The Biden Show… Modeled After All In The Family and The Truman Show…

When everyone was shouting they wanted to get back to normal…that was the first clue to something not being right. And when some started their conspiracy talk about the Government and questioning lock downs and jabs, many others who were listening had their own squabbles with their grown up kids telling them to take the Jab, wear a mask and six foot distance. All of this was placed on top of a long ride of how we are to follow a list of climate change rhetoric to save the planet. Remember Greta the new world order’s Climate Change poster child? The it’s ok to be a cannibal tour in San Diego? Then the bio, made in a tube – Gates new fake meat. We can add all the lists of lawless things to the fiasco that was topped off with a stolen election. So while those who have been following the world gone mad and wearing tin foil hats, shouting the truth to deaf ears for years and years…the Karen’s created by Fauci, Birx and Gates were taking over to the madness and first to get the jab. As many became disabled and some dropped dead, the Karen’s continued to screech – wear your mask and it all began looking like the TV sit com, “All In The Family” and the movie, “The Truman Show”.

Then the show went epic with Truckers getting heat waved and INTERPOL taking over Canadian policing, while Putin settled the attempt to topple Kazakhstan faster than they could position their mercenaries, which then had Putin saying enough is enough as he entered into Ukraine to stop the endless bombing on the Russian people in the Donbass region of Ukraine and throughout select villages, even Russians in Kiev and throughout the state. Meanwhile it became known after the facts, that Zelensky had been shouting NATO, I WANT IN NATO, which led to Putin confiscating and destroying the bio-labs and declared to end the human and child trafficking, money laundering and self-made piggy bank for Oligarchs and corrupt politicians that had been taking place ever since it was given its’ independence.

So, the show continues and Americans are clueless of anything that led up to Russia’s Putin having any justifiable reason to enter into Ukraine, nor any understanding of the Minsk agreement, nor any of the Russian history, nor sins of the USA, Inc., nor that of the New World Order, let alone the EU and UN’s Oligarch controlled NATO bunch.

But, alas… the people are now learning and waking up and seeing through the propaganda.

Will we come out from her my people? Will we make it through the storm?

Truman Show final scene : r/RedDeadOnline

Will the oligarchs be successful and keep humanity under their propaganda trance or will humanity awake and call them all out and expose the puppet masters for what they really are?

Who will win in the end?

image 92

This video has been up since 2017.  Until recently, it was up for general viewing.  And for a long time very few paid attention to it, nor cared to watch it.  Even with all the last two years of crazy conflict and recently with Ukraine back in the news with threats of world war III…it only has 40,651 views.

Many are now pushing these documentaries so people can see what took place. There is a new awareness of the corruption in Ukraine, but yet, not enough. Many are asking… why didn’t we know these things before now?  Well, the documentary was on Netflix, and up for free on You tube all these years. This shows that people have not paid attention to much except fake news.  Or, they simply didn’t believe the documentary was true? Or was it something else all together?

In 2014, the whole process of handling Ukraine was done by the US Embassy.

We see how that was handled then and it appears that it continues to be handled strangely today.

image 94
image 93

 In the movie Ukraine on Fire, Oliver Stone asks the question…”Are we witnessing a new cold war?” Today we have many ideas… and it appears that the bio-labs have answered at least one big part of that question.

image 96
image 95

The Trump administration was aware of all of this and even more. So, the question is, “Do you think with the Russia, Russia, Russia taking place and the unrest yet in Ukraine  continuing on, that President Trump just sat there and thought…gee nothing I can do about this except let it all continue. After all, Biden Nuland, Pyatt, Obama and all of them are just too dang smart for me.”  

Well, I sure don’t. I believe he knew everything and more…and that is why Giuliani was looking at all the corruption taking place in Ukraine and the connections with Biden, Burisma, Hunter and all who were involved in toppling Ukraine, and all who were involved with money laundering and human and child trafficking. I am sure there are many things on a big list of things that were and are being done that we the people have no clue about. One thing is sure, those who participated in these things are in big trouble right now.

image 97
USA Warmongers had been fueling the ISIS and arming mercenaries for a very long time. And we are shocked to hear of Ukraine? Why?

