This commercial needs a different voice over.  One that tells the real truth.  Here is a suggestion:
I understand that when mainstream media covers immigration they don’t cover it as an economic issue, nor the real reason there is a border crisis.
They fail to tell you that the goal is to send our college graduates to Mexico to work in factories and allow illegals to access US STEM jobs through B-1 visas. I proudly worked on that for the future of all illegals.
The time has come that borders are seen for what they are…lines drawn in the sand to prevent industry from expanding  by having to pay higher wages.  No borders will allow job growth with lower wages and an equality for all of North America. 
The wall I plan to build is one that will expand the entire north American continent and insure our wall street fat cats have something worth investing in.  North America is the future – her borders are the past.  TPA is gold, and the TTP is coming.
I’m Ted Cruz and I approve this message.

So the only truth in this video is the white collar fat cats running across to hire illegals and all those crossing over with B-1 visas!  The real transparency in this ad is Ted’s support for giving American STEM jobs to illegals.  Remember it was  Ted that pushed  to add 500 percent more B-1 visas to take away STEM jobs from our college grads?   This man says one thing and boldly in your face does another.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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