Fake news has been around for a very long time!  Not just now….what is happening now is the people have awakened and they are shouting NO MORE FAKE NEWS!  When did fake news start?  Well, we can go back to the Garden of Eden when the serpent told Eve – “Ye shall not surely die”….and it has not stopped since!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fake news is born of lies.  The Bible tells us the father of lies is the devil.  Well, there you have it!  Our battle is not of flesh and blood it is of principalities and powers in high places.  The invisible realm.  That same invisible realm that the Bilderberg’s cherish.  Are we to believe that the elite of the globalist world endeavors (sustainable development for a new world order agenda 21) all go once a year to California and worship Moloch the Owl in the groves just for the heck of it?
z bohemian 350px-Harvey_Hancock_at_Bohemian_Grove_1967
Are we to believe that these world globalist elite are so dang bored that they have to go to the groves yearly and burn an effigy (child) of care in a basket in the water and utter enchantments over it just because they are tired of golf outings?  Hey – don’t call me crazy- I’m not the one going to the Bohemian Groves.  I am the one that thinks that is nuts!  Or more over Satanic .
So when the great merchants of the earth go to the groves and do their thing, and decide who the next political leaders will be at the same time….it is a bit alarming to consider.  Now isn’t it?  I say yes it is.  Yet it is REAL NEWS.  NEWS only because the public has held their ears and refused to hear it, closed their eyes and refused to see it, shut their mouths and refused to speak of it.  Today, it is so cliche’.  So cliche’ that most ignore it.  Yet it continues year to year.  They no longer hide it…they say “So what!”  And what is our answer?  Silence.
Fake news isn’t going to go away. The only weapon we have to wield against the lies is THE TRUTH.  Start here with looking at ALL THE ACTIONS of those who CONTROL THE PRESS.  Begin at the groves and the promises made by the elite to the jesters who wear the funky wanna be crowns and jest at the thought of mankind – humanity having any “CARE” about their future. After all….the Bohemian Grover’s have a culling to do. Burn the deplorables in the proper baskets!  Well that all stops now. 
Humanity is awake and one by one, those who love their God are finding their way to the truth and the truth is what shall set them free!
God has sent the USA a Trump to hold fast and restore.  He sent Russia a Putin.  He got Britain to stand for Brexit.  France has their new Joan of Arc in Le Pen.  Many more nations are finding their Trump as elections draw near.  People of the world are energized with hope thanks to the empowerment of Trump winning the election in the USA!  The so called mega power of the world.  Together the people shall unite and stand against the evil beast of globalization that has its’ teeth set to devour all humanity.  It shall not rise – it shall be put asunder!  Stand up dry bones and be a great and powerful army for the Lord!
Yes the truth is ugly and it is real. Very real.  The only fake thing is what the powers that be have sold to you – a sleeping humanity.  It is time to WAKE UP AND STAND UP!  COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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