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I want to thank Donald John Trump for giving me and millions hope for America and for inspiring me to do all I can to see him elected in 2016.  Why?  Because before he stepped out to announce his presidential run, there was no one that had any ability to lead America….only puppets and life time politicians who played their part in the mess America is in.
When Trump announced he was running, he had me at the escalator.  All the rest was simply reinforcement that my first gut feeling was correct.
I believe in all my heart that Trump will win the election in 2016.  The only way he will lose is through voter fraud.  When we are diligent to report the lies, the questionable actions of fraud….we will stay ahead of the game.
All Trump and his supporters ask for is a fair run at the seat he is seeking.  We all know what fair is…sadly, the establishment, their media and the GOP have no clue that we are watching all their evil dealings and recording each one.  They still think we are robots listening to their garbage and will get in our politically correct corners and shut up.  Not so. We see the lies, we know the drill – the fact is Trump has already won the hearts of the majority and the election – and we are watching his back as well as every foul move the establishment is making.
It is not an election as usual, this is truly a war. A war that was called on Trump and Trump supporters!  Why?  Ask the establishment new world order guys….therein lies the reason.  Simply who they are and what they stand for is so far removed from the constitution and bill of rights – it tells the rest of the story.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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