image 173

Think in terms of Silicon Valley Bank in the AI capitol of the world, Signature Bank, Sieuss Bank… Deutsch Bank, Rothschild Central Banks, Federal Reserve Bank, Crypto Currency, Gold, etc.

In the Joey Avatar show, we watched Biden just have his Pelosi led congress vote in huge dollar amounts of tax payer cash and hand it over by the billions to Ukraine. We learned in return for the billions, Zelensky donated to their political campaigns via FTX Crypto out of the same bundle. Why was that so in our face?

image 172

We learned the dark markets that sell illegal things like children, drugs, and military equipment, along with the CIA and FBI all use crypto for payments and bonuses for their staff because it can’t be traced and later launder it into fiat dollars or other forms of currency. Oh the things they do because they can.

That being said, here are some of the most known agencies that are infiltrated with both good guys and bad guys.

The CIA – formed by the passage of the National Security Act of 1947. The agency has its roots with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) that operated during World War II. Headquarters: Langley, Va. The CIA collects, analyzes, and disseminates intelligence gathered on foreign nations. This comes through signals and human intelligence sources. Their budget is classified but our tax dollars pay for it and it’s in the BIG BILLIONS.

The NSA – established in 1952 with a mission dedicated to code breaking, after the Allies’ success in cracking German and Japanese codes during World War II. The NSA operates under the Dept. of Defense. Headquarters: Fort Meade, Md. Their main functions are signals intelligence — intercepting and processing foreign communications, cryptology — cracking codes, and information assurance. IA is to prevent foreign hackers from getting secret information. They also have a classified budget paid by your tax dollars. This is the largest intelligence organization in the world and 3 times the size of the CIA with headquarters taking up 6.3 million square feet — around the same size as the Pentagon and 112 acres of parking spaces. You are one of their primary data collecting targets. Just ask Snowden!

The DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency)- established in 1961 with the goal of sharing information collected by major military intelligence outfits (such as Army or Marine Corps Intelligence). More recently, the DIA has been expanding its overseas spy network to collect first-hand intelligence. Headquarters: Washington, D.C. The DIA is the lead intelligence agency for the Dept. of Defense, coordinating analysis and collection of intelligence on foreign militaries, in addition to surveillance and reconnaissance operations. The DIA is the common link between military and national intelligence agencies. It also has a classified budget paid by tax dollars and are under DoD and congressional oversight.

The INR (The State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research) provides diplomats the necessary tools for effective foreign policy. INR has ties to the Office of Strategic Services from World War II, but was transferred to State after the war. INR now reports directly to the Secretary of State, harnessing intelligence from all sources and offers independent analysis of global events and real-time insight. Headquarters: Washington, D.C. The INR serves as the Secretary of State’s primary advisor on intelligence matters, and gives support to other policymakers, ambassadors, and embassy staff. Paid with your tax dollars.

You paid for all of Kissinger, Albright, Hillary and every Secretary of State’s treason against you. And all of the departments out to diminish your freedoms. How are you feeling now?

The FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation. Particularly its National Security Branch (NSB) established in 2005, oversees counterterrorism and intelligence gathering, combining resources that include counterterrorism, counter-intelligence, weapons of mass destruction, and intelligence under a single FBI leader. Headquarters: Washington, D.C. The NSB was formed after 9/11 and the Iraq WMD commission — when intelligence agencies were not sharing data with each other — the NSB integrates intel on national security and criminal threats from a variety of sources that are often intertwined in order to protect U.S. interests.

Airforce ISR – Air Force Intelligence provides reconnaissance for US ground troops. Formerly known as the Air Intelligence Agency, the agency is now known as the Air Force ISR — Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance. Air Force intelligence was established in 1948 to get information to troops on the ground, and most recently, the ISR has collected that intelligence from aerial drones. Headquarters: Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. Air Force ISR collects and analyzes intelligence on foreign nations and hostile forces, both in and out of combat zones. They also conduct electronic and photographic surveillance, and provide weather and mapping data to troops in the field.

