Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Albany, NY The average Christian gets up and pours a cup of coffee. The TV blares out- – “citizens killed in Syria by ISIS – children among the casualties.” The average Christian takes a sip and picks up their IPhone and sits down. They check their messages. They answer the important ones, then look at the clock. It’s time to go. They leave for work or to take their children to school. They click off the TV. The children on the news are forgotten.
Yet, still, day in and day out the message is told, and when it is, most just click their remotes to their favorite show. After all, that news is so negative – heard it before, and before and before. Tired of hearing of how many kids got killed today, or women or men. Tired of hearing anything about ISIS and Syria. So sick of it. Really….! People are just so tired of hearing it.

Then there is Trump. He hears it, sees it and feels it. He is angry, outraged and now, finally he can do SOMETHING ABOUT IT! AND HE DOES! So, fault him? Be shocked at him? Or praise him and follow in his path to say – NO MORE! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Stop the bastards that do this!
Regardless of how it ends, we all agree it must end! Unless of course you are too busy texting and drinking your coffee which is a sure sign that you are NOT YET AWAKE!!
So while many yawn and stretch, and some are still sleeping, President Trump has made a whip of cords and is slashing at the murderer’s in Syria. He is doing his Father’s work! Scoff and shame him all you desire, you will not turn one hair gray.
Whereas, there is much hype that Assad is not the gas criminal, I agree – but one thing is certain – he SURE CAN’T HELP HIS PEOPLE!  SO SOMEONE ELSE HAS TO DO JUST THAT!
I stand by doing what is right no matter how wrong it may appear….I stand by President Trump TO STOP THE INSANE KILLING OF INNOCENT PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN!

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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