My name is Jeff Hester and I am an administrator on FB page Tennessee for Trump. I early voted today (for TRUMP!) and experienced an ALARMING glitch on the polling machine. After completing all sections, the machine gave me an option to review my ballot. THE MACHINE HAD AUTO SELECTED Jeb Bush as my candidate for nominee – NOT TRUMP as I had clearly marked. I was able to go back and FIX MY VOTE to show TRUMP as the presidential candidate of my choice before casting my ballot, but WHAT IF I HAD NOT VERIFIED before hitting the cast ballot button???

If you are voting early – PLEASE DOUBLE and TRIPLE check your ballot before hitting the Cast Ballot button. If you are waiting until March 1st to vote, please be aware that voting turnout will be high and there may be an even greater chance of voting machine glitches. MAKE SURE your vote goes to support Donald J. Trump!

This is NOT A HOAX….it happened to me personally during the Obama/Romney election I had to have the host stand in my booth to show him what was happening…after the forced resetting of the machine I MADE the host stay in the booth UNTIL my vote was cast correctly! How many people did not realize this was happening is the scary part and most probably how Obama was elected for his 2nd term.
DO NOT LET THE GOP CHEAT you out of your ‪#‎Trump‬ vote pay attention & check you ballots thoroughly If you see this fraud be sure to shout it out so everyone in the room can hear you and hopefully they too will then check their vote as well…*sighs* its a sad day in America when the elitists & cheaters STEAL OUR VOTE!
Written by Jeff Hester

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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