INSCOM – Army Intelligence and Security Command offers essential intel to troops on the battlefield. It has been around since spies worked for the Continental Army in 1775, but the U.S. Army’s Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) was established in 1977 to become the major unifying command of army intelligence. Headquarters: Fort Belvoir, Va. INSCOM provides commanders on the ground with information they may need on the battlefield such as: intercepted enemy radio communications, maps, ground imagery, and information on force structure and numbers.

DoE – The Department of Energy Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence – gathers information on foreign nuclear weapons. Its focus is on technical intelligence on nuclear weapons and nonproliferation, nuclear energy (especially foreign), and energy security. Headquarters: Washington, D.C. The Dept. of Energy doesn’t have the ability to conduct foreign intelligence, it relies on information passed to them by other agencies (such as the CIA or NSA). If it involves weapons of mass destruction, the DoE offers up the analytical expertise.

CGI – Coast Guard Intelligence provides information on maritime security and homeland defense. Formed in 1915, the CGI now falls under the Dept. of Homeland Security, providing information on maritime and port security, search and rescue, and counter-narcotics. Headquarters: Washington, D.C. Its primary mission is an investigative arm of the Coast Guard. CGI special agents “conduct criminal, counterintelligence and personnel security investigations within the Coast Guard’s area of responsibility,” with the majority being criminal offenses violating military law, according to the Coast Guard’s official website. However, the Coast Guard does have specialists conducting analysis and collection of intelligence.

OIA – The Treasury’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis collects terrorism and financial intelligence.

image 163

 The Treasurys Office of Intelligence was established in 2004 by the Intelligence Authorization Act. OIA’s focus is mainly on providing information to combat terrorism and illicit financial transactions. Headquarters: Washington, D.C. Its mission is to safeguard the U.S. financial system “against illicit use and combating rogue nations, terrorist facilitators, weapons of mass destruction proliferators, money launderers, drug kingpins, and other national security threats,” according to DNI.

The DEA – The Drug Enforcement Administration hunts down illegal drugs. DEA has been gathering intelligence for anti-drug operations since its establishment in 1973. The agency collects and provides intelligence to other law enforcement agencies and helps with investigations. Headquarters: El Paso, Texas. The DEA assists local and federal law enforcement in conducting major drug investigations, along with developing “information that leads to seizures and arrests, and providing policy makers with drug trend information upon which programmatic decisions can be based,” according to their website.

Marine IA – The Marine Corps Intelligence Activity. They monitor the Corp’s battlefields. The agency collects and analyzes information for troops on the ground. This includes map making, radio intercepts, human intelligence, and counter-intelligence. Headquarters: Quantico, Va. The primary function of Marine IA is to give tactical and operational intelligence to battlefield commanders. They also serve as the “go-to” unit for the Commandant of the Marine Corps on understanding intel. 

NGA – The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency provides advanced mapping for military forces. Stemming from the 1972 formation of the Defense Mapping Agency, formerly known as NIMA, the agency was renamed the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in 2003. The agency has the task of collecting and understanding Earth’s physical and man-made attributes. Using advanced imagery (mainly from satellites), it was NGA watching Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. Headquarters: Ft. Belvoir, Va. The NGA employs cartographers and analysts that collect and generate information about the Earth. This data is used in navigation, national security, military operations, and humanitarian aid efforts. Its budget is classified. NGA employs approximately 14,500 government civilians.

NRO– The National Reconnaissance Office is responsible for America’s spy satellites. While the NGA is responsible for gaining information from satellite data, the National Reconnaissance Office — created secretly in 1961 and not acknowledged until 1992 — is in charge with satellite design, building, launch, and maintenance. Headquarters: Chantilly, Va. It serves as the “innovative overhead intelligence systems for national security.” Simply put, the NRO provides their “customers” at the CIA, DoD, and elsewhere with technologically advanced spy satellites.