We had and still have these good documentaries and most never paid attention to them, let alone the politics behind it all. We had Benghazi and Hillary Arab Spring after math to worry about, and ISIS. Remember ISIS had declared an Islamic Caliphate. The emergence in 2014 of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), or simply the Islamic State. Formerly known as al-Qaeda in Iraq, ISIS acted so brutally toward its enemies that al-Qaeda denounced it.  ISIS took control of a considerable swath of territory in Iraq and Syria in 2014. Then on June 29, ISIS declared itself an Islamic caliphate.

2014 was a year of serious distractions. Remember Hillary was supposed to win. They never thought she would lose.

In 2014…

Ebola Strikes West Africa. Few people noticed when outbreaks of Ebola were officially declared in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone in March. There was too much going on and  few were connecting these with their patents at the time. And even fewer were looking at any of these as bio weapons being unleashed. Today, they are now looking at all of these bio viruses and their patents.

The Oil Prices were going up over $100 a barrel and people were screaming just like they are now. Only now the pump is even higher and now we know it is by design so the people are not buying anything Biden is telling them. (But the point here is to see the similarities in how they do their dirty work to distract you from seeing what they are doing…it is a game of  wack-a-mole!

Clive Bundy – And don’t forget all eyes were on the BLM and the Bundy Ranch Stand Off! Who had time for Ukraine across the sea….????

Negotiations on Iran’s Nuclear Program, visits from Netanyahu and charts of the red line being crossed… negotiations on how much uranium Iran will be allowed to enrich, western sanctions and the speed at which they will be rolled back.  All the while Iran shouts  that its uranium enrichment program is for peaceful purposes and has called Western demands “excessive.” Israel shouts nukes, nukes, nukes. And Obama pushes his  puppet masters  agenda which is not in America’s interest.

Hong Kong had their hands full with Pro-Democracy Protests erupting. “One country, two systems” had been the operating principle for Chinese rule of Hong Kong since the British returned the city to Chinese control in 1997. The “special administrative region” of seven million people were promised certain privileges not afforded to other Chinese citizens. However, Beijing had not always held up its end of the bargain and political unrest began after being told that only candidates Bejing approved would be allowed to run in their next election for Hong Kong Chief Executive. So China was off with their own clash and their “Occupy Central” protests demanding that Beijing allow democratic elections in Hong Kong took off. The protesters were met with tear gas, which only prompted more people join the demonstrations.

Are you beginning to see how they do yet?  All this time you thought every thing was normal until COVID….think again.

This was also the year Europe experienced high unemployment rates, and soaring rates for unemployed youth.  The European Central Bank was looking at proposing a new stimulus plan, and gee that seemed to tie in with the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the proposed trade deal between the EU and the United States. (You know the one President Trump took us out of upon taking office. Yes, that one.)

And then we have the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Disappear. That was another baffler. We still have people giving new ideas to this one. But the question was – how does a plane just vanish? Especially in an age of instant global communication?. It might have been a tragic accident. Or it might have been hijacked. No one knows. The plane lost contact with air traffic control over the South China Sea, where territorial disputes abound and the news was flooded with story after story, after story.

Are you seeing how the Obama regime kept Ukraine On Fire hidden?  I mean with all these other things, including Venezuela…and their political regime changing…and cartel destruction…who cares about what’s going on in Ukraine?  We had one heck of an Obama Regime with Fast and Furious, Arab Spring, Benghazi, Obama Care, (Which by the way for all those who love it…there are clauses in there to euthanize, tort reforms, force vaccinate, and all types of surprises for you and your children.) and we had our hands full of watching that all unfold…who had time for Ukraine brewing? We had ISIS and refugee programs to focus on. Not to mention Clinton Foundation antics, and Obama Refugee programs, open borders and pushing for gun grabs.
image 98

But pay no attention to the facts. Watch the show and try to figure out who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. If you stop to look up and ask the Lord, you will find the good Guys are watching from above and all these things must come to pass in order to wake up a sleeping giant who has slumbered since its’ inception. You will be shown discernment of how none of this just happened during COVID lockdowns. The lockdowns were just the beginning of a Great Awakening.

Meanwhile…on a lighter note:

image 99

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God and pray unceasing. For many have told things that they saw in part and didn’t see the big picture.

Press, press, press! There is nothing to go back to, forward is the only direction! We shall win if we faint not! Truth shall prevail!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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