Are you seeing how the infiltration of these agencies pose a serious risk for the freedoms of the citizens of the United States of America and the constitution? For all of the nations operations and infrastructure from a to z? Are you seeing why this can’t just be voted out? It has to be drained!

ONI- The Office of Naval Intelligence provides information on the world’s oceans to sailors everywhere. ONI was established in 1882 for “the purpose of collecting and recording naval information” that could be useful in war and peace. Like other military intelligence services, ONI gives maritime commanders information they need on foreign forces. Headquarters: Washington, D.C. ONI gathers intelligence and moves it rapidly to decision makers. “We produce maritime intelligence on weapons and technology proliferation and smuggling and illicit maritime activities that directly supports the U.S. Navy, joint war fighters and national decision makers and agencies.” 

DHS – The Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis looks for information on any potential threats to the US. Its Focus is primarily on homeland threats — collecting and analyzing information, and sharing intelligence with local and federal law enforcement through the use of “fusion centers.” Headquarters: Washington, D.C. They work on four main areas: understanding threats through analysis, collecting information relevant to homeland security, sharing that information with the agencies that need it, and managing the homeland security enterprise.

ODNI – The Office of the Director of National Intelligence is where all the intelligence should come together for delivery to the president. Established in 2004, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) manages the efforts of the entire U.S. intelligence community. The Director serves as the principal advisor to the president as well as the National Security and Homeland Security Councils. Headquarters: Washington, D.C. The DNI has two main missions: to lead intelligence integration, and “forge an intelligence community that delivers the most insightful intelligence possible.”

Source: 17 Agencies of the US Intelligence Community (



image 166

The U.S. Space Force, the first new organization to join the Intelligence Community since 2006, was established in December 2019, within the Department of the Air Force, meaning the Secretary of the Air Force has overall responsibility for the USSF, under the guidance and direction of the Secretary of Defense. INTEL – U.S. Space Force (

Space has become essential to our security and prosperity. Space systems are woven into the fabric of our way of life and is fundamental to our economic system. From the satellites that power the GPS technology that we use every day, or allow us to surf the web and call our friends, or enable first responders to communicate with each other in times of crisis, or orchestrate transactions in the world financial market, or even allow us to use credit cards at gas pumps.

So what happened to Space Force after President Trump left and Joey Avatar appeared?

image 167

On February 3, 2021, WASHINGTON reported — U.S. President Joe Biden will not seek to eliminate the Space Force and roll military space functions back into the Air Force, the White House confirmed Wednesday.

It remained the same, under the same appointed direction that President Trump left it under.

“We look forward to the continuing work of Space Force and invite the members of the team to come visit us in the briefing room anytime to share an update on their important work,” Psaki tweeted.

And even Pierre was waiting to hear from members of the USSF team to brief them.

image 170

Chief of Space Operations Gen. John “Jay” Raymond told reporters during a Wednesday morning roundtable that he would “welcome the opportunity” to speak to the Biden administration about the ongoing work of the Space Force, which includes tracking debris in space, running the nation’s GPS constellation, and managing satellites that provide communications links and help identify ballistic missiles.

“I’m very proud of the guardians in the Space Force,” he said.” I see the value of this force each and every day, and I’m happy to talk to anybody about the great work [it’s doing].”

Did you catch that? Chief of Space Operations General John Raymond would be happy to talk to anyone in the Biden administration about the great work its doing!!

The USSF organizes, trains, and equips space forces in order to protect U.S. and allied interests in space and to provide space capabilities to our joint military forces.

The United States Space Force (USSF) is the space service branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, one of the eight U.S. uniformed services, and the world’s only independent space force. Along with its sister branch, the U.S. Air Force, the Space Force is part of the Department of the Air Force, one of the three civilian-led military departments within the Department of Defense. The Space Force, through the Department of the Air Force, is overseen by the secretary of the Air Force, a civilian political appointee who reports to the secretary of defense, and is appointed by the president with Senate confirmation. The military head of the Space Force is the chief of space operations who is typically the most senior Space Force officer. The chief of space operations exercises supervision over the Space Force’s units and serves as one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Space Force is the smallest U.S. armed service, consisting of 8,600 military personnel. The Space Force operates 77 spacecraft in total across various programs such as GPSSpace Fence, military satellite communications constellations, X-37B spaceplanes, U.S. missile warning systemU.S. space surveillance network, and the Satellite Control Network. Under the Goldwater–Nichols Act, the Space Force is responsible for organizing, training, and equipping space forces, which are then presented to the unified combatant commands, predominantly to United States Space Command, for operational employment. Read: United States Space Force – Wikipedia

image 169


All of these agencies have been infiltrated. There are both Constitution serving and Deep State Secret Swamp serving entities within each one. (Hopefully all but Space Force Cyber Command) This is where we are at. President Trump is NOT in this war all by himself. He has access to all agencies and information as to what is taking place within these areas as needed. He is well protected and has an international alliance working with him.

President Trump has a well equipted, fine tuned and the most advanced, the most powerful Military Space and Cyber Intelligence Command in the world taking down a corrupt web of infiltrated systems that have been put in place to do the bidding of the KM Oligarchs. All the lizard people puppet masters and all their ilk who desire to rule the entire world are no match for the STORM THAT IS COMING RIGHT AT THEM WITH DIRECT PRECISION!

He is not going against the RESET cabal alone. He is playing His Trump card!

The indictment proceedings were staged. We watched a week ago as they took Bragg away in an obvious arrest after the indictment was cancelled. A few days later, boom… another indictment and now with 34 charges. We watched an obvious double your pleasure of Trump enter the scene whose eyebrows were a big giveaway, along with his bright yellow hair and smaller shoulders. And the funny ears. The logical assessment is that the arrest of TRUMP appeared to be STAGED by the Military ALLIANCE (white hats) and the POWERFUL Commanders who have control of the Dominion information, which also have the data on all the puppets and agencies doing the dirty work for the deep state swamp and the lizard people hiding behind the curtain. They have it all!

We are watching a full disclosure of the corrupt ones from In-Q-tel controlling social media in the Pentagon, to the data mining of NSA, to the corrupt operations of the CIA, FBI, et al in their money laundering, child and human trafficking, gun running, election theft at home and throughout the world, and they have been unraveling and gathering all the evidence of the KM Oligarchs and their corruption throughout their entire international monetary and banking systems all the way to Wall Street and their corporate corruption and property thefts!


The arrest of Trump is vital too military operations that will expose all of the corrupt players. Of which most have already been removed and why we have the parade of rubber masks and C.G.I. interviews, with green screen events, both foreign and domestic on battle fields and at international meetings! It’s everywhere we look.

image 165


THE BEST IS YET TO COME, but first… WE MUST DRAIN THE SWAMP! In the END, which is a real nail biter… President Trump, President Putin, Chyna’s XI, India’s MODI, and Prince Bin SALMAN will all connect for world peace! They will bring with them a myriad of other nations who have long been oppressed by the Lizard KM Oligarchs and their think tank puppets.

The hirelines like Gates and Fauci who have inflicted wicked and horrible experiments on innocent people throughout the world via GMO’s, deadly vaccines, child and human trafficking, and all manner of oppression including starvation and lack of water will be gone. The war mongers and greedy banksters who fund both sides of the wars and all their demonic minions who plan and create them… they will be gone.

There will no longer be such evil poured out on nations and those who attempt it will be put down fast. The age of corrupt appointed ones who will sell their soul and the lives of their people for a hand full of fiat dollars is over!

Hold on to your seat, and pray unceasing as we get to the other side of this corruption! It is bound to get very messy. It is well known that demonic possessed people are capable of doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING MOST TERRIBLE! But, God is with us and no one and nothing can be against us. We are in His mighty and powerful hands.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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